Quiz of the week, 5-11 September

Test your recollection of the events of the last seven days with MoneyWeek's quiz of the week.

Novak Djokovic © Al Bello/Getty Images
Novak Djokovic
(Image credit: © Al Bello/Getty Images)

1. The UK economy expanded for the third consecutive month in July, with GDP growing by how much as lockdown restrictions ease?

a. 7.7%

b. 6.6%

c. 5.5%

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d. 4.4%

2. Which EU state was the first to record over half a million confirmed cases of Covid-19 this week?

a. Italy

b. France

c. Spain

d. Portugal

3. Which are the latest two countries to be removed from the UK government’s list of safe countries to travel to without having to quarantine upon return?

a. Portugal and Hungary

b. Portugal and Spain

c. Hungary and Malta

d. Hungary and France

4. Jean-Sebastien Jacques, chief executive of Rio Tinto, is stepping down after the mining giant bowed to investor pressure over what?

a. Support of anti LGBTQ+ organisations

b. Accusations of racism in the workplace

c. Involvement in deforestation

d. Destruction of sacred Aboriginal caves in Australia

5. Which is the latest major airline to cut more flights over the next three months after a “delayed recovery” in demand?

a. Aer Lingus

b. Iberia

c. British Airways

d. Virgin Atlantic

6. Why was world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic disqualified from the US open this week, costing him at least $267,000 in prize money and fines?

a. For doping

b. For swearing at a line judge

c. For smashing his racket on the floor in anger

d. For hitting a ball at a line judge

7. Which TV show announced it would be ending in 2021 following several successful seasons?

a. Love Island

b. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

c. The Great British Bake Off

d. The X Factor

8. French prime minister Jean Castex unveiled a stimulus package for the country this week to cover the next to year that is four times bigger than the one that followed the 2008 financial crisis. Dubbed “France re-launch”, how much is the stimulus package worth?

a. €90bn

b. €100bn

c. €110bn

d. €80bn

9. Transport for London revealed that the first quarter of 2020 was the most challenging financial quarter in its 20-year history, with advertising revenues plummeting by how much?

a. 75%

b. 80%

d. 85%

c. 90%

10. Up to how much money was claimed fraudulently or paid in error as part of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme payments?

a. £3.5bn

b. £2.5bn

c. £1.5bn

d. £4.5bn


1. b. 6.6%.

2. c. Spain.

3. a. Portugal and Hungary.

4. d. The company’s destruction of sacred Aboriginal caves in Australia.

5. c. British Airways.

6. d. He was disqualified for hitting a ball at a line judge. Djokovic was handed a $10,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct and a $7,500 fine for skipping his post-match press duties. He also lost the $250,000 he would have received in prize money for reaching the fourth round of the tournament.

7. b. Keeping Up With The Kardashians. After 20 series in 14 years, the show will end in 2021. According to the Daily Mail, the Kardashian family gets paid around $30m per episode.

8. b. €100bn.

9. c. 90%.

10 a. £3.5bn .

Nicole García Mérida

Nic studied for a BA in journalism at Cardiff University, and has an MA in magazine journalism from City University. She joined MoneyWeek in 2019.