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Why corporate tax needs reform

Apple faces a €13bn tax bill after Brussels ruled its tax arrangement broke European law. Does this spell the end for tax-dodging by multinationals? Simon Wilson reports.

11/09/2016 04/09/2016 28/08/2016 21/08/2016

Sir Philip Green and the BHS scandal

Sir Philip Green, the former owner of BHS, has been branded the “unacceptable face of capitalism” by MPs investigating the retailer’s collapse. Is that fair? Simon Wilson reports.


Brexit and the City

The City was largely in favour of remaining in the EU and was worried about the prospects for business if we voted Leave. What’s on the cards for the financiers?

24/07/2016 17/07/2016 10/07/2016 03/07/2016

Cleaning up our toxic air

The air we breathe is killing us – and costing us a fortune too. But if you think electric cars are the answer, think again, says Simon Wilson.

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