Alternative finance

Alternative finance is the 21st century internet alternative to traditional banks. It includes peer to peer (P2P) lending and crowdfunding. There are plenty of opportunities for smart investors to profit. And while it may carry more risk than some other forms of investing, the potential returns are huge.

Invest in the rise of alternative finance

Peer-to-peer lending firms are increasingly disrupting traditional banking. John Stepek looks at how to profit from this alternative finance revolution.

Crowdfunding has created its first $1bn company – how can you profit?

Ed Bowsher looks into the crowdfunding phenomenon, and picks some of the best ways for you to profit.

How to profit from peer-to-peer lending

‘Alternative finance’ – including ‘peer-to-peer (P2P) lending’ and ‘crowdfunding’ – is an internet-era rival to traditional banks. There are opportunities for smart investors, says David C Stevenson.

How to make 6.65% a year from solar power

If you’re prepared to take a little risk, you could make good money from crowdfunding government-backed renewable energy projects. Ed Bowsher explains how.

How you could invest in the next Facebook before it goes public

‘Crowdfunding’ makes investing in start-up businesses easier than ever. It’s risky, but the rewards could be huge. Ed Bowsher explains how it works, and picks the best ways to invest.

How to earn a 9.25% rate of interest

By lending your money to this small business-lender, you could earn yourself an impressive rate of return. Tom Bulford explains.

How to make money while stealing business from the banks

Low interest rates and tight credit have given a boost to peer-to-peer lenders, which cut banks out of the lending process. So should you play bank manager yourself? Matthew Partridge investigates.

Is it wise for investors to sidestep the banks?

Cutting out the banks and lending your money to borrowers directly can earn your cash high rates of return. But how risky is it? Tim Bennett explains.

How peer-to-peer forex could break the cartel

The high charges on foreign exchange transactions are a rip off. But this recent small-cap entrant into the market could change all that, says Tom Bulford.

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