European stockmarkets

What exactly is going on in the Wirecard scandal?

Wirecard, a darling of the German fintech sector, has collapsed and its boss has been charged with fraud. Red flags have waved for years, yet the regu…
4 Jul 2020
Old ladies drinking champagne © Getty Images

Should the pensions triple lock be scrapped?

The pensions triple lock had been a key plank of the government’s offer to older voters, but the promise to gold-plate the state pension is looking in…
27 Jun 2020
A hand holding gold bracelets © NOAH SEELAM/AFP via Getty Images

The facts about gold

Gold fires our imaginations like no other metal. Chris Carter looks at its history, its uses, and how to invest.
24 Jun 2020
Actors "acting". © Napa Valley Register/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News
UK Economy

How coronavirus is killing off the theatre

The performing arts have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis and recovery is nowhere in sight. Yet the creative industries are an essential part o…
20 Jun 2020
A pro-democracy protester in Hong Kong ©  Ivan Abreu/SOPA Images/Shutterstock
China's economy

The tug of war over Hong Kong

China’s move to take more control over Hong Kong could lead to deeper civil unrest and imperil its role as a global financial centre.
13 Jun 2020
UK Economy

Why children suffer most from lockdowns

School closures harm the prospects of children and it’s the poorest who are hurt the most. On a global level, that will have huge effects on human d…
30 May 2020
Emerging markets

Saudi Arabia slips on cheap oil

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had big plans to diversify its economy so that it was no longer so reliant on oil revenue. The current crisis arrived befo…
23 May 2020

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Is bitcoin going mainstream?

The cryptocurrency suffers from all the problems it has always had and that may never change. But digital currencies more broadly may be about to take…
9 May 2020
Global Economy

Has Covid-19 ushered in a new world order?

The coronavirus crisis will surely mean radical changes in global politics and economics, but predictions of the inevitable supremacy of China or the …
25 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Britain needs a nimbler health service

The NHS is the beating heart of this country, the prime minister told the nation. Perhaps, but major surgery is needed.
18 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Coronavirus: is the lockdown worth it?

The longer we are shut up in our homes, the greater the cost – including the cost in lives lost from other causes than Covid-19. At what point does th…
11 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Coronavirus: Big Brother widens his embrace

The coronavirus crisis has led to a massive expansion of the state into all areas of daily life. Should we be worried?
4 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Debt jubilee: will our debts be written off?

The idea of a "debt jubilee" – general society-wide cancellation of debt – goes back to Biblical times. Could it happen again? And would it really do …
28 Mar 2020
UK Economy

The biggest bailout in history?

The massive economic shock caused by the coronavirus is forcing governments to take radical action. So what is our government doing and how does it co…
21 Mar 2020

Airline industry braces for turbulence

The economics of airlines make them particularly vulnerable to external shocks, such as the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Flybe was the first to fall. Will…
14 Mar 2020
UK Economy

Does Britain need more runways?

MPs thought Heathrow needed a new runway and voted for one; the Supreme Court has now scotched the idea. But there are other ways to increase airport …
7 Mar 2020
UK Economy

Britain’s new immigration system

Free movement from the EU ends next year and Britain has taken back control of its borders. What will that mean in practical terms? And who benefits?
29 Feb 2020

Will Britain close its doors to immigrants post-Brexit?

Details have not yet been forthcoming, but Britain will soon have a new immigration policy. What will that mean for businesses and investors?
8 Feb 2020
UK Economy

The uncertain fate of HS2 – the case for and against

The prime minister is due to decide whether to go ahead with the controversial high-speed rail link from London to the north. What is he likely to dec…
1 Feb 2020
UK Economy

Dominic Cummings: the "weirdos" take back control

The prime minister’s special adviser is planning big changes in the way the government machine works. What can we expect? Simon Wilson reports.
18 Jan 2020