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The MoneyWeek Podcast

This week, John and Merryn discuss the trouble in Turkey and why the country has, for a long time, been a disaster waiting to happen; which assets are worth investing in at the moment; and where the UK property market is to heading next.

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Latest articles

What this star wealth manager thinks about the US bull market

The US bull market has been one of the longest in history, but for how much longer can it run? Matthew Partridge talks to wealth manager Chris Payne.

Passive investing would have confounded Adam Smith

If Adam Smith were alive today, the great economist would be left utterly perplexed by the rise and popularity of passive investing, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How career risk turns many active managers into index trackers

Those who say that passive investing represents the “blind” allocation of capital have a point, says John Stepek. But it’s not like active fund managers were very “active” to begin with.

A good time to expand into Turkey

As emerging economies wobble there are bargains to be had for businesses buying abroad, says Matthew Lynn.

The cost of cooling the hothouse

A recent study warned that we may soon be on an unstoppable path to climate disaster. But some are pinning their hopes on new technologies. Can these work? Simon Wilson reports.

The charts that matter: the strong dollar causes havoc

John Stepek looks at what the charts that matter most to the global economy make of the week’s events, including the pressure the dollar is putting emerging markets under.

Is the Turkish crisis a buying opportunity?

On the face of it, now might look like a great time to snap up a bargain in Turkey. But is it worth the risk, and could better deals lie elsewhere? John Stepek investigates.

Frankenstein’s pampered pooches

The rich are raising their cherished pets from the dead. They must have more money than sense.

James Bond is still a draw for collectors

An astonishing collection of vintage film posters has just gone under the hammer. Chris Carter reports.

A honeyed sweetie with orangey notes

This Tokaji is both sweet and dry in one breath, says Matthew Jukes.

Turkey in trouble

What Erdogan's crisis means for your money

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