Car Insurance

Is your car really insured?

It’s surprisingly easy to invalidate a car insurance claim inadvertently. Here are some key pitfalls.
17 Mar 2020

Why you should keep a close eye on your National Insurance contributions

The state pension now requires a 35-year record of National Insurance payments to get the maximum payment. Check your record is correct, because any m…
20 Dec 2019
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Personal finance

How to cut your car insurance premiums

Customers end up paying more for the convenience of price comparison sites, but there are still ways to reduce your car insurance premiums.
3 Dec 2019
A burglar © Getty Images
Personal finance

How to protect your home from burglars

As the days get shorter, burglars get busier. But there are simple steps you can take to guard your property.
12 Nov 2019
Bernie Sanders © Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Healthcare reform: will America get its own NHS?

Not even socialist Bernie Sanders goes quite that far, but a radical shake-up of America’s healthcare system looks to be on the cards.
26 Oct 2019

Hold gold: it’s an insurance policy against global volatility

Gold has proved a wonderful hedge against recent turbulence for British investors, reaching a record peak in sterling terms. Now bulls should be looki…
26 Sep 2019
Personal finance

Don’t miss the PPI claims deadline

Make sure you file your compensation claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance by 29 August. 
13 Aug 2019
Personal finance

How to make sure your travel insurance doesn't let you down

Make sure your travel insurance covers enough to prevent a holiday mishap from becoming a disaster.
23 Jul 2019

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When to top up your national insurance to boost your state pension

If your national insurance contributions fall short of getting you a full state pension, you can make voluntary top-up contributions.
14 Jul 2019
Personal finance

Beware the nasty surprises in travel-insurance small print

Look out for the devil in the detail of your travel insurance policy to make sure you're fully covered.
25 Jun 2019
Personal finance

Grandparents allowances: make sure you claim pension benefits for babysitting

Many people may be missing out on future state pension benefits because they’re unaware of grandparents allowances that reward them for caring for you…
5 Jun 2019
Personal finance

The home-cover rip-off

As is so often the case when it comes to insurance, says Ruth Jackson, it really doesn’t pay to be loyal to your provider.
22 Apr 2019
Personal finance

Stranded abroad? Don’t wing it

Holidays from hell needn’t cost you the earth, says Ruth Jackson. A package deal provides the best protection.
16 Apr 2019
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Is Saga’s massive profit warning a buying opportunity?

Saga, the company that offers products to the over-50s, has seen its shares hit a record low after a massive profit warning. So is it a bargain buy, a…
5 Apr 2019

The pros and cons of pet insurance

Read the small print on your pet insurance contract and make sure you don’t get caught out by policy exclusions.
18 Jan 2019

Landlords: claim what you can

Landlords should ensure they are up-to-date on what they can deduct from property income.
11 Jan 2019
Personal finance

Pay-as-you-go insurance

Car insurance is the latest service to get the on-demand treatment – but it only makes sense for some people, says Ruth Jackson.
23 Nov 2018
Personal finance

How to stay safe on holiday

Travel insurance is one of the few forms of cover you absolutely must have, says Ruth Jackson. But check policies carefully before signing up.
21 Sep 2018
Personal finance

Cheap insurance – but for a price

Technology can save you money on your car insurance, says Ruth Jackson, but you must hand over your data first.
20 Jul 2018
Personal finance

Equitable Life to be sold

There is finally some respite at last for long-suffering savers with the disaster-hit firm, says David Prosser.
22 Jun 2018
Personal finance

How to find a financial adviser you can trust

Getting the right help for your money problems can be as tricky as finding a good plumber. Sarah Moore explains how to find an IFA on a sensible budge…
9 Feb 2018
Personal finance

Getting the best deal from a wreck

Car write-offs can be massive administrative hassles. But as Emma Lunn explains, they can be turned to you financial advantage.
18 Aug 2017
Personal finance

What to look for when buying insurance

Ruth Jackson explains how to ensure you get the right insurance deal for you.
24 Mar 2017