Dr Mike Tubbs

For decades, Dr Mike Tubbs worked on the 'inside' of corporate giants such as Xerox, Battelle and Lucas. Working in the research and development departments, he learnt what became the key to his investing. Knowledge which gave him a unique perspective on the stock markets.

Dr Tubbs went on to create the R&D Scorecard which was presented annually to the Department of Trade & Industry and the European Commission. It was a guide for European businesses on how to improve prospects using correctly applied research and development.

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This high quality engineering firm will filter profits to investors

Porvair, a maker of high-tech filtration systems, is an excellent long-term pick for your investment portfolio.
4 Mar 2020
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Where to find "ten-bagger" stocks – the market's Holy Grail

“Ten-baggers,” stocks with the potential to rise tenfold, are rare but not impossible to find. Dr Mike Tubbs explores their key characteristics and su…
31 Jan 2020
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Secret sauce: the key to serial innovation and profit growth

Why do some companies fizzle out and fade away while others build on a strong start? Dr Mike Tubbs looks at the key factors behind sustainable success…
5 Dec 2019
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Stocks that offer two sectors for the price of one

There are several excellent companies that dabble in two very different markets. Dr Mike Tubbs highlights the ones worth considering now.
26 Sep 2019
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How stem cells are changing the face of medicine

We have only just started getting to grips with the vast life-saving potential of stem cells, the basic building blocks of the body. Dr Mike Tubbs exp…
26 Jul 2019
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Engineering profits: the British industrial champions to buy now

Move over, Germany and Sweden. There are several world-class UK engineers in profitable niches supplying a vast array of industries with vital equipme…
20 Jun 2019
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Swedish engineer Hexagon is in excellent shape

This Swedish engineer has been overshadowed by bigger local peers, but is well worth a look
12 Jun 2019

Look for profits with Regeneron

Regeneron, a US biotech company, specialises in treating eye diseases. But it’s far from a one-trick pony.
15 May 2019
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Where to find and how to invest in founder-managed firms

Companies that are set up and then run by the same person for a long time tend to be lucrative investments. Dr Mike Tubbs explains why, how to find fo…
2 May 2019
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Diploma qualifies for your portfolio

This British mid-cap is a successful global player with plenty of room for expansion, says Dr Mike Tubbs.
16 Apr 2019
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Immunotherapy: new hope in the battle against cancer

Immunotherapy is a burgeoning sector that heralds a breakthrough against the world’s second-most deadly disease. Dr Mike Tubbs explains how investors …
4 Apr 2019
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Alexion: a rare opportunity in biotech

Alexion focuses on diseases that affect only a tiny proportion of the population – a lucrative niche.
3 Apr 2019
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Illumina: shedding light on genetics

Illumina, the genome sequencing specialist, is a leader in a thriving market. Long-term investors should buy now, says Mike Tubbs.
6 Mar 2019

R&D: the key to long-term sales and profit growth

Companies that spend heavily on research and development (R&D) greatly improve their long-term odds. Dr Mike Tubbs explains what to look out for – and…
7 Feb 2019

The strong and stable stocks offering a reliable income

Companies with a consistent record of rising payouts look especially attractive at present. Dr Mike Tubbs introduces his favourite “dividend aristocra…
24 Jan 2019
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Profit from Renishaw’s precision

Few people have heard of Renishaw, but its products and prospects are excellent, says Mike Tubbs.
14 Dec 2018
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Salesforce: software service with a smile

Salesforce, one of the world’s top software companies, has a bright future and is currently on sale.
16 Nov 2018
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Profits in the pipeline

Shares in German biotech MorphoSys firm could double as the royalties start to roll in, says Mike Tubbs.
19 Oct 2018
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The British software sector stars investors should buy now

You might not think of the UK as a market full of promising tech stocks. But our small- and medium-sized companies are punching above their weight, sa…
11 Oct 2018
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A memorable day for Biogen investors

Biotech company Biogen’s promising treatment for the most common cause of dementia has just cleared a key hurdle.
7 Sep 2018
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Protect your profits – buy firms with deep and wide moats

Firms with strong brands, superior products or that exploit network effects are hard for competitors to keep up with. That means big profits for their…
23 Aug 2018
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RWS: translating tech into profits

RWS is a “picks-and-shovels” play for the technology sector, and boasts an excellent record, says Mike Tubbs.
27 Jul 2018
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The fledgling industries emerging from our universities

Science and engineering departments are innovation incubators, and regularly launch companies involved in a wide range of exciting new fields. Dr Mike…
13 Jul 2018

Halma: a matchless record of dividends

Safety specialist Halma capped its remarkable run by entering the FTSE 100 – but more will come.
22 Jun 2018
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How ASML is profiting from Moore’s law

ASML’s cutting-edge technology will capitalise on the growing demand for computer chips, says Mike Tubbs.
25 May 2018
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Want to profit from a gold rush? Invest in the picks and shovels

Investing in a booming industry can be a risky business – only a lucky few will strike gold and produce the hot products of the future. There’s a much…
17 May 2018

The pharmas making pills tailored to your genes

Reading your genome is becoming easier and cheaper. That makes it possible to figure out which medicines will work for you. Dr Mike Tubbs picks the co…
19 Apr 2018
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How to spot tomorrow’s big stocks today

Technological advances have transformed our day-to-day lives – and made fortunes for sharp-eyed investors. But how do you spot future innovators? Dr M…
23 Mar 2018

Superheroes of science: the firms turning research into profits

Companies that spend a lot on research are promising candidates for super-charged growth. But how can you tell which ones are wasting their money? Dr …
25 Jan 2018
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How to invest in the next big medical breakthrough

There is currently no cure for MS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases but research gallops on. There will be big rewards for the first drug company …
7 Dec 2017
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How to invest in the fight against cancer

A new generation of anti-cancer drugs looks promising. There are four main ways to invest, with varying levels of risk. Dr Michael Tubbs explains.
29 Sep 2017