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Scottish independence:
The cost of breaking the union

Could an independent Scotland become the next Singapore, or would a 'Yes' vote be an act of national self-harm? Merryn Somerset Webb investigates, and outlines the four key things investors should watch out for in the event of a break-up of the UK.

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Don't be spooked by Putin

Take a punt on eastern Europe

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Penny shares are shaking up banking

The banking industry is undergoing a radical change. It's called mobile banking and it's caught the traditional banks off-guard. That means you can still buy in for pennies.

16 September 1920: The Wall Street bombing

On this day in 1920, a bomb hidden in a horse-drawn cart exploded in Wall Street, killing 38 people. Who did it, and why, remains a mystery.

Shale gas 'fracking' promises to transform Britain's energy market. Find out what it is, what it means, and how to invest.

From ADRs to Z scores, find explanations of all those terms you wish you understood, but were too embarrassed to ask about.

An independent Scotland must abandon the pound

If Scotland is to leave the union, there can be no half-measures, says Seán Keyes. It must abandon sterling if it is to prosper.

A time for all things under heaven

Bill Bonner’s simplified trading system isn’t perfect – but it is simple.

This recruitment stock could be a steal

David Thornton explains a quick and easy way to gauge the value of a company’s shares, and why it suggests this small-cap recruiter is a bargain.

After Scotland, who’s next for independence?

It’s not just Scotland where there is strong support for independence. Jan Zeber looks at some of the regions where self-rule could one day be on the cards.

Do degrees stand up as investments?

Studying for a degree is a significant financial investment these days. Is it worth it? Merryn Somerset Webb reports.

How to probe for profits with the 'M score'

A company’s M-Score can tell you if it’s playing around with its profits. Phil Oakley explains how it works.

Risers & fallers

Place your chips on eastern European stocks

Putin is trying to reassert Russian power, with eastern Europe caught in the sanctions crossfire, but the region has potential, says Matthew Partridge.

How to invest in a stocks and shares Isa

In this short video tutorial, Ed Bowsher runs through the nuts and bolts of opening a stocks and shares Isa, and gives you some investment ideas to consider.

How to invest in British fracking

David Stevenson takes an investor's view of fracking and shows you the real story behind this monumental opportunity, in a thought-provoking new video - Capital at risk


Gold is getting ready for a big rally

Gold price spread betting blog

Sentiment has become ultra-bearish in gold, says John C Burford. Get ready for a major trend reversal.


How to buy and sell penny shares

Small-cap stock expert David Thornton explains how to choose a broker and the ins and outs of investing in penny shares.