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Political scandals and the commodity collapse have hammered Brazil. However, the country still has great prospects and its stocks look cheap. It's time to buy, says Matthew Partridge.
When it comes to buying shares and funds, there are several investment platforms and brokers to choose from, with varying fees and charges. Find out which is best for you.
Britain's thirst for Prosecco is outstripping supply, leading retailers to look for alternatives –which may explain why sales of Cava and other non-Prosecco sparkling wines have done well too.

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to smaller companies expert Gervais Williams about why sluggish market growth means now is the time to tuck away some cheap micro-caps in your portfolio.

More kisses – this time from the Dow

Tramline kisses are a crucial clue that can tell you where the market is heading to next, says John C Burford.

Gamble of the week: beaten-up smoke alarms maker

This maker of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is a speculative punt, says Alex Williams. But its also looks excessively cheap.

Cold spring deals death on the high street

Shop chains Austin Reed and BHS entered administration this week, says Alex Williams. The high street comes under mounting pressure from online rivals.

Herbie on the naughty step

The furore over the emissions scandal could hardly have come at a better time for electric and driverless-car makers, says Alex Williams.

Jeffrey Gundlach: Brexit won't happen

Top bond fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach isn’t “wasting his money” hedging against Brexit.

Small really is beautiful

Put simply, smaller companies tend to produce bigger returns over time. Matthew Partridge looks at the best ways to invest.

Chart of the week: orange juice goes out of fashion

Production is set to fall by a quarter and inventories are at a six-year low. That sounds like a recipe for higher prices for orange juice. But demand is declining.

Why the US Federal Reserve is winning the battle of the central banks

Central banks are desperately trying to control the markets – and some are finding it difficult. But not the US Federal Reserve. John Stepek explains why the Fed has the easiest job in central banking.

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