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20/05/2018 12/05/2018

Is the internet a danger to democracy?

Worries about the use of online data to target votes aren’t limited to the Brexit referendum and the US presidential election. Critics say these tactics are being used around the world. Simon Wilson reports.

21/04/2018 07/04/2018 31/03/2018

The great restaurant crunch

Big high-street names in the casual-dining sector have closed their doors to customers. Seems they gorged themselves too much in the good times and are now having to fast, says Simon Wilson.

17/03/2018 03/03/2018 18/02/2018

Gove’s green and pleasant Brexit

Michael Gove, one of Britain’s most divisive politicians wants to revolutionise agricultural and environmental policy after we leave the EU. But how much will really change? Simon Wilson reports.


The power that runs the City

The City of London Corporation is the local authority for the Square Mile – but it does far more than take away the rubbish and mend roads. Simon Wilson reports.

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