Biotech stocks

Gilead's takeover of Forty Seven should soothe shareholders' worries

Gilean, the biopharma giant, is stocking up on potentially lucrative cancer drugs by snapping up smaller operators.
6 Mar 2020
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Five funds to buy into biotech's healthy future

The biotech sector has struggled over the past year, but it remains a solid long-term investment. Here are five good ways to buy in.
26 Nov 2019
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The best way to play the biotech boom

Syncona is an unusual investment trust that invests in promising privately held biotech companies. It should be a core holding in any portfolio, says …
30 Jul 2019
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How stem cells are changing the face of medicine

We have only just started getting to grips with the vast life-saving potential of stem cells, the basic building blocks of the body. Dr Mike Tubbs exp…
26 Jul 2019
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How to profit from the age of bespoke medicine

Doctors have traditionally approached diseases with a one-size-fits-all model. But advances in genetics and artificial intelligence are making medical…
11 Jul 2019

The drugs don’t work: stopping the spread of the superbugs

Antibiotic resistance could turn medical inconveniences into death sentences and become a bigger killer than cancer. Governments and pharmaceutical co…
11 Apr 2019
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Immunotherapy: new hope in the battle against cancer

Immunotherapy is a burgeoning sector that heralds a breakthrough against the world’s second-most deadly disease. Dr Mike Tubbs explains how investors …
4 Apr 2019

Invest in helium, biotech, and UK small caps in 2019

We asked our contributors to choose their favourite investment ideas from around the world for this year and beyond. Here’s what they came up with.
27 Dec 2018

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Investing in healthcare innovation

The Worldwide Healthcare Trust provides investors with access to exciting opportunities, says Max King.
19 Oct 2018
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Where to find the pick of the bunch in biotech stocks

Professional investor Ailsa Craig picks three biotech stocks generating revenues and profits, and which have long-term patent protection.
5 Oct 2018
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A memorable day for Biogen investors

Biotech company Biogen’s promising treatment for the most common cause of dementia has just cleared a key hurdle.
7 Sep 2018
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Three biotech stocks to buy now

Professional investor Daniel Koller picks three cutting edge three biotech stocks to buy now.
27 Jul 2018
Alternative finance

Become a DIY biotech venture capitalist

A new equity crowdfunding platform wants to become the go-to place for investors in early-stage life science companies.
18 May 2018

The pharmas making pills tailored to your genes

Reading your genome is becoming easier and cheaper. That makes it possible to figure out which medicines will work for you. Dr Mike Tubbs picks the co…
19 Apr 2018
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How to invest in the next big medical breakthrough

There is currently no cure for MS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases but research gallops on. There will be big rewards for the first drug company …
7 Dec 2017
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The fountain of youth will spout money for investors

Life expectancy has doubled in just a few generations, and the trend will continue,  Jim Mellon tells Merryn Somerset Webb. That’s an opportunity for …
20 Oct 2017
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How to invest in the fight against cancer

A new generation of anti-cancer drugs looks promising. There are four main ways to invest, with varying levels of risk. Dr Michael Tubbs explains.
29 Sep 2017
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Buy into this exceptional healthcare trust

Investors have an opportunity to buy into an exceptional trust in an undervalued growth sector. They should take it, says Max King.
29 Sep 2017

How to profit as Britain piles on the pounds

The world is getting fatter – and with no easy solution to obesity in sight, investing in healthcare providers and food and drink makers could bring b…
28 Sep 2017

Invest in cutting-edge healthcare

Max King looks at one fund allowing investors to put their money in cutting-edge medical research.
24 Mar 2017

The pharma price-gouging scandal

Pharmaceutical companies have hit the headlines for hiking prices for life-saving drugs by shocking amounts. What’s going on? Simon Wilson reports.
25 Dec 2016

Three promising sectors for 2017

Max King tips a host of funds in various sectors to do well in the forthcoming year.
9 Dec 2016
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Lilly fails Alzheimer’s test

Eli Lilly’s new treatment has proved ineffective in late-stage trials – yet another blow for a struggling sector, says Ben Judge.
2 Dec 2016