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John and Merryn talk about the excitement in the markets over the last few day; volatility and the VIX "fear index"; the bonkers deceit at the core of central bankers' world; and a warning about investment scams, and what to look for so you don't get caught up.

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Rothschild and Sons – the moving story of a banking dynasty

Rothschild and Sons at London’s Park Theatre tells the story of how the family rose from the Frankfurt ghetto to become one of the world’s most powerful banking dynasties.

Beating the market: simple in theory, tough in practice

If you want to beat the crowd, you can’t be part of the crowd. But that’s easier said than done, says John Stepek. Here’s what you need to do.

Brexit: "ditch the customs union and embrace free trade"

Some people believe the UK should remain in the EU customs union. But the Policy Exchange’s Warwick Lightfoot says we should use Brexit to ditch trade barriers completely.

Forget the Italian election – here’s the eurozone power shift you really need to fear

ECB boss Mario Draghi steps down next year. Who takes over, and how the transition is handled, will be crucial to the future of the eurozone, says John Stepek.

What makes a good active fund and where you can find them

Closet tracker funds are dying as investors plump for passive funds or well-managed active funds. Here, we pick some of the best active funds to buy for today’s markets.

The city that ran out of water

Cape Town, South Africa’s second-biggest city, might soon have to turn off the taps. What went wrong? And is this a sign of things to come for other cities?

The charts that matter: it’s all about inflation now

Prices are rising in the US, and so far markets have taken it all in their stride, says John Stepek. The assumption is that the Fed won’t be making any sudden moves.

A warning to us all – anyone can fall for investment scams

If you think you can’t be conned, think again. Even experienced, sophisticated investors fall for investment scams. Here, John Stepek relates one reader’s tale as a warning to others.

Fit for the future?

The companies that won't survive in a changing world

Risers & fallers

Ethical and sustainable investing is no longer simply about ditching cigarettes or saving trees. Investors are increasingly concerned about better returns and lower risks, says Sarah Moore.
There are many ways of buying in to the bitcoin boom. Dominic Frisby looks at the most common, and explains exactly how to buy bitcoins in the UK.

Book reviews

What's on our bookshelf

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, by Michael Wolff
A fun read and an exposé that has already played a part in shaping what happens next.
The War Against Cash, by Ross Clark
A decidedly sceptical view of a cashless society.
Currency Kings, by Ben Robson
A look at the careers of six trading legends and what they can teach investors today.
The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, by Brian Merchant
There was more to the development of the iPhone than simply Steve Jobs.

Looking out onto a stunning view can make all the difference to your hotel stay. Alice Gråhns looks at three of the best.
If you don’t play video games, you’re missing out. Here are seven of the best to get you hooked.
Matthew Jukes kicks off the MoneyWeek' Wine Club's year with six elegant and refined wines for you to savour.
From a Strawberry Hill gothic-revival house in Folkestone, Kent, to an end-of-terrace cottage with courtyard garden in Barnes, London.