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In the fourth episode of her Edinburgh Festival show, Merryn talks about Adam Smith, economics and sustainable capitalism with author and fund manager Tim Price; academic Robert Macintosh; and one of our favourite macro-strategists, Russell Napier.

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Money Minute: the big stories of the day in just 60 seconds

Money Minute Friday 18 October: trading updates and corporate earnings

In this morning’s Money Minute, the London Stock Exchange plus a few other UK companies issue trading updates, and it’s a big day for corporate earnings in the US.

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Eastern European stocks are a bargain

The small size of the region’s markets means that Eastern European stocks are often overlooked in favour of bigger Asian growth stories. Yet there is plenty of promise closer to home as well.

Currency Corner: what does Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal mean for the pound?

In today’s Currency Corner, Dominic Frisby looks at what Boris Johnson’s potential Brexit deal with the EU could mean for sterling.

Global stocks will catch up with the US

US stocks have eclipsed other markets over the past decade and continued to outperform this year. But that outperformance looks set to end.

Ignore the wild swings – UK stocks are a buy

Whatever wild turn the Brexit drama takes next, the important thing to remember is that UK stocks are trading at bargain-basement prices.

We have a Brexit deal – but can it get past Parliament?

So we have a Brexit deal that both the EU and the government are happy with. It just needs to get past Parliament. John Stepek explains what’s likely to happen next, and what it all means for your money.

Modernising modern art

Modern art, a key art movement, is undergoing a revamp. Chris Carter reports.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

A range-topping Renault Megane

The Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy isn’t just a car. It is an aero-engineered sensory experience.

Skiing holidays: head off the beaten piste

Avoid the crowds and brush up on your skiing at these four resorts. Nicole Garcia Merida reports

Properties with exceptional gardens

From a penthouse in Wapping with a landscaped roof terrace, to an 18th-century Scottish castle with walled garden, eight of the best properties with exceptional gardens.

A wondrous dry white wine

2018 G de Château Guiraud
This wondrous dry wine triggered widespread adulation at one of Matthew Jukes’ recent Bordeaux dinners.

WeWork goes from bad to worse

After botching its flotation, WeWork is facing a potentially fatal cash crunch. Digging itself out of this hole won’t come cheap. Matthew Partridge reports.

Sophos: US scoops up another UK success story

British cybersecurity company Sophos is a successful company with good prospects. So it’s no surprise that the American private-equity firm Thoma Bravo has offered £3.1bn for it.

US-China trade truce: both sides back down

China and America have agreed to a “pretend” trade deal, with details are so thin that the Chinese preferred not to call it a “deal” at all. That didn’t stop the markets cheering.

Making great strides: invest in the future of prosthetic medicine

Intelligent artificial limbs, medical exoskeletons and devices that link artificial limbs directly with the brain may sound like science fiction, but they are getting closer. Which stocks will profit? Matthew Partridge reports.

Sticking your head in the sand is not an option

The Woodford debacle has made many people who are already nervous of the stockmarkets think that investing is not worth it. But most of us need to provide for our own financial future. And investing is the beast way to do that.

Beyond the Brexit talk, the British economy isn’t doing too badly

The political Brexit pantomime aside, Britain is in pretty good shape. With near-record employment, strong wage growth and modest inflation, there is much to be positive about in the UK economy, says John Stepek.

Woodford believed his own hype – now his investors are paying the price

Neil Woodford was once one of the brightest stars in Britain’s investment firmament. Then he came crashing down to earth. John Stepek explains what went wrong.

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The best and worst performing stocks

Invest in the future of prosthetic medicine

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