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Russia may be unpopular… but it’s bloody cheap

Russian stocks are ‘like a coiled spring’. Everything points to now being a good time to buy, says Bengt Saelensminde.

The exploding empire

An empire that depends on a credit bubble is doubly explosive, says Bill Bonner.

How London property compares with the rest of Britain

This chart shows just how out of whack London’s housing market is with the rest of the country.

Why house prices could soon cool off

Merryn Somerset Webb explains why the brakes may be put on the housing market rather sooner than many people think.

Don’t be misled by ‘superclean’ fund charge spin

Fund supermarkets offering cheaper versions of a fund sounds like a good deal for investors. But there are a few snags, says Cris Sholto Heaton.

Should high-frequency trading be banned?

Is the use of algorithms to execute trading strategies destabilising markets? With an FBI investigation on the cards, the stakes are high, says Simon Wilson.

Can you profit from the bubble in marijuana stocks?

The market for medical marijuana in North America is huge – and getting bigger. Plenty of companies have sprung up to take advantage. But can you profit from it?

Shale gas 'fracking' promises to transform Britain's energy market. Find out what it is, what it means, and how to invest.

Risers & fallers

Invest in the rise of alternative finance

Peer-to-peer lending firms are increasingly disrupting traditional banking. John Stepek looks at how to profit from this alternative finance revolution.

How to invest in British fracking

David Stevenson takes an investor's view of fracking and shows you the real story behind this monumental opportunity, in a thought-provoking new video - Capital at risk


Is the gold price heading lower in the charts?

Gold price spread betting chart

Never use the news to guide you in your trades, says John C Burford. Gold’s recent moves in the charts are testiment to that.


Everyone has Argentina wrong – here’s how to profit

Flags and banner of Boca Juniors club are on sale in front of La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires' La Boca neighbourhood

Argentina has underperformed for decades. But it could soon be back on the road to recovery. James McKeigue looks at how you could profit.

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The cost per kilo of Britain's first batch of farmed caviar. Beluga caviar from wild fish can go for up to £30,000 a kilo.

Britain's looming disaster

Britain is facing financial disaster in a crisis infinitely more dangerous than the financial crash of 2008. No matter how much wealth you have or how it’s invested, if any of it is in the UK, this report is essential reading.

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