EU Economy

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen © KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images
EU Economy

Here’s why investors should care about the EU’s plan to tackle Covid-19

The EU's €750bn rescue package makes a break-up of the eurozone much less likely. John Stepek explains why the scheme is such a big deal, and what it …
28 May 2020
Andreas Vosskuhle chairman of the German constitutional court © SEBASTIAN GOLLNOW/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
EU Economy

Germany throws a spanner in the eurozone’s works

A German court has told the ECB to beware of exceeding its mandate with its QE scheme. John Stepek explains what this means, and why it matters.
5 May 2020
EU Economy

A battle for the future of Europe

The struggle to pay the costs of the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated long-standing tensions about the EU’s budget. Failure to compromise could be d…
30 Apr 2020
Angela Merkel © MICHAEL KAPPELER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
EU Economy

Europe still can’t resolve its main problem – who pays for everything?

Europe is trying to agree measures to get its worst-hit members back on their feet once the coronavirus pandemic is over. But nobody wants to foot the…
24 Apr 2020
EU Economy

The French president is warning that the EU could break up over coronavirus – is he right?

French president Emmanual Macron is warning that the coronavirus crisis could result in the breakup of the EU. What's he worried about and what could …
17 Apr 2020

The euro: will the single currency survive the coronavirus?

The EU has failed to convince anyone that it has either the will or the tools to keep the eurozone together in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.
20 Mar 2020
EU Economy

Get set for the next euro crisis

Italy is almost certainly heading for its fourth recession since the global financial crisis. 
13 Mar 2020

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Government bonds

Keep an eye on Sweden's interest rates

Could Sweden be poised to return to negative interest rates?
31 Jan 2020

Boris Johnson’s big Brexit plan

The prime minister needs to get Brexit done, and get the economy growing – particularly for first-time Tory voters. Can he manage all that while negot…
30 Jan 2020
EU Economy

Investors needn’t fear the rise of Europe’s green parties

Green parties across Europe are finding the centre-right to be natural allies. That will be great for business, says Matthew Lynn.
12 Jan 2020

Sweden ditches negative interest rates

Sweden has ended its experiment with negative interest rates. The Sveriges Riksbank, the world’s oldest central bank, has raised the main interest rat…
26 Dec 2019

What's behind the great French pensions revolt?

Workers in France are on strike and taking to the streets to protest against President Macron’s reforms. We’ve seen this play before – but this time t…
21 Dec 2019

EU throws green spanner in the works of global trade

Europe has big plans for the environment – but making them work without damaging world trade will be a challenge.
12 Dec 2019

How Christine Lagarde’s drive for ever-closer union will affect your wallet

Christine Lagarde, the new head of the European Central Bank, has made it clear she will bankroll the EU’s push for “ever closer union”. John Stepek e…
25 Nov 2019

Germany: a better global barometer than China or the US

It's quite possible that the country that matters most to the global economy is not China or the United States, but Germany.
22 Nov 2019

Could Spain's free-spending government make it the next Italy?

Spain's new government could do a deal with the country's populist parties, leading to a fiscally irresponsible spending splurge, just like Italy.
15 Nov 2019

Money Minute Thursday 14 November: will Germany fall into recession?

In today's Money Minute we get GDP figures from the eurozone – with particular focus on whether Germany can avoid recession.
14 Nov 2019

Chart of the week: Sweden's high cost of negative interest rates

Sweden's Riksbank, pioneered the use of negative interest rates after the financial crisis. But its drastic action has driven private debt in Sweden t…
4 Nov 2019

The troubled legacy of Mario Draghi, saviour of the euro

Mario Draghi may have rescued the euro in its darkest hour, but failed in his only official mission of keeping inflation within its target range.
1 Nov 2019

Who will save the euro after Mario Draghi has gone?

Mario Draghi – a safe pair of hands at the ECB – is succeeded by Christine Lagarde, a lawyer who thought Argentina good for a loan.
27 Oct 2019

Turkish stocks are cheap – but for a good reason

Turkish stocks are undoubtedly cheap, and very brave bargain-hunters may spy opportunity, but this market is cheap for a very good reason.
25 Oct 2019

Eastern European stocks are a bargain

The small size of the region’s markets means that Eastern European stocks are often overlooked in favour of bigger Asian growth stories. Yet there is …
18 Oct 2019