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Tech stocks

Buy Microsoft: Covid-19 is no crisis for big tech stocks

The global lockdowns have greatly accelerated changes in how we live and work. Tech stocks are set top profit – with Microsoft leading the way.
2 Jun 2020
Red Dead Redemption © Rockstar Games
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Video games’ appeal will last beyond lockdown – here's how to profit

Being cooped up at home has made us far more inclined to play computer games. But this isn’t just a blip. The sector has embarked on a long-term upswi…
14 May 2020
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Video gaming: a bright future for investors

SPONSORED CONTENT – Greg Herr, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, First Pacific Advisors, on the enormous growth of the video game sector.
11 May 2020
Crowds on Oxford Street © Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Covid-19 could destroy our love affair with the city – here’s how to profit

People have been drawn to cities throughout history – seeking work, friendship and love. But that could change in a Covid-19 world, says Dominic Frisb…
6 May 2020
Nasdaq building, New York © Angus Mordant/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Tech stocks

What could bring an end to this tech-led stockmarket rally?

The current stockmarket rally has been driven by the big tech stocks, as the lockdown drives people’s lives online. John Stepek asks how long it can l…
5 May 2020

Eric Yuan, the engineer whose world went Zoom

Eric Yuan, an engineer who invented business-conferencing tool Zoom, became a billionaire when his app became a must-have accessory in lockdown. But t…
27 Apr 2020
Tech stocks

Tech giants made to pay for using news publishers' content

Australia's government is to make Google and Facebook pay local media organisations for their content.
23 Apr 2020

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Could SoftBank’s clouded vision lead to its demise?

Softbank's technology-investment fund has had a terrible year. Could Masayoshi Son’s empire collapse?
16 Apr 2020
Tech stocks

Tech stocks will face a backlash

Just five tech stocks account for nearly 20% of the S&P 500’s total market value. But the bigger they grow, the bigger the risk of a political backlas…
28 Feb 2020
Tech stocks

Graphene: the “miracle material” that will change the world

Graphene is a layer of carbon one atom wide yet stronger than steel. It could ultimately revolutionise a vast array of industries, says Ben Judge.
27 Feb 2020
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Semiconductors: invest in the future of technology

Semiconductors are a key component of computers. Major growth areas such as artificial intelligence and the “internet of things” will underpin future …
13 Feb 2020
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How to play the galloping growth of the gaming sector

Digital games have become so popular that the market is now bigger than both the television-streaming and film industries. Yet years of expansion stil…
23 Jan 2020
Alternative finance

Whatever happened to blockchain?

Not long ago investors were getting hyped up about blockchain. Then they dropped it. But they should take another look, says Ben Judge.
2 Jan 2020
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Three cloud computing stocks to buy now

Professional investor Anthony Ginsberg picks three stocks that he thinks can dominate the emerging field of cloud computing.
9 Dec 2019

Free share-trading platforms are a boon for investors

The advent of free share-trading platforms will get more people buying shares. That’s a welcome development
1 Dec 2019

Quantum computing: a giant leap forwards

Quantum supercomputers had existed only in the imaginations of physicists, but now Google says it has built one. What are the implications? Simon Wils…
2 Nov 2019

Alexa, how big can you get?

SPONSORED CONTENT - Baillie Gifford's Tom Slater looks at Amazon's remarkable Alexa, and the future of computing.
19 Sep 2019

Sift through the tech IPO flops to find the next

Some big names in tech have floundered since listing. That may be a buying opportunity, says Matthew Lynn.
15 Sep 2019
Tech stocks

Proof that the tech-unicorn IPO bubble is bursting

The valuations of WeWork, Peloton and little-known Australian unicorn iSignThis all point to the fact that the IPO bubble for so-called "tech" firms i…
13 Sep 2019
Investment strategy

The tech stock bubble continues – but wise investors should look for value elsewhere

As tech stocks continue to soar, real value has been forgotten. It’s fine to hold tech, says Merryn Somerset Webb, but investors should look for value…
9 Sep 2019
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Internet 2.0: how to cash in on the shift to cloud computing

Cloud computing technology helps companies manage their IT more efficiently and will also ensure that the world wide web and key innovations such as a…
5 Sep 2019

Star Market, China’s Nasdaq-like tech stock exchange, starts trading

Star Market, Shanghai’s new technology-focused stock exchange, is hoping to nurture local tech firms and bypass New York and Hong Kong.
25 Jul 2019