The best credit cards with 0% on purchases – November 2022

0% credit cards are a great way to spread the cost of big purchases - we flag the best deals available now.

Using a credit card for big purchases can help you spread the cost over several months, but it only makes sense when using the best credit cards that offer 0% on purchases. 

The Bank of England raised the base rate to 4% in February and interest rates could rise again in March - with that in mind, using a 0% purchase card may make more sense financially than other forms of borrowing.

But it’s important to remember that you should never borrow more than you can afford and stay on top of making your minimum payments and only use the card to buy what you need. 

Here are the best 0% credit card deals available now. If you want to know more about how these cards work, and any drawbacks associated with the deals, we take a closer look below. 

These are only prospective offers – the rate you get will depend on your personal credit score. Before you apply, use an eligibility checker, like the one on our sister site Go.Compare will help you see if you qualify for the best deals before you apply. 

The best 0% credit cards



  • Up to 25 months 0%
  • 22.9% APR after 0% period

This offering from Barclaycard has one of the longest 0% offers on the market. If successful, applicants can get a maximum of 0% on purchases for 25 months, although this offer is not guaranteed.  Our eligibility calculator from sister site Go.Compare will help you see if you qualify before you apply. 

M&S Bank 

M&S Bank Shopping Plus Card*

  • 18 months 0% on purchases
  • M&S points on spending
  • 23.9% APR after 0% period

This is one of the best credit cards for the number of offers it provides. As well as a potential 18-month 0% interest period on purchases, one of the longest offers on the market for those that qualify, it also gives cardholders M&S points on spending. 

These points can be redeemed for M&S vouchers. Cardholders receive one point worth 1p for every £5 spent. That rises to one point for every £1 spent at M&S. 

Use Go.Compare's eligibility checker to see if you’re eligible or you can apply direct.*

* When you open an account through this link, we may earn an affiliate commission.


Sainsbury’s Dual 21 Month Credit Card

  • Up to 21 months 0%
  • Nectar points
  • 21.9% after 0% offer 

This credit card also gives holders points when they shop. You can earn three Nectar points per £1 when you spend in Sainsbury’s and Argos. Shoppers can also earn 500 bonus points when they spend £35 or more in their first two months (the offer is limited to ten shops). 

For those that qualify, the card offers 0% on purchases for 21 months. Depending on your individual circumstances you might be offered a 0% interest period of 13 months. 

Virgin Money

Virgin Money All Round Credit Card 

  • 16 months at 0%
  • 22.9% after the 0% offer

This card from Virgin Money offers 16 months at 0% on purchases, as well as up to 16 months 0% on balance transfers and money transfers. There is a 2% balance transfer fee and a 4% money transfer fee. 

Should I use a 0% credit card? 

These interest-free credit cards allow users to effectively borrow money for free, but it’s important to remember that this is still borrowing. 

You have to repay the money you owe and if you miss a payment or fail to meet the minimum each month, the company is likely to cancel your 0% offer and start adding interest. 

Other fees and charges may also be applied to your bill. 

Things to watch out for with credit cards 

Credit cards tend to be a fairly expensive form of borrowing so you shouldn’t come to rely on them to fund spending. 

While a 0% purchase card can help you borrow money more affordably as there’s no added interest to pay on your repayments, the 0% interest will only be available for a limited time. 

Therefore, it’s vital to keep an eye on when the offer period ends. It could be anything from a couple of months to several years. 

After the offer ends, the card's standard rate of interest for purchases will apply.

Who can apply for the best credit cards on the market? 

These are the best deals on the market, but you might not be able to access these offers. 

Legally, credit card firms only need to give their advertised deals to 51% of successful applicants. If you have a bad credit history they might not offer you anything like the advertised deal. So it pays to do your research. 

An online eligibility checker, like the one from our sister site Go.Compare or checking your credit score with any one of the three credit reference agencies such as ExperianEquifax or TransUnion can be a good place to start.


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