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The art market turns ugly

Art has been a popular and successful investment since the 2008 crisis – but now there are jitters in the market, and not just over the bubbly prices. Simon Wilson reports.


The dark secret of global finance

Money laundering is no longer the preserve of criminal gangs – it’s a trillion-dollar business run through global financial centres, such as London. Simon Wilson reports.

05/06/2016 28/05/2016 21/05/2016

Is TTIP off the table?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has met with opposition from French President François Hollande and from the public. Can it be salvaged? Simon Wilson reports.

15/05/2016 08/05/2016 30/04/2016

The fall of Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s lower house of Congress has voted to impeach the president. Why? Will it spark a broader crisis? And what does it mean for investors? Simon Wilson investigates.


The Panama Papers scandal

The leak of millions of documents from a Panama law firm has propelled the world of offshore investments into the headlines. What’s the fuss about? Simon Wilson reports.

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