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When it comes to buying shares and funds to put in your Isa or pension, there are several investment platforms or online brokers to choose from, all offering different fee structures to suit varying individual investing habits.

How to invest in a stocks and shares Isa

In this short video tutorial, Ed Bowsher runs through the nuts and bolts of opening a stocks and shares Isa, and gives you some investment ideas to consider.

Students: stretch your cash

University can be an expensive time, so you’ll want to make your money go further. Natalie Stanton hunts down the best offers and deals for students.

Every pensioner's ultimate goal should be to die with nothing

The financial services industry needs to help pensioners decumulate their wealth. Forget preserving capital; the aim should be to spend it so you die the day before it runs out.

Why corporate tax needs reform

Apple faces a €13bn tax bill after Brussels ruled its tax arrangement broke European law. Does this spell the end for tax-dodging by multinationals? Simon Wilson reports.

How to secure income in a world of low yields

The low yields on bonds mean you may need to consider other ways of generating income for your retirement, says David Prosser.

How to insure your student digs

As a student, insuring your belongings can rack up, says Natalie Stanton. But there are ways to keep the costs down.

How to duck death taxes

Your estate might be rather smaller than the Duke of Westminster’s, but there are ways you can reduce your inheritance tax bill too. David Prosser explains.

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