Selling the silver

Beware of investment trusts that are spending beyond their means

Markets: interest rate cut boosts FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 saw a sharp rise yesterday after the Bank of England cut interest rates to 0.25% and extended its quantitative easing programme. The index closed up 1.6% at 6,740.

Not every short-seller has had a wonderful week

Short-sellers made a fortune betting against Carillion earlier this week. But they don’t always win. John Stepek looks at the risks of short-selling, and a bet that turned bad.

Brazil gets the benefit of the doubt

Investors appear to have become immune to Brazil’s dysfunctional politics.

It’s time to top up on Tokyo stocks

There is a compelling argument for topping up your Japan holdings, says Andrew Van Sickle.

How to profit from the rise of the electric car

Electric cars are big business. They might not take over right away, but one thing’s for certain, says John Stepek – they are here to stay. Here’s how to invest.

South Korea is astoundingly dynamic – but should you invest there?

South Korea’s post-war success, driven by the dynamism of its people, is an astounding economic feat. But has it translated into stockmarket returns, and should you invest? Dominic Frisby investigates.

Carillion’s lesson for investors: pay attention to short-sellers

Support services group Carillion’s share price collapse has made a lot of short-sellers very happy. Here, John Stepek explains shorting, and what it means for the average investor.

Cheap money isn’t the only reason to invest in Japan, but it helps

Unlike other developed markets, Japan’s supply of central-bank-created free money shows no sign of drying up. But that’s not the only reason to invest there, says John Stepek.

What's behind the EU’s scrap with Google

The European Union has just hit the tech giant Google with a record-breaking fine for uncompetitive practices. Is that fair? Simon Wilson reports.

Three vibrant French small-cap stocks

With Emmanuel Macron’s election victory breathing life into the French economy, professional investor Eric Labbé picks three French small-cap stocks to buy now.

Tech stocks still have room to grow

Many people are worried technology companies are overpriced. But not Max King. Here, he picks two mainstream tech stock investment trusts to buy now.

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