Can Mahathir Mohamad remake Malaysia?

The election victory of Mahathir Mohamad was a triumph for Malaysian democracy, but stocks slipped back on the news.

Is another general election on the cards?

Speculation about a snap election could turn into reality, says Matthew Partridge.

Betting on politics: a bad bet on the Italian prime minister

That Giuseppe Conti is almost certain to be the next prime minister of Italy is not too surprising after all, says Matthew Partridge.

Maduro’s fake and fleeting victory

Nicolas Maduro won Sunday’s presidential election by a mile – and surprised no one.

Italy’s coalition could sink the euro

The new populist government is on a collision course with the EU, says Emily Hohler.

The EEA: an imperfect but easy way to "take back control"

Joining the EEA would allow us to take back a reasonable amount of control while still enjoying many of the benefits of the EU, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Dambisa Moyo: inequality, growth, and the failure of liberal democracy

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Dambisa Moyo about her new book, and how to improve democracy and deliver prosperity not just in the West, but the whole world.

A simple lesson from Turkey for investors: rising authoritarianism is bearish

Turkey’s currency is collapsing. Money is flooding out of the country. Investors have lost all confidence. It’s a prime example of just how important good governance is, says John Stepek.

Italy is testing Mario Draghi to step in and do “whatever it takes”

The Greek debt crisis was contained because the ECB vowed to do “whatever it takes” to backstop things. John Stepek asks if it’s prepared to do the same with Italy.

Iran sanctions: Trump’s biggest gamble yet

America’s decision to walk away from the Iran nuclear deal won’t just hurt the Iranian economy. Higher oil prices and rising geopolitical tensions may also have wider consequences. Simon Wilson reports.

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