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The MoneyWeek Podcast

Merryn and John talk about the EU customs union –  and why remaining in it is such a bad idea – and discuss some of the EU's other bad ideas, including the undiscussed and unpublicised nanny-tech in your car, and the trouble with the new copyright directive.

For his April MoneyWeek wine club selections, Matthew Jukes has picked three whites and three reds – each with touches of classicism, balanced carefully with a modern sheen.

Pick up a mixed case to taste them, then buy a case of your favourites!


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A new spring for Africa’s dictatorships

Sundanese dictator Omar al-Bashir became the second north African leader forced from office this month in the face of mass protests.

Has Brazil turned a corner?

The new divisive president has a mixed record so far. Matthew Partridge reports.

Erdogan whittles away Turkish democracy

It was a symbolic loss for his party, but now Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to have another try.

We’ll Bremain until Halloween

What happens in the meantime? We watch a few more horror shows. Stuart Watkins reports.

Sound investments for the future

“Old-school” vinyl co-exists happily with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology in the world of hi-fi audio, says Mick Sharp.

In search of the perfect cuppa

Tea lovers should head to the source, says Chris Carter.

The fizzy market in fine wine

The wine-investment trade is going mainstream, says Chris Carter.

A pair of beauties from the Cape

The 2018 Kottabos is not a typical Cape red in that it is leaner, more fragrant and kindlier on the palate, says Matthew Jukes.

Maybe don't take a ride with Uber

There’s nothing remotely risqué in buying loss-making firms when they list, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Looking for profits in eye care will pay off for investors

Vision care may not sound exciting, but it is an enormous market expanding quickly as ageing populations require more – and increasingly sophisticated – treatments, says Matthew Partridge.

Great frauds in history: Ivar Kruger

Swedish match magnate Ivar Kruger built what looked like a profitable business – but it was all a deception. Matthew Partridge explains.

Review: Mary Poppins Returns

Children and adults alike will enjoy this charming, elegant story, and its tuneful, catchy numbers, says Matthew Partridge.

Look for profits in eye care

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