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Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist and author Professor Steve Keen about Brexit, GDP and People's QE, and how cancelling debt could avert the next financial crisis.

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The industrial revolution paved the way for further periods of major innovation. Now a new wave of change could transform the fortunes of prescient investors, says Nick O'Connor.
When it comes to buying shares and funds, there are several investment platforms and brokers to choose from, with varying fees and charges. Find out which is best for you.
The US cheese mountain has hit a 30-year high, with a billion pounds of excess cheese locked away in cold storage. America is struggling to sell its cheese overseas.

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The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham
This is the book that no investor should be without
Concentrated Investing, by Allen Benello, Michael van Biema and Tobias Carlisle
An original approach to both value investing and diversification
The Defensive Value Investor, by John Kingham
An accessible and engaging guide for any stock-picking private investor
Postcapitalism: A Guide To Our Future, by Paul Mason
A thought-provoking work on capitalism, whether you agree with him or not

Why a pension beats a buy-to-let flat hands down

It used to make some sense to forget about saving for a pension and get a buy-to-let flat instead, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But not any more. You’d be mad not to take advantage of the current benefits of saving for a pension.

Central bankers to governments: it’s time to spend, spend, spend

Central bankers have been using ever-more radical monetary policy to bolster the global economy. But they’re reaching the end of their tether. Now they want governments to start spending.

The “Bank of Mum and Dad” is just like any other bank – it wants a return on its money

Research suggests more and more parents are helping other people’s children get on to the property ladder. But they’re not doing it out of kindness, says Merryn Somerset Webb. They’re doing it for the money.

What to do about Britain’s housing crisis?

Governments sold off council houses and haven’t built more. The result has been a boon for buy-to-let landlords, but what about the rest of us? Simon Wilson reports.

Slash corporation tax to boost wages

The best way for Britain to get more money into the hands of the workers is to cut corporation tax. Matthew Lynn explains why.

The Albrecht family feud tearing Aldi apart

The Albrechts, like their Aldi stores, are renowned for their austere approach to life. Will their feuding tarnish the brand?

A fair-value $2m dinner

A $2m dinner sounds extravagant. But it’s actually better value than you might think.

Risers & fallers

What is financial martial law? could it be imposed in the UK?

Financial martial law is coming to Britain, says Tim Price. And it's a direct threat to your freedom.

Three tech stocks to watch in 2016

Read our free investing report to find out how you can take advantage of the technological revolution.

London’s Pending Property Crash

Collect your free report and find out how to profit from London’s imminent property price slump.