Five questions for… Paul Jobin, MD and founder of Snugs

Paul Jobin, MD and founder of Snugs

What does your firm do?

Snugs makes custom-fit earphones. We use technology to create an individual impression of each of your ears; you choose the colour and style and then we make your Snugs unique to you.

What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

Being recognised as the global leader in custom-fit earphones. We set out to do for custom-fit earphones what Beats have done for headphones.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Explaining the benefit of custom-fit earphones to consumers who are used to dealing with tinny, uncomfortable earphones that leak sound. The challenge is convincing customers to make the leap.

What are your plans for hitting your targets?

We have just opened two new concessions – in London and Paris – both of which are driving more sales and awareness of the brand. We also have our 3D digital-scanning technology in Shanghai, China, and we are looking at the US market. In addition, we have just launched a new marketing campaign and website and we are beefing up our digital spending in key markets.

What advice do you have?

Develop a product that is unique and brings something new to the market. Improve people’s lives in simple ways and they will love you for it.