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Latest Money Morning articles

Could ETFs crash the market? Maybe – but that’s not what you should worry about

Market indices © Getty Images

Investors in index-tracking ETFs could see heavy losses if markets fall. But the “smart-beta” funds that try and solve this problem bring risks of their own, says John Stepek.

A classic stockmarket horror story for October: the Panic of 1907

In the latest of his articles on history’s great financial disasters, John Stepek looks at what the Panic of 1907 can tell us about today’s markets.

This week in MoneyWeek: sonic boom boys

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration rocket

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: flight goes hypersonic; the investment trust hunting for hidden gems; and why it sometimes make sense to buy dud stocks.

Don’t let other investors’ stupidity lull you into a false sense of confidence

Crowd of investors © Getty Images

Most people consider themselves to be smarter than the average investor. But that’s a dangerous way to think, says John Stepek.

Japan is holding a general election – what could possibly go wrong?

Yuriko Koike © Getty Images

Japan’s prime minister has called a snap general election. That’s a big risk for him, says John Stepek – but how much does it matter for investors?

Our politicians’ ideas for solving the housing crisis are staggeringly stupid

Theresa May talking to a builder © Getty Images

High house prices are hugely damaging to our economy. But there’s no chance of either of our political parties making things better, says John Stepek.

What does the mess in Catalonia mean for markets?

Catalonia independence protest © Getty Images

Catalonia’s independence referendum has caused a stir in the news, but the markets’ reaction so far has been subdued. John Stepek looks at what might happen in the long term.

What we can learn from the bond market crash of the late 1960s

Lyndon B Johnson © Getty Images

John Stepek casts an eye back to the slow, painful bond market crash of 1967-71 to see what investors can learn about the current bond bubble.

This week in MoneyWeek: profit as the world’s waistline expands

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration obesity

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: the fight against obesity; combating cancer; and an healthcare investment trust to buy now.

Why “peak” arguments are always wrong

Electric cars charging © Getty Images

First we had “peak oil”, now electric cars will bring about “peak lithium”. But don’t worry, says John Stepek, “peak” arguments are always wrong. Here’s why.

How to confront the most toxic emotion in investment

Bitcoin and fdollars

It’s easy to beat yourself up about missed investment opportunities that made fortunes for those who bought in early. But it does nobody any good, says Dominic Frisby.

Have we reached “peak” passive investing? Don’t bet on it

A board showing stock indices © Getty images

With interest rates rising and stocks no longer moving in sync, we’re told it’s the end for passive investing and the return of active fund managers. Nonsense, says John Stepek.

Voters everywhere are fed up – and that’s bad news for investors

Angela Merkel © Getty images

Wherever you look, voters are venting their frustrations. John Stepek explains why investors should prepare for an era of governments eyeing up private wealth.

Here’s what happened the last time the bond market crashed

Alan Greenspan © Getty Images

John Stepek looks back to the “great bond massacre” of 1994 to find out what we can learn about today’s bond bubble.

This week in MoneyWeek: follow the activists to profits

MoneyWeek magazine cover illustration - activist investors

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: higher returns with activist investors; why bitcoin isn’t a fraud; and a worrying sign in the bond market.

The Fed’s long walk to normalisation might have to turn into a jog

US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen © Getty Images

The US Federal Reserve is finally going to start removing all that money it printed from its balance sheet. John Stepek explains what that actually means.

Oil could be about to take off – but nobody seems to care

Oil is off most investors’ radar. But that could be a mistake, says Dominic Frisby. The price could be about to take off. Here’s how he intends to play it.

The next financial crisis is coming – and it’s all Richard Nixon’s fault

Richard Nixon © Getty Images

We’re almost certain to see another financial crisis soon, says John Stepek. And you can blame it all on Richard Nixon.

A final warning from Hugh Hendry – inflation is coming

Hugh Hendry © Getty Images

Hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry, best known for cleaning up in the 2008 crash, is calling it a day. John Stepek looks at what investors can learn from his career.

The brutal global stockmarket crash that hit Britain hardest

London stockmarket in 1974 © Getty Images

In the latest of his series on stockmarket crashes, John Stepek looks at probably the worst in living memory: the crash of 1973/74.

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