Start 2019 as you mean to go on

Last year’s collection of MoneyWeek Wine Club wines certainly pricked the interest of a large number of wine-keen readers and this year I am kicking off the set with a phenomenal collection of wintry reds from the peerless Lea & Sandeman palate.

A Rioja at the peak of its powers

2011 Miguel Merino Rioja

2011 Miguel Merino Rioja Reserva Vitola
This Rioja is is fresh and well-balanced, says Matthew Jukes, with extra levels of plushness and sexiness.

Two amazing Chiantis; one fabulous vintage

2015 Chianti Clasico

2015 Chianti Classico
The 2015 is one of the finest Chianti vintages I can remember says Matthew Jukes.

An exciting, handmade pinot noir

2017 Santolin, Cosa Nostra Pinot Noir,

2017 Santolin
You are certain to adore this pinot noir, says Matthew Jukes. But you’ll have to move fast.

A dramatic and rewarding amphora wine

2016 Westwell Wines
The UK’s first amphora wine is dramatic and extremely rewardin, says Matthew Jukes.

An “everyday posh” red from Australia

2013 Moss Wood, Ribbon Vale Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Moss Wood
This wine is the real deal from Australia, says Matthew Jukes. And it will blow you away.

A perfect present for a special occasion

1959 Château Prieuré du Monastir del Camp

1959 Château Prieuré du Monastir del Camp
This insanely cheap and fabulously dark, rich and spicy red is the perfect buy for a friend’s birthday.

A shopping list of uniquely appealing Spanish wines

2012 Libamus, Dulce de Mencía wine

2012 Libamus
Chocolate brownies will never taste the same again without a glass of this insane wine along for the ride, says Matthew Jukes.

A sleek beauty from The Hills

2017 Riposte wine

2017 Riposte
This Aussie pinot noir is an awesome addition to everyone’s cellar, says Matthew Jukes.

A stellar albariño with a wonderful price tag

2017 Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes, albariño Rías Baixas,

2017 Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes
This shimmeringly beautiful albariño is a thrilling drink, says Matthew Jukes.

Unusual praise for a fine Lambrusco

2016 Lambrusco, I Calanchi,

2016 Lambrusco, I Calanchi, Monte delle Vigne
I have tasted four or five good Lambruscos of late, says Matthew Jukes. This one and its little brother are insanely excellent.

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