Stephen Connolly

Stephen Connolly is managing director of consultancy Plain Money. He has worked in banking and asset management for over 25 years.

Tech stocks

Buy Microsoft: Covid-19 is no crisis for big tech stocks

The global lockdowns have greatly accelerated changes in how we live and work. Tech stocks are set top profit – with Microsoft leading the way.
2 Jun 2020
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Look beyond Merck’s miracle cancer drug for profits

Keytruda, Merk’s cancer treatment, is a winner. But it’s not the only reason to be bullish on the pharma group.
18 May 2020
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Video games’ appeal will last beyond lockdown – here's how to profit

Being cooped up at home has made us far more inclined to play computer games. But this isn’t just a blip. The sector has embarked on a long-term upswi…
14 May 2020
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Secure your portfolio against the warfare of the future

The Covid-19 pandemic is just the latest reminder that traditional military equipment such as jets or aircraft carriers can’t always keep countries sa…
1 May 2020
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Profit from treating peanut allergies

Aimmune Therapeutics has produced the best treatment yet for children who have a peanut allergy.
14 Apr 2020
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How to profit from the shift towards working from home

Many of us have been forced to use virtual offices during the lockdown – and will be loath to return to real ones. The virus has accelerated and cemen…
2 Apr 2020
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Semiconductors: invest in the future of technology

Semiconductors are a key component of computers. Major growth areas such as artificial intelligence and the “internet of things” will underpin future …
13 Feb 2020
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Class acts going cheap: buy into Europe’s best bargains

Value investing appears to be making a comeback, while shares on this side of the Atlantic are more appealing on metrics such as price/earnings ratios…
16 Jan 2020
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Internet 2.0: how to cash in on the shift to cloud computing

Cloud computing technology helps companies manage their IT more efficiently and will also ensure that the world wide web and key innovations such as a…
5 Sep 2019
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Big Blue promises big gains

Cloud computing is the next big thing in tech, and IBM is an excellent way to bet on it, says Stephen Connolly.
26 Aug 2019
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How to profit as technology transforms the way we learn

Education and training could be a $10trn business by 2030. Innovations such as e-learning and digitisation will offer huge opportunities for investors…
8 Aug 2019

Why Boeing's shares will regain altitude

The aerospace giant’s 737 Max model has been grounded. But Boeing shares should bounce back.
7 Aug 2019
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Why investors should keep an eye on video games

The video games sector will take a great leap forward when consumers start streaming them like films and music. Stephen Connolly looks at how to inves…
27 Jun 2019
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Ten to tuck away: solid stocks that will stand the test of time

A portfolio of shares should be based on some large, well-managed companies with proven business models and compelling long-term prospects. These ten …
13 Jun 2019
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Veni, vidi, Visa: profits from payment processing

Visa, the payment network giant, is a highly profitable operator dominating the global market.
22 May 2019
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Plain sailing: hop aboard the cruise industry

Favourable demographics, an expanding global market, and resilience to economic downturns and increases in supply all bode well for the long-term futu…
9 May 2019

How to benefit from the boom in beauty

New sales techniques, online influencers and structural trends such as growing consumption in emerging markets all bode well for the beauty industry, …
21 Mar 2019
Stocks and shares

New magic at Walt Disney

Media giant Disney is a top-class value stock. Now a move into streaming will fuel growth.
1 Feb 2019
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Down but not out: gambling stocks have a bright future

The British gambling sector has been hit by taxes and tighter regulation. But the depressed share prices have yet to factor in the compelling long-ter…
31 Jan 2019

Regulators train their guns at proxy advisers

Proxy advisers – companies that advise institutional investors how to vote when listed firms hold a ballot – are opaque, bureaucratic and inept. Time …
18 Jan 2019

What are non-executive directors for?

In the wake of this year’s various corporate blow-ups, scandals and nasty surprises, shareholders could be forgiven for wondering if non-executives ar…
1 Nov 2018
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Nike – just buy it

Sportswear giant Nike has confounded the sceptics by remaining ahead of the competition.
21 Sep 2018
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The fast-growing sport investors have never heard of

Esports may sound like a niche hobby for computer geeks, but it’s actually a burgeoning global business that resembles the early stages of the Premier…
6 Sep 2018

Visionary investors should place their bets in the space race

It’s not just eccentric and ultra-rich tycoons heading into space. From asteroid mining to space hotels, promising profit opportunities now lie off-pl…
9 Aug 2018
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Momentum investing: what it is, why it works and what to buy

Momentum investing – buying what has already gone up in price in the belief that it will keep doing so – shouldn’t work in theory. Yet in real life, i…
15 Jun 2018

The new pinball wizards transforming gaming

Video games have already come a long way from their humble origins, and they are about to progress to the next level. Smart investors should get in on…
22 Dec 2017

Buffett’s bet: can a tracker trounce the hedgies?

There’s no sense in handing 1%-2% plus fees to fund managers when a cheap tracker gets results, says Stephen Connolly.
24 Mar 2017