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The MoneyWeek Podcast

Merryn and John talk about the EU customs union –  and why remaining in it is such a bad idea – and discuss some of the EU's other bad ideas, including the undiscussed and unpublicised nanny-tech in your car, and the trouble with the new copyright directive.

For his April MoneyWeek wine club selections, Matthew Jukes has picked three whites and three reds – each with touches of classicism, balanced carefully with a modern sheen.

Pick up a mixed case to taste them, then buy a case of your favourites!


1889 – 2019: celebrating 130 years of the Merchants Trust

This year marks the 130th anniversary of the formation of The Merchants Trust. Its aims today are the same as its aims at launch: to deliver healthy growth of both capital and income for the ordinary investor.

Latest articles

Great frauds in history: Albert Dunlap – “Chainsaw Al”

Albert Dunlop gained a reputation for turning around companies – until his methods were found out.

When does it make sense to defer your state pension?

If you can afford to put off taking your state pension, it may save you money in the long run, says David Prosser.

A compelling and cheap investment

At first sight, this professional services business appears a decent investment story, but not a compelling one, says Max King. Yet dig a little deeper and it looks much better.

Betting on politics: a Labour victory

Political betting expert Matthew Partridge weighs up the odds on a Labour victory in forthcoming elections.

London house-price crash: is it all down to Brexit?

London house-price growth is slowing down and the number of transactions is falling. Some are blaming Brexit – but the real reasons go much deeper than that, says John Stepek.

Here’s the real reason oil prices are soaring – it’s not all about Iran

The US is tightening sanctions on Iran and cracking down on its oil exports. But that’s not why the oil price has hit a new high, says John Stepek.

Ben Silbermann: creating Silicon Valley’s “silent unicorn”

Ben Silbermann, who launched the digital pinboard Pinterest in 2010, is not your typical tech entrepreneur. Quiet and meticulous, he has built the company in his own image. Jane Lewis reports.

Superdry is super cheap

The upheaval in the boardroom has obscured a healthy business, says Matthew Partridge.

The home-cover rip-off

As is so often the case when it comes to insurance, says Ruth Jackson, it really doesn’t pay to be loyal to your provider.

David Rosenberg: don't get too comfortable

Investors seem to be getting over their fear of a recession, investment guru David Rosenberg has said. But that could be a mistake.

The next phase of shareholder activism

It’s no longer enough to research the investment methodology when choosing a fund, says Merryn Somerset Webb. You have to check its approach to ethics too.

If only you’d invested in: Village Farms

Canadian pot stocks have risen as high as kites in the wake of the legalisation of recreational cannabis in 2018, and the performance of Village Farms has been among the most impressive.

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