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Run for your money

The fitness business is booming

Modern living has turned us into overweight, inactive couch potatoes. There’s an app for that, says Alice Gråhns – and an opportunity to profit for smart investors.
When it comes to buying shares and funds, there are several investment platforms and brokers to choose from, with varying fees and charges. Find out which is best for you.
There are many ways of buying in to the bitcoin boom. Dominic Frisby looks at the most common, and explains exactly how to buy bitcoins in the UK.

Book reviews

What's on our bookshelf

The Givers: Wealth, Power and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age
How big donations give the rich inordinate clout over public policy
Gordon Brown: My Life, Our Times
An insight into what Gordon Brown really felt during his time in office
Richard Nixon: The Life
Nixon was, in fact,the most liberal Republican president.
Flying High: My Story from AirAsia to QPR
A few handy pointers on how to build a business empire from scratch.

SPONSORED: What causes the fall in the pound's exchange rate?

Jake Trask, foreign exchange research director at OFX, explains the wide range of global events that have the power to move currencies.

How European politics could derail Brexit negotiations

Many of Europe’s politicians are soon to face or have recently been through elections. The results will affect the stance each country takes in Brexit negotiations. Matthew Partridge explains why.

What Germany’s political crisis means for your money

This year’s German election was supposed to be dull and efficient. But it turned out to be very messy indeed. John Stepek looks at how that might affect your money.

The true price of paradise

The so-called Paradise Papers have highlighted the use of far-flung remnants of the British Empire as tax havens. The bargain tax rates are looking increasingly costly, says Simon Wilson.

Four ways Britain can prosper post-Brexit

There’s no sign of a meltdown yet following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, Matthew Lynn lists four areas the chancellor should focus his energies instead.

The charts that matter: an anxious week for markets

Markets had a nervy week, with investors rattled by almost everything. John Stepek turns to the charts that matter to see what they can tell us.

Did one man trigger the Great Depression?

Some claim that the downfall of Clarence Charles Hatry was the trigger for the Great Depression. John Stepek looks at what actually happened in the Hatry Crisis of 1929.

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