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The fall of Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s lower house of Congress has voted to impeach the president. Why? Will it spark a broader crisis? And what does it mean for investors? Simon Wilson investigates.


The Panama Papers scandal

The leak of millions of documents from a Panama law firm has propelled the world of offshore investments into the headlines. What’s the fuss about? Simon Wilson reports.


Introducing the living wage

The government has given some of the poorest workers in the UK a pay boost. Sounds good – but how will it affect the economy generally? Simon Wilson reports.


Sugar levy: Why tax our pop?

George Osborne is to slap a new levy on fizzy drinks. The idea is to discourage unhealthy habits that lead to obesity. Will it work? Simon Wilson reports

27/03/2016 19/03/2016 06/03/2016 27/02/2016

Will Brexit hurt trade?

The EU referendum will be a major talking point this year. But what are the facts? Simon Wilson looks at the potential impact on trade with the EU.

21/02/2016 13/02/2016
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