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Credit card tips to get you through the crisis

Getting your money back, taking a break from payments and a safer place to leave your airmiles.
5 May 2020
Personal finance

Make the most of the UK's holiday from debt

Loans and credit card payments may be frozen for three months, but you will still have to cut your borrowing.
14 Apr 2020
Personal finance

FCA proposes credit-card payment freeze and £500 overdraft for all

The Financial Conduct Authority has said that loan and credit card repayments could be frozen for three months, while those affected financially by th…
2 Apr 2020
Credit cards

Why it sometimes makes sense to buy using your credit card

There are several reasons to consider paying with a credit card, says Ruth Jackson-Kirby. Here are just a few.
13 Feb 2020

The best debit and credit cards to use on holiday abroad

Sarah Moore picks the best credit and debit cards to use for your holiday cash.
30 Apr 2019
Personal finance

The best cards to use for holiday spending

Instead of just sticking with your faithful bank card this summer, look into getting one that doesn’t add to your holiday bill, says Ruth Jackson.
29 Jun 2018
Personal finance

One card to rule them all

If you’re tired of carrying around half a dozen different credit and debit cards, the Curve card could provide the solution, says Ruth Jackson.
2 Feb 2018

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Credit-card perks set to shrink

Rewards offered by credit cards are won't be as generous as before, but there are still some enticing deals, says Ruth Jackson.
2 Dec 2016
Personal finance

The best cashback deals

The days of bumper cashback earnings from credit cards are drawing to a close. Ruth Jackson looks at the best deals still available.
2 Sep 2016
Personal finance

Rip-off credit schemes should be as unacceptable as drink-driving

Ripping off people with expensive credit schemes should attract the same sort of shame and disdain as driving home from the pub after a few drinks, sa…
15 Dec 2014
Personal finance

The best credit cards for cashback

If you’re looking for a credit card that gives you cash back on your spending, here are the best deals around at the moment.
15 May 2014
Credit cards

The best cashback offers

New debit card reward schemes from Lloyds and Halifax promise “up to 15% cashback”. What are the limitations - and could the offers still make it wort…
10 Dec 2013
Personal finance

The best new credit card deals

Get money back on your shopping with the latest cashback credit cards.
17 Sep 2012

The best credit cards for Christmas

Jessica Furseth looks at the best credit card deals for Christmas, and rounds up the rest of the week's personal finance news.
11 Nov 2011
Credit cards

The best cards for debtors and spenders

While the credit-card companies fight it out for the custom of those in debt, which credit cards offer the best rewards for those who pay their bill i…
29 Jul 2011
Credit cards

The best credit card deals

Ruth Jackson rounds up the best deals available now on credit cards, including the best balance-transfer deals, the best 0% purchase deals and the bes…
2 Jun 2011

What to do if you were mis-sold payment protection insurance

The British Banking Association's decision to drop its legal battle over payment protection insurance is a long overdue triumph for common sense - but…
9 May 2011
Credit cards

A transparently bad deal on credit cards

From August, HBOS customers will be moved on to what the bank claims is an easier to understand 'single personal rate' of interest. But it is unlikely…
22 Apr 2011
Credit cards

Pick a card - but not just any card

There are some great credit-card deals coming back onto the market at the moment, says Ruth Jackson. Here, she explains what's on offer, and how you c…
25 Mar 2011
Credit cards

Could it soon be the end for 'transaction fees'?

It costs Ryanair 20p to process a debit card transaction, yet they charge £5 per ticket per person for it. And they're not the only ones milking the '…
21 Feb 2011
Credit cards

The best ways to cut credit-card debt

If your New Year's resolution is to cut your credit card debt then you're in luck. Given the wide range of interest-free balance transfer deals on off…
14 Jan 2011

Three New Year's resolutions to make today

It's the time of year for resolutions. But instead of half-hearted promises to drink less, stop smoking or go to the gym, why not make some real finan…
4 Jan 2011