Credit cards

Why it sometimes makes sense to buy using your credit card

There are several reasons to consider paying with a credit card, says Ruth Jackson-Kirby. Here are just a few.
13 Feb 2020

The best debit and credit cards to use on holiday abroad

Sarah Moore picks the best credit and debit cards to use for your holiday cash.
30 Apr 2019
Personal finance

Credit cards get less rewarding

Lloyds closed its Avios Rewards scheme to new members back in May and it is now cutting how many Avios points existing members can earn.
31 Aug 2018
Personal finance

The best cards to use for holiday spending

Instead of just sticking with your faithful bank card this summer, look into getting one that doesn’t add to your holiday bill, says Ruth Jackson.
29 Jun 2018
Personal finance

One card to rule them all

If you’re tired of carrying around half a dozen different credit and debit cards, the Curve card could provide the solution, says Ruth Jackson.
2 Feb 2018
Personal finance

Credit-card perks set to shrink

Rewards offered by credit cards are won't be as generous as before, but there are still some enticing deals, says Ruth Jackson.
2 Dec 2016
Personal finance

The best cashback deals

The days of bumper cashback earnings from credit cards are drawing to a close. Ruth Jackson looks at the best deals still available.
2 Sep 2016
Personal finance

Rip-off credit schemes should be as unacceptable as drink-driving

Ripping off people with expensive credit schemes should attract the same sort of shame and disdain as driving home from the pub after a few drinks, sa…
15 Dec 2014

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Personal finance

The best credit cards for cashback

If you’re looking for a credit card that gives you cash back on your spending, here are the best deals around at the moment.
15 May 2014
Credit cards

The best cashback offers

New debit card reward schemes from Lloyds and Halifax promise “up to 15% cashback”. What are the limitations - and could the offers still make it wort…
10 Dec 2013
Personal finance

The best new credit card deals

Get money back on your shopping with the latest cashback credit cards.
17 Sep 2012

The best credit cards for Christmas

Jessica Furseth looks at the best credit card deals for Christmas, and rounds up the rest of the week's personal finance news.
11 Nov 2011
Credit cards

The best cards for debtors and spenders

While the credit-card companies fight it out for the custom of those in debt, which credit cards offer the best rewards for those who pay their bill i…
29 Jul 2011
Credit cards

The best credit card deals

Ruth Jackson rounds up the best deals available now on credit cards, including the best balance-transfer deals, the best 0% purchase deals and the bes…
2 Jun 2011

What to do if you were mis-sold payment protection insurance

The British Banking Association's decision to drop its legal battle over payment protection insurance is a long overdue triumph for common sense - but…
9 May 2011
Credit cards

A transparently bad deal on credit cards

From August, HBOS customers will be moved on to what the bank claims is an easier to understand 'single personal rate' of interest. But it is unlikely…
22 Apr 2011
Credit cards

Pick a card - but not just any card

There are some great credit-card deals coming back onto the market at the moment, says Ruth Jackson. Here, she explains what's on offer, and how you c…
25 Mar 2011
Credit cards

Could it soon be the end for 'transaction fees'?

It costs Ryanair 20p to process a debit card transaction, yet they charge £5 per ticket per person for it. And they're not the only ones milking the '…
21 Feb 2011
Credit cards

The best ways to cut credit-card debt

If your New Year's resolution is to cut your credit card debt then you're in luck. Given the wide range of interest-free balance transfer deals on off…
14 Jan 2011

Three New Year's resolutions to make today

It's the time of year for resolutions. But instead of half-hearted promises to drink less, stop smoking or go to the gym, why not make some real finan…
4 Jan 2011
Credit cards

The cheapest ways to fund your Christmas spending

Christmas isn't cheap. In 2009 the average person spent £435. For many people, that will be borrowed money. But you shouldn't be paying through the no…
7 Dec 2010

A market-beating savings account

Skipton building society has launched a new market-beating regular savings account, saysRuth Jackson. Plus, a round-up of the week's personal finance …
3 Dec 2010
Credit cards

Better ways to give than charity credit cards

The idea of effortlessly donating to charity simply by spending on your credit card is an attractive one. But the amount charities receive is pitiful.…
12 Nov 2010
Credit cards

How to dodge credit card fees

Credit cards offer convenience. But that convenience comes at a price. As well as high interest rates, customers are often charged a transaction fee w…
19 Oct 2010
Personal finance

Where to find the best credit card deals

Credit card companies are on the hunt for new customers again. And with a wealth of generous new deals on offer, it's time to make sure you have the b…
24 Aug 2010
Credit cards

