November Collection: Yapp

For his November MoneyWeek Wine Club collection, Matthew has selected wines from Yapp that will celebrate the heavy-weight, world renowned Domaines and a few of the scintillating newcomers. Load up early for your winter season of elite entertaining.

Matthew's latest wine reviews from Moneyweek magazine

Wine of the week: a sensational red from Minervois

2016 Chateau Maris

2016 Château Maris
This sensationally well-balanced wine not only challenges the greats from Minervois, but from the northern Rhône, too.

An impressive and charming thoroughbred

2018 Fleurie, La Roilette

2018 Fleurie, La Roilette
Grab a case of this pedigree specimen and you will be amazed at the breeding on display.

A delicious, complex blend from Portugal

2017 Quinta da Fonte Souto

2017 Quinta da Fonte Souto
This is a delicious, finely textured, fruits-of-the-forest-style wine with amazing freshness and vibrancy.

A wondrous dry white wine

2018 G de Château Guiraud

2018 G de Château Guiraud
This wondrous dry wine triggered widespread adulation at one of Matthew Jukes’ recent Bordeaux dinners.

A zany, paradigm-shifting creation

NV Bolé, Spumante Bianco

NV Bolé, Spumante Bianco
This terrific Italian sparkler has a Prosecco-style fizz, but with a knockout flavour and an awful lot more to hang onto.

A sensational Aussie chardonnay

2018 Payten & Jones

2018 Payten & Jones
For the price of a dodgy bottle of Chablis you can drink this sensational, pristine, pin-point accurate beauty, says Matthew Jukes.

A startling revelation from Aldi

NV Veuve Monsigny

NV Veuve Monsigny
This well-packaged Champagne, with its insultingly low price point, is a genuine revelation.

Two ground-breaking South African creations

2018 Jessica Saurwein

2018 Jessica Saurwein Chi Riesling
An invigorating dry riesling that’s a citrus lightning strike on your senses, and a one of South Africa’s most refined and floral pinots.

Wine of the week: a vital and perfectly flavoured Menetou

2017 Menetou-Salon, Domaine de l’Ermitage

2017 Menetou-Salon
You are guaranteed to be amazed at the energy and pristine freshness of this wine, says Matthew Jukes.

Wine of the week: the world’s greatest zinfandel

2017 Once & Future zinfandel

2017 Once & Future
This Californian zinfandel is a truly great wine with fabulous black-cherry fruit, impeccable lift and brightness, and thrilling acidity on the finish.

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