Investment trusts

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Compound interest: the eighth wonder of the world

Setting up a pharmaceuticals trust in the mid-1990s taught Max King the power of compounding
26 May 2020
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An investment trust to tap into the US market's galloping growth

This America-focused investment trust from Baillie Gifford allows investors to profit from rapid technological change, says Max King.
18 May 2020
Income investing

Income investors should look beyond Britain to beat the cash squeeze

Dividend cuts by FTSE 100 companies won’t be repaired quickly – many firms were already living beyond their means. Investors should diversify abroad f…
14 May 2020
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Alternative assets are now mainstream – but should you buy in?

Alternative assets such as infrastructure, debt and private equity, traditionally help diversify a portfolio away from listed equities. Max King takes…
12 May 2020
Investment trusts

Investment trusts to consider for investors seeking yield

With dividends being slashed in all major markets, equity-income investors have to consider alternatives. Here are the best options.
10 May 2020
Investment trusts

Three investment trusts you can trust

Professional investors Nick Greenwood and Charlotte Cuthbertson of Miton Global Opportunities pick three of their favourite investment trusts to buy n…
4 May 2020
Investment trusts

The MoneyWeek portfolio of investment trusts

MoneyWeek has created a low-maintenance portfolio of investment trusts.
4 May 2020

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Investment trusts

Solid income from a renewable energy "tortoise" fund

GCP Infrastructure plods along compared with its rivals, but offers an attractive yield at the current price
4 May 2020
Investment trusts

A new fund for the model investment trust portfolio

After sifting through readers' suggestions, Merryn Somerset Webb picks a new fund for the MoneyWeek model portfoli of investment trusts.
1 May 2020
Investment trusts

Where to find value in investment trusts

Investment trusts' discounts to net asset value have narrowed sharply of late, but there are still bargains out there.
28 Apr 2020

Bad news for income trusts

There's very little good news around the future of income trusts, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
23 Apr 2020
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Three UK mid-cap stocks that should prove to be long-term winners

Georgina Brittain of the JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust highlights three of her favourite stocks from the UK's FTSE 250 index.
18 Apr 2020
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Three investment trust advantages in current markets

SPONSORED CONTENT – Mark Whitehead, Portfolio Manager, Securities Trust of Scotland, discusses how investment trusts can help in the current markets
15 Apr 2020
Investment trusts

The trials of Temple Bar: an update on the MoneyWeek investment trust portfolio

Most of the funds in our investment trust portfolio have held up brilliantly through the recent market turmoil. But one trust in particular has had a …
14 Apr 2020

Broaden your investment horizons with global trusts

Many investment trusts are now managed by teams who look for the best investment ideas from around the world. Here, Max King picks some of the best.
14 Apr 2020
Investment trusts

Smithson Investment Trust: buy now or never

When Fundsmith launched the Smithson investment trust in 2018, scepticism was rife. But it has been a big success, says Max King.
13 Apr 2020
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A handful of promising income stocks to buy now

If you’re an investor looking for income, investment trusts are a particularly good way to go, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Here are a few to consider.
7 Apr 2020
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Diversify by style

SPONSORED CONTENT – Willis Towers Watson CIO Craig Baker, Chair of the Alliance Trust Investment Committee, reveals how to achieve long-term returns w…
7 Apr 2020
Investment trusts

Finsbury Growth and Income: on track for long-term profits

Nick Train’s Finsbury Growth & Income investment trust is a core holding – and it is now on sale.
7 Apr 2020
Income investing

Here’s how to hold on to some dividend income

Companies are cutting their dividends. But the truth is that you don’t have to give up all of your dividend income, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Here’s …
6 Apr 2020
Investment strategy

How to shield your portfolio from dividend disaster

As the coronavirus shutdown hammers corporate earnings, many dividends have been cut or face being suspended. John Stepek explains what to do if you’r…
31 Mar 2020
Investment trusts

These five trounced investment trusts will bounce back

The indiscriminate carnage in the markets has left these five promising investment trusts in the bargain basement.
31 Mar 2020