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Latest Money Morning articles

The charts that matter – the yield curve is dangerously close to inverting

The Federal Reserve’s renewed dovishness has had a dramatic effect on the yield curve. John Stepek explains what that means, and looks at the rest of the charts that matter most to the global economy

The most important number to look at before you buy any fund

Investor looking at a screen © Getty Images

Many investors get distracted by past performance when they buy a fund. But there’s something else to consider that will have a much bigger influence on your returns.

The Federal Reserve is doing what markets want – so why aren’t they going up?

Jerome Powell of the US Federal Reserve © Getty Image

At its latest meeting, the Federal Reserve surprised everyone by being even more dovish than expected. But markets aren’t exactly roaring ahead. John Stepek explains why.

Uranium looks a good long-term bet – here’s how to play it

Uranium yellow cake © Getty Images

Uranium is viewed with suspicion by the public, but it’s an essential part of global energy production – and we are set for a shortage. Dominic Frisby explains how to invest.

The latest Brexit twist means a long delay seems ever more likely

John Bercow © Getty Images

The speaker of the House of Commons has thrown a spanner in the works of Brexit that will prolong the process even further. John Stepek looks at the risks to your money.

The most important event for markets this week

Jerome Powell of the US Federal Reserve © Getty Images

Markets are bracing themselves for another monetary policy meeting from the US Federal Reserve. John Stepek explains why it’s so important.

The charts that matter: Tesla hits a pothole

Electric-car group Tesla has had a rough week. John Stepek looks at what was behind it, and at the rest of the global economy’s most important charts.

Forget Trump or Opec – here’s what really drives the oil price

Donald Trump © Getty Images

Donald Trump doesn’t like high oil prices. Oil cartel Opec does. But it doesn’t matter what either of them wants – they don’t control the oil price. John Stepek explains what does.

For all the noise on Brexit, nothing important has changed

Brexit protesters © Getty

There’s a lot of talk of Brexit chaos and pandemonium, but little has actually changed. Markets seem unbothered by what might happen – and the same should go for you, says John Stepek.

Today, silver looks cheap compared to gold – but should you make the trade?

Silver coins

By historical standards, silver is incredibly cheap while gold is very expensive. So should you sell your gold and buy silver? Dominic Frisby weighs up the trade.

What Theresa May’s new deal means for your money

Theresa May © Getty images

The prime minister has returned from her hurried trip to Strasbourg, clutching more paper. Will it be enough to get her deal through parliament and what does it mean for your money? John Stepek explains.

What this famous psychologist can teach you about being a better investor

BF Skinner © Getty images

Sigmund Freud was pessimistic, Carl Rogers optimistic, says John Stepek. But it’s through this third great psychologist that investors can hope to better know themselves.

The charts that matter: the European Central Bank’s handbrake turn

With the ECB throwing in the towel on tightening fiscal policy, John Stepek looks at what effect this has had on the charts that matter most to markets and the global economy.

Why Europe’s U-turn has panicked investors

Mario Draghi of the ECB © Getty Images

In a surprise U-turn, the ECB has decided not to raise interest rates, and will instead spend money propping up Europe’s dodgy banks. John Stepek explains why that’s rattled investors.

I hate this cheap data mining trick – don’t fall for it

Gold coins

When analysts tell you one asset is “better” than another, beware. It all rather depends, says Dominic Frisby. A sensibly diversified portfolio will serve you much better than chasing the “best” assets.

Platinum looks strikingly cheap – but will it ever recover?

Platinum ingots © Getty Images

Platinum has historically been more expensive than gold – but that’s no longer the case. John Stepek looks at the reasons behind the change and asks if it’s worth buying now.

Why China has to spend to boost growth, whether it wants to or not

China - people's national congress © Getty Images

China’s economy is slowing down. In a democracy, that’s no big problem; in a dictatorship, it spells trouble. John Stepek explains what’s going on, and how it affects your money.

Interest rates around the world are quietly creeping higher – why?

Theresa May © Getty Images

The cost of borrowing for governments around the world is creeping higher. John Stepek explains why that’s so important for investors.

The charts that matter: is the tide starting to turn?

The yield curve has perked up ever so slightly. John Stepek looks at what this and the global economy’s other most important charts mean for the markets.

A long stagnation could kill off Britain’s obsession with house prices

Estate agent's window © Getty Images

People in Britain are obsessed with house prices. But with the market now moribund, the question, says John Stepek, is how long can this obsession last?

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