John C Burford

John is is a British-born lapsed PhD physicist, who previously worked for Nasa on the Mars exploration team. He is a former commodity trading advisor with the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission, and worked in a boutique futures house in California in the 1980s.

He was a partner in one of the first futures newsletter advisory services, based in Washington DC, specialising in pork bellies and currencies. John is primarily a chart-reading trader, having cut his trading teeth in the days before PCs.

As well as his work in the financial world, he has launched, run and sold several 'real' businesses producing 'real' products.

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More kisses – this time from the Dow

Tramline kisses are a crucial clue that can tell you where the market is heading to next, says John C Burford.
29 Apr 2016
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My split-bet strategy works

John C Burford explains how using his split-bet strategy can take some of the stress and anxiety out of trading.
27 Apr 2016
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What sort of trader are you?

When spread betting, you’re not trading against others so much as against your own habits and tendencies, says John C Burford. The best traders are th…
25 Apr 2016
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The euro gives me three kisses against the dollar

Rarely in the charts do you get three “kisses“ on your tramlines in the charts. John C Burford explains what it means for his latest trade.
22 Apr 2016

The fog is lifting on the Dow

The picture in the Dow Jones is starting to clear, says spread betting expert John C Burford. We're looking at the start of a long decline.
20 Apr 2016
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Fog settles over the Dow

The Dow is painting a tricky picture in the charts. John C Burford uses his trading methods to weigh up his options.
18 Apr 2016
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Exercising prudence in Prudential

The market in Prudential shares has come up against resistance. Is it time to take profits? John C Burford explores the charts.
15 Apr 2016
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Hedge funds are bearish the dollar. I am not.

Hedge funds have abandoned the dollar in their droves. John C Burford explains why they're wrong.
14 Apr 2016
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Gold (and miners) could be set to rocket higher

John C Burford applies his trading methods to the charts to see where the gold price could be heading next.
11 Apr 2016
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Prudent trades in Prudential

John C Burford shows how his trading methods can be used for more than just indices and currencies. They work for large-cap shares too.
8 Apr 2016
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Has EUR/USD started a new bear trend?

The odds are stacking up, suggesting that the rally in the euro vs the dollar is over, says John C Burford.
6 Apr 2016
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Gold follows my roadmap down (for now)

Elliott wave theory has provided John C Burford with some solid clues to gold's future price direction.
4 Apr 2016
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Searching for an exit in my euro trade

Swing traders face hard decisions, says John C Burford. But the sooner they are made, the better the long-term results.
1 Apr 2016
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I have another great euro trade working

John C Burford explains why, when it comes to trading the euro, Fibonacci really is your best friend.
30 Mar 2016
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Will our skies be filled with helicopters?

Inflation expectations are rising. John C Burford looks at how that will affect the stockmarkets.
23 Mar 2016
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Gold is correcting, as forecast

Gold is following John C Burford's roadmap nicely. Here, he takes a look at where it might go from here.
21 Mar 2016
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Did you find the path of least resistance in EUR/USD?

John C Burford outlines a trade in the euro vs the dollar in the wake of the US Federal Reserve’s most recent announcement.
18 Mar 2016
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How to find the path of least resistance for EUR/USD

A belief that "news makes the markets" would have lost you a lot of money betting against the euro, says John C Burford. Here's what to watch instead.
16 Mar 2016

Stocks are climbing that ever-higher “wall of worry”

There is no shortage of worrying global developments that would induce a trader to run for the hills, says John C Burford. But what are the charts say…
14 Mar 2016
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Lightning has struck twice in the euro

Mario Draghi's latest stimulus package took the euro market by surprise, says John C Burford. But not chart-following swing traders.
11 Mar 2016
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Everyone now loves gold – is that a warning?

You will be hard-pressed to find a gold bear. Is that a sign the market is ripe for turning? John C Burford surveys the charts.
9 Mar 2016
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The euro finds support as sentiment plummets

No need to wait for the European Central Bank announcement on Thursday, says John C Burford. Elliott wave theory tells you all you need to know.
7 Mar 2016
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The euro heads for my target – but not yet

The euro is throwing up textbook examples of how to apply trading methods to the charts, says John C Burford. The excitement continues.
26 Feb 2016
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The euro is heading towards my targets

A combination of three chart trading methods revealed highly accurate targets in the euro charts, says John C Burford.
24 Feb 2016
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Stocks surge in massive short squeeze

Speculators are dumping their short bets in droves, says John C Burford. That spells opportunity in the charts for swing traders.
22 Feb 2016
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Gold encounters tramline resistance

Gold has run into tramline resistance since rising from its December lows, says John C Burford. Breaking through would send a bullish signal.
19 Feb 2016
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Will the euro reach parity this time?

Traders hoping for euro parity with the dollar were disappointed last time. Is history about to repeat itself? John C Burford examines the charts.
17 Feb 2016
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As I forecast Friday, stocks are jumping

Stocks are rallying right on cue, says John C Burford. And all it took to profit was a careful reading of the charts.
15 Feb 2016
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The credibility of central banks is being trashed

Traders who saw through the madness of the central banks' actions are reaping their rewards, says John C Burford.
12 Feb 2016
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Gold's explosive rally stuns the bears

The gold bears were caught napping when the market turned against them. John C Burford checks the charts.
10 Feb 2016
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Is Google parent company Alphabet in the soup?

Investors in tech giants such as Alphabet were happy to drive up the valuations, says John C Burford. But now patience has run out.
8 Feb 2016
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The pound hit my 1.45 target – and then some

John C Burford said the pound would get interesting. But as it turned out, even that was an understatement.
5 Feb 2016
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The pound nears my 1.45 target against the dollar

The pound is rising to meet spread betting expert John C Burford's target in the charts. But the bounce could go even higher.
3 Feb 2016
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Stockmarkets rally, just as I forecast

The sharp rally in stocks caught the pundits by surprise, says John C Burford. But chart-following traders saw it coming.
1 Feb 2016
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Can the pound sterling get off the floor?

Speculators have been falling over themselves to short the pound, says John C Burford. But sterling may have a surprise up its sleeve.
29 Jan 2016
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The Dow and FTSE are now a trader's dream markets

The herding mentality has taken over the markets, says John C Burford. Chart-following swing traders will be lining up to profit.
27 Jan 2016