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We love Europe – the continent, the food, the culture. But the EU is an undemocratic leviathan. Britain should leave, says Charlie Morris.
With the price of gold sliding to around $1,050 an ounce, the amount of cash invested in America's biggest gold-backed exchange-traded find is a stark illustration of investors' growing disenchantment with gold.
With the Second World War still raging, the report into Social Insurance and Allied Services, otherwise known as the Beveridge Report, was published on this day in 1942, proposing a welfare state be set up after the war.

Podcast - Buy to let, Brexit and Christmas knickers

This week, Merryn and John talk about the Autumn Statement - in particular the changes to buy to let and the effects on the housing market. Plus, the case for Brexit, the arrival of negative interest rates, and why everyone's getting pants for Christmas.

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The case for Brexit

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Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author and historian Peter Frankopan about Britain's relationship with the new Silk Roads, and why we need to better understand China.

The utter insanity of negative interest rates

The world of negative interest continues to get crazier, says Dan Denning, causing further distortions to the market. And all in response to a sovereign debt crisis.

Pension warp

With bond yields slowly turning negative, the stocks in your pension portfolio are going to have to work doubly hard if you want any chance of a decent retirement.

Another blow for the euro

The yuan has made its entrance into the IMF’s world reserve currency – at the expense of the euro.

The EU needs to reform radically – and if it can’t, we must leave

Charlie Morris talks to Steve Baker MP, who explains why, when it comes to Europe, the status quo is out of the question. If the EU doesn’t reform, Britain must leave.

Markets: FTSE 100 slips further

The FTSE 100 fell further yesterday, slipping 0.3% to close at 6,356.

I have been wrong on gold (so far)

The bulls are getting slaughtered by the plunge in the gold price. John C Burford surveys the charts for a turnaround.

From ADRs to Z scores – all the terms you wish you understood, but were too embarrassed to ask about.

Risers & fallers


I have been wrong on gold (so far)

FTSE 100 spread betting chart

The bulls are getting slaughtered by the plunge in the gold price. John C Burford surveys the charts for a turnaround.

A beginner's guide to investing in gold

Everyone should have some gold in these torrid times. But how do you get hold of it? Here's the best place to get started.