Small business

Small business

What IR35 means for you

The rules distinguishing freelancers from employees are being updated. Here’s what you need to know.
18 Mar 2020
Small business

Small business loans: how best to finance your firm's assets

Banks won’t lend much to small businesses, but there are plenty of other sources of cash.
4 Mar 2020
Small business

How to start exporting with your small business

Small businesses aren’t exporting enough. They need to do their homework, says David Prosser
19 Feb 2020
Small business

Beware the rogue energy suppliers

Ofgem has warned small businesses to be on their guard against rogue “energy brokers” flogging poor-value gas and electricity contracts.
18 Feb 2020
Small business

How to monetise your company's website

If your company has a website, make sure it’s attracting visitors
5 Feb 2020
Small business

Is your business paying enough VAT?

Any business with annual sales of more than £85,000 must be registered for VAT.
23 Jan 2020
Small business

Small business: how to chase late-paying customers

Many small business have trouble getting their customers to pay up on time. Here's what you can do about it.
23 Jan 2020
Small business

Small business: where to find funds for your company

There are plenty of potential sources of money to help your startup business flourish, says David Prosser.
7 Jan 2020

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Small business

Money makers: a £215m fortune from sarnies

Julian Metcalfe, founder of Pret A Manger, made a fortune from transforming the way the country eats lunch.
28 Dec 2019
Small business

Five questions for: Markus Stripf of Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru helps people find the perfect foods for their dietary needs and health objectives.
27 Dec 2019
Small business

Get your business ready for IR35

IR35 – the tax rules distinguishing freelancers from employees – are getting tougher. Here's how to make sure our business can cope.
18 Dec 2019

Five questions for: James Constantinou, founder, Prestige Pawnbrokers

Prestige Pawnbrokers secures loans against high-end assets.
17 Dec 2019

Five questions for: Rob Moore, co-founder of Progressive Property

Progressive Property is a property investment training company that also develops, converts and lets properties.
20 Nov 2019
Small business

How to protect your business's intellectual property

It’s not just tech giants with new inventions that need to keep their intellectual property safe.
20 Nov 2019

Don’t squeeze our entrepreneurs with higher taxes

Britain’s entrepreneurs and business innovators get generous tax breaks. They should keep getting them.
17 Nov 2019
Small business

If your business employs freelancers, beware of regulatory changes

Changes to rules governing contractors and freelancers are coming in April – make sure your business is ready.
6 Nov 2019
Small business

Small business: the best card readers to use for accepting digital payments

As cash falls out of favour, small businesses need to be able to accept digital payments. Updating your payment systems is key. David Prosser picks th…
16 Oct 2019

Five questions for: David Luck, CEO of Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap lends money to small UK businesses.
16 Oct 2019
Small business

Hang up on your telecoms provider

If your business is spending more than ever on phone and broadband, now is the time to look around for a better deal.
16 Oct 2019
Small business

Small business owners should beware when backing their business debt

A personal guarantee makes you liable for your firm’s debt. Tread very carefully.
2 Oct 2019
Small business

What should a small business do when the boss drops dead?

Key person insurance can help small businesses cope with the loss of crucial staff.
18 Sep 2019
Small business

Amazon's new tools for small sellers

Amazon has launched 150 separate tools and services this year designed to help small sellers operating through its marketplaces.
3 Sep 2019
Small business

Where small businesses can get help finding apprentices

Many small businesses are keen to take on young apprentices. Here's where to get help.
2 Sep 2019