Bank accounts

Smartphone banking: why you should dial into digital banks

Smartphone banking is taking off. And no wonder: it is convenient and comes with features that help you budget and save.
26 Feb 2020
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Personal finance

Are packaged bank accounts worth paying for?

Packaged bank accounts can be very convenient, but do your sums carefully to make sure you're getting your money's worth.
17 Sep 2019
Personal finance

The benefits of sitting tight with your savings

Agreeing to lock up your cash can boost the interest rate on your savings significantly. Ruth Jackson-Kirby reports.
20 Aug 2019
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Small business

Switching your business bank account made simple

More small businesses than ever before are switching bank account, encouraged to change provider by increasing competition for their custom and moves …
7 Aug 2019
Bank accounts

The appeal of a private bank

Private banks have long been surrounded by an air of prestige. But is the service they provide worth the extra cost?
17 May 2019
Personal finance

Easy ways to save cash

Devote an afternoon to some simple money administration, and you could make a big difference to your finances over the year.
11 Jan 2019
Personal finance

Give packaged bank accounts a chance

Although the idea of paying for a bank account is irritating, the perks you get in return can be highly valuable. Ruth Jackson explains.
12 Oct 2018
Personal finance

NS&I fails to keep up

The state-backed bank is popular, but there are better rates on offer elsewhere for savers, says Ruth Jackson.
7 Sep 2018

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Personal finance

How to make the most of the 0.25% interest-rate rise

So the Bank of England has raised interest rates to a whopping 0.75%. Might as well make the most of it, says Ruth Jackson.
10 Aug 2018
Personal finance

How to pay for university

Although the cost of living might not be top of every student’s mind, make sure they’re prepared to budget.
13 Jul 2018
Personal finance

The best cards to use for holiday spending

Instead of just sticking with your faithful bank card this summer, look into getting one that doesn’t add to your holiday bill, says Ruth Jackson.
29 Jun 2018
Personal finance

Look beyond NS&I for better rates

Spread your cash among several accounts to earn more interest than the state-owned bank pays, says Ruth Jackson.
22 Jun 2018
Personal finance

A stress-free way to switch current accounts

Breaking up with your bank shouldn’t be difficult, says Ruth Jackson. If you’re looking to change current accounts, here’s how to do it.
8 Jun 2018
Personal finance

Beware the money-mule scam targeting students

Young people should be aware of the criminal implications of taking part in “money-mule” schemes, says Ruth Jackson.
4 May 2018
Personal finance

Don’t miss out on the best current accounts

There’s no point sticking with a bank that offers a bad deal, says Ruth Jackson. Make sure you move when rates are cut.
27 Apr 2018

Open banking is here – but it will cost you your privacy

Open banking brings with it many advantages, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Just be sure your privacy is a price worth paying.
19 Apr 2018
Personal finance

Why open banking could be a boon for fraudsters

Open banking has arrived and with it a slew of apps aiming to help you to use these new rules to improve your budgeting habits. Just watch out for cro…
19 Jan 2018
Personal finance

What you need to know about joint accounts

Joint bank accounts can be useful for paying bills, says Ruth Jackson. But they can also come with their own set of problems.
29 Oct 2017
Personal finance

How Islamic savings accounts work

Islamic savings accounts can sometimes offer table-topping rates to savers, explains Emma Lunn.
16 Jun 2017
Personal finance

Is it time to switch current accounts?

Interests rates on high-paying current accounts are coming under pressure. Sarah Moore looks at the options for savers.
21 Oct 2016
Personal finance

Rewarding current accounts: a simple way to bag £600

Make the most of banking generosity thanks to their desperation to win new customers and bag a rewarding current account, says Ruth Jackson.
7 Oct 2016
Personal finance

A handy digital banking tool to keep tabs on your spending

Digital banking app “B” could be a very handy money management tool. But the accompanying bank accounts are nothing to write home about.
3 May 2016
Personal finance

Is your business banking too expensive?

Business banking costs can quickly rack up, just when entrepreneurs should be keeping their costs down. Cris Sholto Heaton takes a look at the alterna…
14 Aug 2015