Theo Casey


A fund to gamble on index reshuffles

This fund uses arbitrage to take advantage of the inefficiencies created when financial indices rebalance. In other words, it buys firms due a promoti…
16 Nov 2010
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The best way to get in on the rise of 3D films

In the entertainment industry, 3D technology is the hot topic, with suggestions that it could be worth more than $40bn by 2015. So how can you profit …
16 Jul 2010
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Buy this safe stock exchange

Not so long ago, listed stock exchanges were booming. But investors have on average lost 70% of their capital on them in the past few years. Theo Case…
9 Jul 2010

Funds: How to profit from the deflation scare

Many analysts are now predicting a bout of global deflation. And this fund looks lke a good way to profit if you want to bet on deflation as the next …
2 Jul 2010
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Pairs trading: profit whichever way the market goes

Pairs trading sounds daunting. But it really isn't. By picking two highly-correlated assets, you reduce your market risk. Theo Casey explains.
18 May 2010

The No.1 rule when buying investment trusts

Unlike ETFs, investment trusts often trade at a discount to their net asset values. That means you can lose a lot of money. But it doesn't have to be …
4 May 2010
Investment strategy

The 'Fed model' is warning us to be careful

The 'Fed model' of stock valuation is used by many big investors. And now it's saying that it's time for extreme caution. Theo Casey explains what it …
28 Apr 2010
Merryn's Blog

Does the Vix really show market fear?

The Vix volatility index is currently showing all is quiet in the markets. But another indicator seems to contradict it, implying rising panic among i…
16 Apr 2010
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Investment trusts: how to exploit the discount

Because they regularly trade at a discount to their net asset values, investment trusts, listed alongside normal stocks on a stock exchange, can offer…
16 Apr 2010

How to play Europe with minimal risk

Theo Casey examines which of Europe's markets looks most promising, and how to play them without getting your fingers burned.
15 Apr 2010

Two ways to play volatility

The market may be on the verge of a relapse. And this time, even those with a diverse range of investments could lose out. So, to survive the next dip…
9 Apr 2010
Investment strategy

Get a double-digit income on blue-chips

With the next 12 months unlikely to be as spectacular for stocks as the last 12 months,now looks like a good time to focus on income rather than capit…
12 Mar 2010
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How to profit from the rising dollar

With market sentiment wavering, the dollar rising again - up more than 3% on its January low. How can investors take advantage?
5 Feb 2010