Articles written by Simon Wilson

Slaying the union dragon

The government is planning new legislation to make it harder for workers to strike. But hasn’t that fight already been won? Simon Wilson reports.

The rise of the drone

Unmanned aerial vehicles – drones – have been a key technology in America’s wars. But now they are set to invade civilian life. Simon Wilson reports.

The rise of ‘tax inversion’

More and more American businesses are snapping up companies in low-tax countries to make that their official home. British companies are in their sights. Simon Wilson reports.

Jihad in Iraq

A brutal armed group seized control of parts of Iraq last week. Who are they? And will it lead to the break-up of the country? Simon Wilson reports.

Google’s self-driving car

Tech giant Google recently unveiled its futuristic motor. Is it a gimmick, or will computers really be driving us to work soon? Simon Wilson reports.

Is the gold market rigged?

Barclays has been fined £26m after one of its traders manipulated the gold fix. Is it time to overhaul the price-fix system and what are the alternatives? Simon Wilson investigates.

The cannabis trade

The legalisation of drugs, once a revolutionary pipedream, is going mainstream. Is it too early for investors to buy in? Simon Wilson investigates.

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