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John and Merryn talk about Brexit, the Tory leadership and the problem with sterling; why the world still isn't ready for bitcoin; why you really should be worried about a Jeremy Corbyn government; and the unintended consequences of US trade tariffs.

The time has come to spread the word about wine merchant Domaine Direct and their sensational wines, says Matthew Jukes. He regularly buys from them for his own cellar, and for countless wine lists over the years which he has had the pleasure of curating.

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AfCFTA: Africa’s ambitious free-trade deal

Populism and trade wars have put globalisation into reverse. African nations are bucking the trend with AfCFTA, a comprehensive agreement that will create a vast new trade bloc.

The casualties of Trump’s trade war

Chinese tech giant Huawei is under fire in Donald Trump’s trade war. Many Western firms may suffer collateral damage.

The charts that matter: markets start to worry

With bond yields sliding this week as investors started to fret about global trade, John Stepek looks at the effect on the charts that matter most to the global economy.

What are the bookies’ odds on the new Tory leader?

After nearly three years in office, Theresa May is set to stand down. Here, Matthew Partridge looks at who the bookies favour as the new Tory leader.

Julian Richer's crusade to clean up capitalism

Julian Richer, the entrepreneur who put people before profits, and yet produced plenty of the latter, has been lauded for handing his empire over to his staff. What is his motivation?

Currency Corner: why we all need to keep a close eye on King Dollar

Dominic Frisby looks at the price of the most important currency in the world – the US dollar – and where it’s likely to be by the time Donald Trump’s term as president is up.

Betting on politics: Australia catches out the bookies

The result of the Australian election proved to be an embarrassment for one bookmaker, says Matthew Partridge.

Reinflating Australia’s housing bubble

After 27 years without a recession, Australia’s economy has started to wobble. So the authorities are contemplating reinflating the housing bubble.

Investors are still too gloomy about UK stocks

Investors have deserted UK stocks en masse. But the FTSE 100 is one of the most attractive markets in the world for income-seekers.

Markets don’t think the Fed is sufficiently worried about the trade war

Markets took a tumble yesterday. Part of the reason is the escalating trade war. But mostly, says John Stepek, it’s down to the Fed, the US central bank. Here’s why.

Bond market signals gloom ahead

The bond market has a much better record than the stockmarket of predicting economic downturns. And last week, yields on ten-year US Treasury notes dipped as low as 2.37%.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

The ultimate tent for glampers

With the Lotus Belle, camping enthusiasts need rough it no longer, says Mick Sharp

Houses with dovecotes or follies

Houses with dovecotes or follies – from a Georgian property in Norfolk, with an Asian-style folly, to a Tudor manor house with a circular dovecote in Dorchester.

A commanding and enchanting syrah from South Africa

2015 Kleinood
This dramatic, spicy wine is stuffed with the flavours of mountainside fruit.

Precious memories of the Shire in New Zealand

Chris Carter heads to New Zealand and sets out on a quest from Hobbiton to a destination determined to keep foreign visitors out.

Book in the news: Rees-Mogg's mind-bogglingly banal work of self-promotion

Book review: The Victorians
Jacob Rees-Mogg makes little effort in this uninteresting and badly written run through of the usual Victorian suspects.

Death of a Salesman: this classic play is still vital

Theatre review: Death of a Salesman
Arthur Miller’s classic portrayal of the American dream turned bad is as relevant as ever.

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