Quiz of the week, 10-16 October

Test your recollection of the events of the last seven days with MoneyWeek's quiz of the week.

John Lewis store
John Lewis is diversifying – but how?
(Image credit: © Ker Robertson/Getty Images)

1. The coronavirus pandemic will leave the global economy $28trn worse off by 2025, relative to where it would have been, according to the International Monetary Fund. Global GDP meanwhile is predicted to fall by 4.4% this year. Which of the major economies is the only one that looks set to grow this year?

a. China,

b. Germany,

c. United States,

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d. Australia

2. Which South East Asian country is planning to offer new parents an extra one-off payment, on top of the current £5,700 in “baby bonuses” currently available, in an attempt to raise its birth rate?

a. Thailand,

b. Singapore,

c. Taiwan,

d. Malaysia

3. Why was British Airways handed a £20m fine this week?

a. Their planes’ CO2 emissions,

b. Mishandling a data breach,

c. Poor in-flight social distancing measures,

d. A pilot flying while under the influence

4. Department store chain John Lewis announced its plans to diversify into which business area?

a. Vaccine research,

b. Renewable energy,

c. Social housing,

d. Landscape gardening

5. Car sales in Europe rose by 1.1% year-on-year in September, the first such gain this year. Which countries drove the increase?

a. Germany and Italy,

b. Germany and France,

c. Spain and France,

d. France and Italy

6. Which high street chain became the latest to announce another swath of redundancies, on top of the 2,890 workers that have already been let go?

a. Greggs,

b. Starbucks,

c. Pret A Manger,

d. Costa

7. What is the second region of England, after Liverpool, to enter Tier 3, the highest level of Covid restrictions?

a. Greater Manchester,

b. Greater London,

c. Lancashire,

d. Derbyshire

8. Pub chain JD Wetherspoon reported an annual pre-tax loss of £105.4m this week. What year did it last report one?

a. 2008,

b. 1992,

c. 1984,

d. 2009

9. Which European leader, known for their tardiness, said this week, “I am never late because nothing can start without me”?

a. German chancellor Angela Merkel,

b. British prime minister Boris Johnson,

c. Russian president Vladimir Putin,

d. French president Emmanuel Macron

10. Why are members of Parliament going to receive an extra £3,360 on top of their £81,932 salary?

a. They need it to meet home working costs,

b. They have done such a great job,

c. That’s the average raise for public-sector workers,

d. They need help mitigating the economic impact of the pandemic


1. a. China. Despite being where the pandemic originated, Chinese GDP growth is expected to come in at 1.9% this year, as demand for its medical supplies and equipment boosts exports.

2. b. Singapore. The new bonus is yet to be determined.

3. b. Mishandling a data breach. The company was fined £20m by the Information Commissioner’s Office over a data breach that took place in 2018 and affected over 400,000 customers’ personal details. The airline was originally fined £183m, but this was reduced on appeal, partly because of the impact coronavirus has had on the group’s finances.

4. c. Social housing. The high street retailer unveiled its expansion as part of its strategy to make £200m annual profit within the next two years.

5. a. Germany and Italy. New car registrations rose in Italy and Germany but Spain, the UK and France saw them decline.

6. c. Pret A Manger. The UK sandwich shop chain said this week another 400 jobs were at risk across the UK. Six more shops are set to close.

7. c. Lancashire. Lancashire agreed a deal to enter Tier 3, which will see pubs close and a ban on household mixing indoors and outdoors. Talks between Greater Manchester leaders and central government over putting the region into Tier 3 “have stalled”, says the BBC.

8. c. 1984. London and Essex will come under Tier 2 restrictions on midnight tonight, spelling further trouble for the British pub giant.

9. d. French president Emmanuel Macron. Macron was responding to his aides, who sought to delicately broach his tardiness.

10. c. That’s the average raise for public-sector workers. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has proposed MPs’ pay should be linked with the average rise for public-sector workers; around 4.1%. MPs have already received an extra £10,000 in expenses to meet home working costs.

Nicole García Mérida

Nic studied for a BA in journalism at Cardiff University, and has an MA in magazine journalism from City University. She joined MoneyWeek in 2019.