Richard Beddard

Richard Beddard founded an investment club before joining Interactive Investor as an editor at the height of the dotcom boom in 1999. in 2007 he started the Share Sleuth column for Money Observer magazine, which tracks a virtual portfolio of shares selected for the long-term by Richard. His career highlights include interviewing Nobel prize winners, private investors and many, many company executives. 

Richard is freelance writer who invests in company shares and funds through his self-invested personal pension. He has worked as a teacher and in educational publishing, and is a governor at University Technology College, Cambridge. He supports the Livingstone Tanzania Trust, a charity supporting education and enterprise in Tanzania. 

Richard studied International History and Politics at the University of Leeds, winning the Drummond-Wolff Prize for "distinguished work in the field of international relations".

Investment strategy

Look beyond profits to find firms that will go the distance

When times are tough, a strong balance sheet is crucial if companies are to keep ticking over and bounce back. Richard Beddard explains the basics and…
4 Jun 2020
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The end of outsourcing? Why companies are taking back control

Until fairly recently, corporations did everything in-house rather than delegate activities to others. Now the “vertical integration” model is making …
20 Feb 2020
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Finding long-term winners: the secrets of successful stocks

Buy-and-hold investors should want to see evidence of several key characteristics before they commit to a company. Richard Beddard explains what they …
21 Nov 2019
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Investors should delve into Trifast’s nuts and bolts

Trifast, a British supplier of industrial fasteners, has tightened up its act over the past decade. And it's now looking like a very good investment.
26 Jun 2019

Avon Rubber's share price will bounce back

Avon Rubber, the breathing and dairy farming equipment maker, has a promising future , says Richard Beddard.
29 May 2019
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Share tips: keep track of Quartix

Quartix, the Aim-listed maker of devices to track vehicles, looks attractively valued, says Richard Beddard.
1 May 2019
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Victrex’s versatile polymer

Victrex makes most of the world’s supply of PEEK, the material it invented 40 years ago.
26 Mar 2019
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Cohort bulks up defence portfolio

Cohort, the defence technology group, has moved with the times and owns a compelling collection of companies.
13 Mar 2019
Stocks and shares

Judges Scientific: a scientific mini-conglomerate

Scientific-equipment maker Judges Scientific is expanding rapidly and doesn't deserve to be ignored by investors, says Richard Beddard.
13 Feb 2019
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XP Power has plenty in the tank

The slump in XP Power's share price is absurdly overdone. Investors should seize this buying opportunity.
30 Nov 2018
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Goodwin heads for calmer waters

Profitability at British engineer Goodwin has slid in the past few years, but the outlook has greatly improved.
2 Nov 2018
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Next: gradual reinvention of a retail stalwart

High street stalwart Next is adapting well amid turmoil in the retail sector.
5 Oct 2018
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Kitchen firm Howdens is on a high

Howdens, the fitted-kitchen supplier, may have a new boss, but its winning formula endures.
28 Sep 2018
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Elevator-maker Dewhurst can give your portfolio a lift

Elevator components-maker Dewhurst is one of the market’s most reliable yet overlooked small caps.
6 Jul 2018

Games Workshop: the gaming giant makes a comeback

Wargamers love Games Workshop, but investors have had the most fun recently. Richard Beddard explains what behind the company's turnaround in fortunes…
8 Jun 2018
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Alumasc: a cheap stock in a tough market

Alumasc should profit in both sunshine and storms thanks to its balance of different businesses, says Richard Beddard.
11 May 2018
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Churchill China: an Aim favourite with lustre

Churchill China is much loved by customers and investors alike, says Richard Beddard. Wait for a chance to buy in.
13 Apr 2018
Stocks and shares

Why Dart Group’s shares are soaring

The quiet growth of low-cost airline Jet2 has taken both competitors and investors by surprise – unless you were looking in the places most fund manag…
23 Feb 2018

The “intelligent fanatics” who inspire greatness

What is it that makes great business leaders stand out from the crowd? Two American small-cap investors think they have found the answer, reports Rich…
6 Jul 2017
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Investments that help cut inheritance tax

Investing in companies that qualify for business property relief can reduce costs when your estate is passed on. Richard Beddard selects seven of the …
26 May 2017

Doff your cap to the stockmarket aristocrats

Investors get excited by IPOs on the stock exchange. But new flotations tend to disappoint over time. You should back the old-timers, says Richard Bed…
27 Apr 2017

How to climb the value chain to profits

A consumer product is generally the end result of a whole chain of activities. Some links in that chain make better investments than others. Richard B…
16 Feb 2017

Are soaring CEO salaries a burden on business?

Executive pay has been rocketing for decades, exciting the envy of wage slaves. But should investors avoid or opt for stocks helmed by well-rewarded e…
1 Dec 2016
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Why it pays to invest in family firms

Studies show that family-run businesses do better than their peers over the long term. But how can ordinary investors get in on the act? Richard Bedda…
15 Sep 2016
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Five Aim stocks to help you sidestep inheritance tax

Hold companies that qualify for Business Property Relief for two years, and your investment is 100% IHT-free. Analyst and private investor Richard Bed…
7 Jul 2016