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Beyond Brexit

May's plan to stock up the UK economy

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Certainly out of the European Union, she has promised. But what else has our new prime minster got up her sleeve? John Stepek reports, and looks at the stocks set to profit.
When it comes to buying shares and funds, there are several investment platforms and brokers to choose from, with varying fees and charges. Find out which is best for you.
China's renminbi, or yuan, has slid by more than 6% in trade-weighted terms this year, and has also kept falling against the dollar.

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The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham
This is the book that no investor should be without
Concentrated Investing, by Allen Benello, Michael van Biema and Tobias Carlisle
An original approach to both value investing and diversification
The Defensive Value Investor, by John Kingham
An accessible and engaging guide for any stock-picking private investor
Postcapitalism: A Guide To Our Future, by Paul Mason
A thought-provoking work on capitalism, whether you agree with him or not

Dividends get Brexit boost

Thanks to sterling’s post-referendum slump, dividends paid in dollars or euros will be worth more to British investors.

Turkey: a no-fly zone for investors

Turkey’s equity market and the Turkish lira, which had fallen sharply in the wake of the country’s failed coup, have recovered some of their lost ground. But the gains may not last: there is still a great deal to worry about.

The problem with 'athleisure'

Athleisure is the hottest new trend to hit the fashion high street, says Chris Carter. There is, however, one slight problem with it.

Properties for around £1m

From a Grade II-listed hall with fishing rights and 21 acres in Lancashire to a one-bedroom artist’s apartment in Kensington.

Three shares going cheap to snap up now

Now’s the time to snap up some stockmarket bargains. Professional investor Bettina Edmonston tips three.

Shop around for enhanced annuities

Natalie Stanton explains why when it comes to enhanced annuities it pays to do your research.

How to transfer pensions

There are times when you may want to switch your pension or pass it on to your family. Natalie Stanton explains.

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London’s Pending Property Crash

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