Ben Judge

Ben studied modern languages at London's Queen Mary College, before working for The Scotsman in Edinburgh, where he became deputy editor of the paper's website, Ben joined MoneyWeek as website editor in 2008, and writes on alternative finance and fintech.

You can follow him on Twitter - @notbenjudge

Biotech stocks

The race to defeat the superbugs has just begun

Drug-resistant bacteria are far more dangerous than Covid-19. So will we soon see major progress in developing new antibiotics? It will be a long slog…
22 May 2020

Coronavirus: where the world stands now

The coronavirus epidemic continues to sweep the globe, bringing a combination of tight social restrictions and generous fiscal stimulus packages. Here…
17 Mar 2020

How Rishi Sunak's bumper giveaway Budget affects you

In his first Budget, Rishi Sunak was in a generous mood, pledging billions to counter coronavirus, plus money for business, infrastructure, and educat…
12 Mar 2020
Tech stocks

Graphene: the “miracle material” that will change the world

Graphene is a layer of carbon one atom wide yet stronger than steel. It could ultimately revolutionise a vast array of industries, says Ben Judge.
27 Feb 2020
Investment gurus

Larry Fink: climate change will "reshape finance"

Larry Fink, chief executive, BlackRock, believes that changes in the global climate will redefine the way modern markets work.
21 Jan 2020
China stockmarkets

Will this year bring any cheer for China's markets?

China's double-digit growth rates of previous decades are long gone. Will the weakness continue?
17 Jan 2020
US stockmarkets

Plaid: Visa’s pricey bet on the future of finance

Visa has paid $5.3bn for fintech start-up Plaid, following on from last year’s purchase of cross-border payments company Earthport.
16 Jan 2020
Alternative finance

Whatever happened to blockchain?

Not long ago investors were getting hyped up about blockchain. Then they dropped it. But they should take another look, says Ben Judge.
2 Jan 2020
Stocks and shares

Easyjet profits fall as it bids to become the world’s first “zero carbon” airline

EasyJet reported a fall in profits today, after a “difficult” year, but is hoping to become the first “zero carbon” airline by offsetting its carbon e…
19 Nov 2019

Sellers pull out of the property market ahead of the Christmas election

The number of people putting their house on the market has seen its biggest fall for over ten years, as the housing market continues to cool.
18 Nov 2019

How investors can profit from the dawning of a new reality

Widespread use of virtual-reality technology has been “just around the corner” since the 1980s, says Ben Judge. But with the growing popularity of aug…
22 Aug 2019

Thomas Cook’s holiday nightmare

High debt, fierce competition and one-off factors have pushed tour operator Thomas Cook to the brink of bankruptcy.
18 Jul 2019
Stocks and shares

Deutsche Bank beats a retreat

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s biggest bank, has presented its latest plan to get out of trouble. But is it all too little too late? Ben Judge reports.
11 Jul 2019
Tech stocks

Facial recognition: Big Brother is watching you

Facial recognition technology is no longer dystopian fiction. It’s a rapidly growing technology subsector covering a wide range of applications. Ben J…
4 Jul 2019
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Cash in on cannabis as a new industry emerges

The prohibitionist era is over: countries are rapidly legalising marijuana for medical and recreational use. Ben Judge reviews the latest developments…
16 May 2019

IF Isas: look beyond stocks and bonds

You can now put a wide range of alternative investments  in the tax-free wrapper, with the Innovative Finance Isa, (IF Isa). But tread carefully.
15 Mar 2019

Cybercrime: profit from the fight against criminals in your computer

Cybercrime has the potential to paralyse countries and commerce, but companies and individuals are only just waking up to the threat. That spells oppo…
14 Mar 2019
Alternative finance

Stablecoins: crypto without the rollercoaster

Stablecoins aim to counteract cryptocurrencies’ volatility. But if central banks get in on the act, they could finish off cryptocurrencies altogether.
4 Mar 2019
Alternative finance

Blockchain’s next step: security tokens

2019 could be the year the technology behind bitcoin finally realises its potential and goes mainstream in financial markets, says Ben Judge.
25 Jan 2019
Alternative finance

P2P car loans for subprime borrowers

A peer-to-peer platform, Buy2Let Cars, claims investors can get a bumper return from leasing cars to people with less-than-perfect credit histories. 
12 Oct 2018
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If you'd invested in: Softcat and UP Global Sourcing

Favourable market conditions have seen Softcat's share price double in 12 months, while Up Global Sourcing has seen its share price slide by over 60%.
5 Oct 2018
Spending it

Niniette 66: Bugatti’s Bond-worthy superyacht

Supercar-maker Bugatti's limited-edition Niniette 66 yacht is just the ticket for seagoing super-villains.
28 Sep 2018
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If you'd invested in: Hargreaves Lansdown and Alfa Financial Software

Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK’s biggest investment platform, has seen profits rise, while Alfa Financial Software has suffered two profit warnings and s…
28 Sep 2018
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If you'd invested in: Games Workshop and Connect Group

Nottingham's Games Workshop has doubled its share price in the last year, while that of newspaper distributor and logistics firm Connect Group has slu…
21 Sep 2018

Essential gear for the sophisticated camper

Just some of the glamorous camping essentials you’ll need for a civilised trip to the wilderness.
10 Aug 2018
Alternative finance

The apps that help you cash in on your personal data

Every day we all hand over vast amounts of personal data to big business. Why not make a bit of money yourself from the deal?
20 Jul 2018
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If you'd invested in: NEX Group and Carpetright

London based stock exchange NEX Group saw a 70% rise in it share price, and is to be acquired by US exchange operator CME Group. But things are going …
6 Jul 2018

What's behind Tesco’s alliance with Carrefour?

Tesco is clubbing together with French rival Carrefour to bulk buy own-label goods in an effort to cut costs. Will it succeed? Ben Judge reports.
5 Jul 2018
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If you'd invested in: Entertainment One and Alfa Financial Software

Entertainment One, home to children's' TV favourite Peppa Pig, has seen profits more than double.
29 Jun 2018

Trouble at the top for Intel

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has resigned after an affair with a subordinate. But is there more to his departure than meets the eye? Ben Judge reports.
28 Jun 2018
Alternative investments

Cryptocollectables: art on the blockchain

Punks, kitties and virtual tulips: the technology underlying cryptocurrencies has created a whole new world of digital art
22 Jun 2018

How to watch the World Cup in style

Ben Judge puts his feet up for the footie with this top-of-the-range kit.
1 Jun 2018
Alternative finance

Become a DIY biotech venture capitalist

A new equity crowdfunding platform wants to become the go-to place for investors in early-stage life science companies.
18 May 2018

Property crowdfunding: should you become a virtual landlord?

Property crowdfunding - including buy-to-let, P2P and debt crowdfunding – is a popular way to buy into bricks and mortar. But think carefully before p…
13 May 2018

TSB’s computer meltdown

Five million TSB customers were locked out of their accounts after the bank botched an IT upgrade. The incident wasn’t the first banking IT fiasco, an…
5 May 2018
Alternative finance

A new challenge for business banking

Challenger banks have been disrupting personal banking for a while. Now they’ve got their sights set on business accounts.
20 Apr 2018