What is liquidity and why does it matter?

Recent events in the asset management industry have reminded everyone that there are more issues than headline performance numbers to consider when managing or investing in funds.

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Merryn and John talk about currency wars; central-bank dovishness and the consequences for the markets of ultra-low interest rates; more on Poor Neil Woodford and his still-shuttered fund; the trials of socially responsible investing; and a new stock exchange for Scotland.

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Another bubble in bitcoin for traders to short

This surge in the bitcoin price seems no more likely to endure than the last one, says Matthew Partridge.

What is liquidity and why does it matter?

Recent events in the asset management industry have reminded everyone that there are more issues than headline performance numbers to consider when managing or investing in funds.

Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to fund liquidity

We don’t need new fund structures to tackle liquidity concerns with open ended funds– the ideal vehicle already exists – investment trusts.

Will a cashless society pay off?

Anyone who has suffered bemused looks when trying to pay with cash in a shop or pub will be aware how rapidly we are moving towards a cashless society.

The realities of a lower carbon world

Climate change remains a hugely emotive topic around the world, with awareness and activism both surging in recent months – and today marks the start of the first London Climate Action Week.

Chart of the week: French wage inflation gathers pace

Unemployment in France is at a ten-year low, which is creating production bottlenecks and boosting the annual rate of wage inflation.

Pensions: how to divide the spoils when getting a divorce

With just 36% of divorce settlements including provisions for sharing pension asset, women getting divorced need much better advice about their pension options.

Japan is overlooked and mispriced – here's how to buy in

A new investment trust, the AVI Japan Opportunity Trust, focuses on neglected bargains in Japan’s small-cap sector.

How do you profit from market bubbles? Invest in “anti-bubbles”

The only real way to profit from market bubbles is to avoid them and invest in “anti-bubbles” instead. John Stepek explains what an anti-bubble is, and picks some of the most promising.

Three bargain stocks for a post-Brexit Britain

Stock valuations have been depressed since the EU referendum – but there will be long-term winners once the Brexit fog lifts, says professional investor Guy Anderson. Here, he picks picks three bargain stocks.

What does China’s slowdown mean for the global economy?

China’s economy is growing at its slowest rate since 1992, when it started reporting its GDP performance. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the latest figures and explains what it all means for you.

Sanjeev Gupta: the Indian visionary eyeing up British Steel

The government is seeking a buyer for the UK’s second-largest steelmaker. Sanjeev Gupta, an Indian-born tycoon with form as a saviour of troubled firms, is circling – but can he find the cash? 

Mark Mobius: “I love gold”

Mark Mobius, perhaps the best-known emerging markets investor in the world, reckons that gold should form at least 10% of any investor’s portfolio. And now is a good time to buy.

The City must move on from Europe

The City thrived as the EU’s finance hub. But now new opportunities look more promising, says Matthew Lynn.

CITR: how you can do well by doing good

Ignore corporate virtue-signalling. The CITR is a more practical and tax-efficient way for investors with a social conscience to help struggling communities, says David Stevenson.

When to top up your national insurance to boost your state pension

If your national insurance contributions fall short of getting you a full state pension, you can make voluntary top-up contributions.

No end to final-salary pension transfer scandal

Financial advisers are continuing to suggest that clients transfer out of generous final-salary pension schemes despite repeated warnings from regulators that this is the wrong option for most people.

Boris Johnson and the sugar tax

Our probable new prime minister wants to scrap the levy on sugary drinks introduced by some of his predecessors. Would that be a good move?

Market risers & fallers

The best and worst performing stocks

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