The two credit card changes you need to know about

Despite rock-bottom base rates, the interest charged on credit card balances continues to rise. But new government rules could mean lower payments for…
13 Jul 2010
Credit cards

The cheapest way to borrow money in an emergency

Payday lenders may be convenient, but the interest they charge can be extremely high. If you're not desperate for the money, it's an insane way to bor…
29 Jun 2010
Credit cards

The best credit card for you

Competition is hotting up in the market for credit cards. And with several decent balance-transfer deals out there, that's good news for anyone with s…
18 May 2010
Credit cards

What the new credit-card rules mean for you

The government has announced a new set of guidelines to tackle some of the sneaky tactics credit-card companies use to part us from our money. But wha…
26 Mar 2010
Credit cards

How the new credit card rules affect you

At long last, the government is to introduce new guidelines to tackle some of the unfair practices used by credit card companies. Ruth Jackson explain…
16 Mar 2010
Credit cards

Don't pay too much for your credit card - here's how to slash your rate

Credit-card interest rates keep on creeping up. The average rate is now in the region of 19%, despite a Bank of England base rate of 0.5%. So how can …
26 Feb 2010
Credit cards

The best consumer loyalty reward schemes

Barclaycard's new credit-card reward scheme will "revolutionise" the cashback market, say some campaigners. But does it offer the best deal? Ruth Jack…
29 Jan 2010
Credit cards

Three ways to get free money

It's long been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But there is such a thing as free money. By using cashback websites or a cashback cre…
19 Jan 2010

The four financial resolutions to make in the New Year

Forget drinking less or promising to go to the gym. If you really want to make 2010 a good year you'd be a lot better off making financial resolutions…
22 Dec 2009
Credit cards

The best ways to pay for Christmas

For many of us, Christmas is bought on credit. But it shouldn't leave you drowning in debt. Ruth Jackson explains how to get through the festive seaso…
15 Dec 2009
Credit cards

Don't be bullied by credit card companies

Credit card companies are using people's fear of a bad credit rating to sell products. But don't let them bully you. Ruth Jackson explains how your cr…
17 Nov 2009
Credit cards

How the credit-card changes will affect you

The government is considering tighter rules for credit-card companies in an effort to tackle the nation's £53.9bn of debt. Ruth Jackson looks at the l…
30 Oct 2009
Credit cards

The best credit-card deals

Getting a good deal on a credit card is becoming ever more difficult as banks continue to tighten their lending criteria. So what are the best credit …
9 Oct 2009
Credit cards

Why 0% credit cards cost you money

When it comes to credit cards, many borrowers chase the longest 0% balance transfer deals available. But these aren’t necessarily the best deals for e…
29 Sep 2009

How to improve your credit score

With banks choosy about who they take on as customers, your credit score is more important than ever. Ruth Jackson explains how to ensure your credit …
10 Jul 2009
Credit cards

Three ways to cut your credit card costs

A Government White Paper plans to crack down on some of credit card companies' more unsavoury practices. And while the new curbs are welcome, says Rut…
7 Jul 2009
Credit cards

Don't drown in credit-card debts

Ruth Jackson investigates the best way to clear your credit-card debt, and explains the golden rule of zero-percent-interest cards.
3 Jul 2009
Credit cards

The best credit card deal right now

Ruth Jackson finds a credit card offering 0% interest, plus the rest of this week's personal finance news.
29 May 2009
Credit cards

Five ways to cut the cost of overseas spending

Whilst many of us will spend hours searching the internet for the best holiday deal, just as many will neglect to find the best source for their holid…
19 May 2009
Credit cards

How to avoid credit-card rate hikes

Despite the collapse in the base rate, the average credit card interest rate has risen by 0.5% in the past year. Ruth Jackson explains how to avoid be…
1 May 2009
Credit cards

How to pay off your credit-card debt

If your finances are in the red, it's time to sort them out. And it makes sense to start with one of the most expensive debts - credit cards. Here's h…
9 Jan 2009
Credit cards

Avoid the Christmas credit card crunch

Despite official interest rates of 3%, some credit cards are charging as much as 30%. The government has pledged to get tough on greedy card companies…
2 Dec 2008

Why rate cuts won't help you

If you think the recent interest-rate cuts will mean paying less for your borrowing, think again, says Tim Bennett. Banks are far too busy repairing t…
14 Nov 2008
Credit cards

How to boost your credit score

If you want to take out any unsecured borrowing, a new personal loan or credit card perhaps, a decent credit history is now, more than ever, esssentia…
17 Oct 2008