Equity release

Equity release

Equity release: how to tap your house for cash

The pros and cons of releasing equity from your home compared with moving to a smaller one
10 Feb 2020
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Equity release

Tread carefully if you're thinking about equity release

The equity release market is getting its act together. But the cost means tapping your property for cash should be a last resort for most people. 
25 Nov 2019
Equity release

Equity release: handle with care

Make sure you are getting the right equity release product and are choosing from all the available options.
28 May 2019
Equity release

A good alternative to equity release

Retirement interest-only mortgages could be a better way to access funds than equity-release products.
12 Mar 2019
Equity release

The equity release market opens up

A more competitive market means retirees with equity release mortgages could save by switching provider.
18 Jan 2019
Equity release

Equity release as pension plan

Nationwide now allows you to use your house as a cash machine for your retirement. Ruth Jackson explains how it works.
24 Nov 2017
Equity release

Equity release: should you tap your home for cash?

Equity-release products have a mixed reputation, and can offer poor value, says Sarah Moore. So, it's important to think carefully before making a dec…
10 Jun 2016

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Equity release

A state-backed equity release scheme should be compulsory for asset rich, cash poor pensioners

A state-backed equity release scheme should be the first step in the rollback of the payment of taxpayer-funded welfare to people who could actually f…
12 Jun 2014
Equity release

Equity release can be a very pricey subprime loan

Equity release may sound like a great way to unlock some of the value tied-up in your home. But it's far more expensive than you may have realised, sa…
27 Jan 2012
Equity release

Equity release is a last resort

Equity release schemes, which allow elderly homeowners to release some, or all, of the value tied up in their homes, may have become increasingly popu…
25 Jan 2006