Three affordable bottles from an iconic winery

2016 Roero Arneis, Bruno Giacosa, Piemonte, Italy

2016 Roero Arneis, Bruno Giacosa, Piemonte, Italy (£24,   

In less than a month’s time I head off for my favourite five days of the year – my annual Piemonte tour. I will taste every serious Barolo and Barbaresco I can find and add the notes to my ever-expanding Piemonte Report. By the time I return there will be more than 1,000 tastings notes for you to peruse.

A meeting I particularly look forward to is with Bruna Giacosa, Bruno Giacosa’s daughter and the creator of some magical wines. I won’t bang on about the phenomenal and hugely expensive “red label” Riservas, but point you instead to three satisfying and eminently affordable bottles from this iconic winery.

First, my featured white, the glacially cool and nerve-tingling Roero Arneis. This is the model for this grape worldwide and it is the most awesome aperitif white
for those of you with a desire to shock and reward at the same time. Second, 2016 Dolcetto d’Alba Bruno Giacosa (£19.80, Armit) is a bright, forward, red cherry-kissed wine that smashes dreary cru Beaujolais and sullen Bourgogne Rouge with its daring and panache.

Finally, the entry level nebbiolo in the pack is 2015 Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore Bruno Giacosa (£38.00, Armit). This shows you a glimpse of the great work that this winery does. It is drinking now and is vital, invigorating and a perfect example of this estate’s unquestionable excellence.

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