Personal finance

Personal finance

How to beat the holiday refund rip-off

Travel firms have been reluctant to give money back for cancelled trips. Here’s what to do if you’re affected.
11 May 2020
Personal finance

Lifetime Isa penalty cut offers a crisis lifeline

The withdrawal penalty on lifetime individual savings accounts has been cut in an attempt to help struggling savers.
8 May 2020
Small business

Beefed up government loan scheme brings big help for small firms

The government’s Bounce Back loan package for small businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis is exceptionally generous.
7 May 2020
Credit cards

Credit card tips to get you through the crisis

Getting your money back, taking a break from payments and a safer place to leave your airmiles.
5 May 2020

What being furloughed means for your workplace pension

An enforced break from work will chip away at your retirement savings. What are your options?
2 May 2020
Personal finance

Covid-19: don’t miss out on child benefit

If the Covid-19 lockdown has affected your family income, you should check if it’s worth claiming child benefit.
2 May 2020

Pensions Regulator freezes transfers out of final salary pension schemes

Amid the Covid-19 panic, the Pensions Regulator has given 5,500 defined benefit pension schemes the right to suspend all transfers for up to three mon…
1 May 2020
UK Economy

Dividends, directors and the holes in the government’s coronavirus furlough scheme

By topping up a minimal salary with dividends, many owner/directors of small companies have fallen through the net when it comes to the government’s …
27 Apr 2020
Small business

Government patches up small business loan scheme

Changes to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, under which the government guarantees 80% of loans made by banks and lenders, are having…
24 Apr 2020

The best savings accounts

If you're not getting much interest on your savings, you may want to consider switching your account. Here are the savings accounts offering the best …
24 Apr 2020

Coronavirus crisis hits occupational pension schemes

A sharp fall in stocks and bond yields has damaged occupational pensions, endangering benefits.
20 Apr 2020
Personal finance

A list of financial housekeeping to keep you busy during lockdown

The coronavirus crisis creates the chance to tackle chores such as reviewing our car insurance and lowering inheritance tax bills
20 Apr 2020

Gated property funds hit income drawdowns

Many property fund managers have banned savers from withdrawing money.
17 Apr 2020

What can you do while the housing market is on ice?

Ruth Jackson-Kirby answers a few pressing questions about the current situation in the housing market.
17 Apr 2020
Personal finance

Make the most of the UK's holiday from debt

Loans and credit card payments may be frozen for three months, but you will still have to cut your borrowing.
14 Apr 2020
Personal finance

Why lockdown makes writing a will almost impossible

The government is exploring ways to relax the rules on writing wills so people can get their affairs in order.
11 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: how are my pension savings affected and what should I do?

Falling markets will have taken a bite out of your pension savings. Here are the key questions to consider.
7 Apr 2020

Beware: a mortgage holiday is not free cash

You are piling up debt for the future if you pause your mortgage payments, says Ruth Jackson-Kirby.
6 Apr 2020
Small business

Coronavirus: help for the self-employed

The government has unveiled new measures for sole traders. But it is complicated – so read the small print carefully.
4 Apr 2020

A few ways to save tax before the end of the tax year

The end of the tax year is nigh. You have until midnight on 5 April to take advantage of various tax allowances or risk losing them.
3 Apr 2020
Personal finance

FCA proposes credit-card payment freeze and £500 overdraft for all

The Financial Conduct Authority has said that loan and credit card repayments could be frozen for three months, while those affected financially by th…
2 Apr 2020
Personal finance

Coronavirus: how to get your money back if your holiday is cancelled

Have you had an upcoming holiday cancelled because of coronavirus? Ruth Jackson-Kirby explains how to get your cash back.
1 Apr 2020
Small business

Furlough: what does it mean and how does it affect me?

Many companies have “furloughed” employees after they have shut down because of the coronavirus. But what does furlough mean and how does the scheme w…
30 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: what it means for your mortgage or your rent

Ruth Jackson-Kirby looks at all the key questions for owners, renters and landlords affected by the coronavirus crisis.
29 Mar 2020