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What is deflation and what does it mean for you?

Inflation has turned negative, falling to -0.1% in April. In this video, Ed Bowsher explains how deflation will affect you. Watch out for the latest issue of MoneyWeek magazine for more.

Pensions Freedom Day: How the changes to pension rules affect you

The UK's revolutionary new pension rules came into force on 6 April. In this video, our editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb talks you through the basics.

28 May 1937: the Volkswagen car company is formed  

On this day in 1937, Volkswagen, now the world's second-biggest vehicle-maker, was founded as the 'Society to Prepare the German People's Car'.

How to travel Fifa-style

From the plush Hotel Baur au Lac to the exotic Reef Atlantis, Matthew Partridge looks at the five swanky hotels that bore witness to the drama of the Fifa scandal.

Profit from fighting pollution

The environment is under assault, but those firms providing solutions to the crisis will make great long-term bets, says Jonathan Compton.

A cheaper way to diversify

Targeted Absolute Return Funds aren’t all awful, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But you’d think there’d be a cheaper way to diversify. Happily, there is.

This hyped-up company now owns tonnes of gold – but you still shouldn't touch it

To overexcited investors this much-hyped gold bitcoin company has pulled off a fantastic deal. But Dominic Frisby explains why you should still steer clear.

Feds blow the whistle on Fifa

Six senior Fifa officials have been arrested in Switzerland on US charges of corruption and fraud. Is the organisation finally going to be reformed, asks Matthew Partridge.

The Queen's Speech: the most important points for investors

The government has set out its plans for the coming parliament. John Stepek looks at the most important points covered in the Queen’s Speech.

The original Miss American Pie

How Don McLean mourned the passing of an era in American life.

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Risers & fallers

Hunting for property bargains in the eurozone

Despite hitting record high prices, property remains a British obsession. We'd be wiser shopping on the continent, says Matthew Partridge.

How to invest in a stocks and shares Isa

In this short video tutorial, Ed Bowsher runs through the nuts and bolts of opening a stocks and shares Isa, and gives you some investment ideas to consider.

Which investment platform is right for you?

When it comes to buying shares and funds, there are several investment platforms and brokers to choose from.
Find out which one is best for you.


The euro has moved as predicted – time to bank profits

EUR/USD spread betting chart

When the odds are no longer firmly in your favour, it makes little sense to chase a trade to the bitter end, says John C Burford.


How to buy and sell penny shares

Small-cap stock expert David Thornton explains the ins and outs of investing in penny shares. Read more penny share articles