Beyond the Brexit talk, the British economy isn’t doing too badly

The political Brexit pantomime aside, Britain is in pretty good shape. With near-record employment, strong wage growth and modest inflation, there is much to be positive about in the UK economy, says John Stepek.

Money Minute Thursday 17 October: retail sales may paint a gloomy picture

In today’s Money Minute, we look forward to the latest UK retail sales figures, plus a raft of economic data from the US.

How tax has shaped the course of human history

Taxation is as old as civilisation itself. But how much is too much? Dominic Frisby looks at how taxation, war and society have evolved together over the centuries.

Money Minute Wednesday 16 October: house prices and inflation

In today’s Money Minute, we get the latest numbers on UK house prices and inflation.

Money Minute Tuesday 15 October: UK unemployment and German optimism

Today’s Money Minute looks forward to the UK unemployment figures and German investor sentiment.

Betting on politics: how long has Boris Johnson got as PM?

Boris Johnson could well go down in history as the prime minister with the shortest term in office. Matthew Partridge looks at the odds.

Trade wars and Brexit: are we really any closer to deals?

With a ceasefire in the US-China trade war and Brexit negotiations entering “the tunnel”, John Stepek asks if we’re any closer to real deals in either, and explains how it all affects your investments.

Money Minute Monday 14 October: the week ahead

Today’s Money Minute looks forward to a busy week for the UK – and not just because of the pending eurozone Brexit summit at the end of the week.

Banking faces a spiral of decline

Once highly prized banking jobs on Wall Street or in the City have lost their allure, says Matthew Lynn.

Nuclear fusion – what it is, how it works and when it could be powering our lives

Securing unlimited clean, safe and carbon-free energy for the rest of time would be revolutionary for the world economy. Is this now within sight?

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