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Trickle-down dries up

Britain is getting richer, but the benefits have not been passed on to the majority of wage-earners. Does it matter? Jane Lewis reports.


Profile: Peter Bazalgette

A profile of Peter Bazalgette – the man who popularised Big Brother, and has been said to have done more to debase television than anyone else.


THe Indian tribe who bought the Hard Rock cafe

Less than a generation ago, the Seminole tribe of Florida were living a precarious life of poverty in the Everglades. Yet last week, they bought the Hard Rock chain for a knock-down price of $965m. And it’s unlikely to be the last major deal struck by an Indian tribe.


Profile: Shawn Carter of Def Jam recordings

Not only is Shawn Carter – aka Jay-Z – fairly remarkable for his continuing popularity at an age when most hip-hop artists are considered over the hill, he also combines his rap career with a decidedly corporate role as president and chief executive of Def Jam recordings.

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