The great restaurant crunch

Big high-street names in the casual-dining sector have closed their doors to customers. Seems they gorged themselves too much in the good times and are now having to fast, says [...]

The charts that matter: Amazon’s unstoppable rise

Tech giant Amazon continues its march higher, with seemingly nobody concerned about any downside. John Stepek looks at this, and the rest of the charts that matter this week.

Central bankers won’t tell you – but they’d like inflation to be higher

There are two ways to destroy the debt burden the world is still struggling under – deflation or inflation. John Stepek explains why inflation is the lesser of two evils.

Jerome Powell: Trump’s annoyingly normal Fed chair

Jerome Powell is the first Federal Reserve chair in over four decades without an economics degree, but he has already demonstrated his ability to learn on the job. Jane Lewis reports.

Short the S&P 500 – again

Belief in the bull is overdone: investors should prepare for the coming correction, says Matthew Partridge.

What you can learn from the first Isa millionaire

Invest in solid family-run firms, focus on dividend growth and take a long-term view, says noted private investor John Lee.

Nick Train: protectionism is the biggest threat

It’s not inflation and rising interest rates investors should be worried about, reckons fund manager Nick Train. It’s protectionism.

Chart of the week: Companies’ tax bills keep shrinking

Despite the endless fuss over corporate tax avoidance, multinational companies have been paying less tax in the past few years.

The Brexit gloom is overdone

Despite worries over Brexit, British stocks look to be on a firm footing.

Goldilocks will be bucked from the bull

Conditions have been just right for stock markets for a while. Andrew Van Sickle explains why it won’t last.

The price of doing business with Saudi Arabia

The government is eager to do deals with Saudi Arabia, but others are urging caution.

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