The golden age of television

Matthew Partridge picks the stocks to watch

Bitcoin is a bubble – but bubbles change the world

There’s no doubt bitcoin is a bubble. But fear of missing out is trumping the fear of losing money. The top could be a long way off yet, says Dominic Frisby.

A long and fiddly checklist for landlords

Buying a property and letting it to tenants may sound like easy money, says Emma Lunn – but it’s a fiddly and increasingly bureaucratic business.

Pick your stocks carefully

Compared with other asset classes, equities look reasonably valued. But investors should pick their stocks very carefully, as markets are in an unforgiving mood. Here, professional investor Guy Davis picks three stocks he likes.

New opportunities in P2P buy-to-let

More than £30m of buy-to-let mortgages from P2P property-lender Landbay have been securitised and given an AAA rating. But does investing in buy-to-let as an asset class make any sense? David C Stevenson investigates.

Why you must be invested in Europe

For all its faults, Europe is bouncing back. Max King tips the best funds for investors to get stuck in.

If you'd invested in: On The Beach and Mediclinic International

Holiday company On The Beach is increasing market share, while Mediclinic International is suffering weak growth.

Jim Chanos: bearish on America

Everything might look well in the world’s biggest economy. But shortseller Jim Chanos spies trouble ahead in the data.

Gold is back in season

At this time of year the price of gold often gets a boost as demand for the metal picks up.

Europe’s stockmarket rally looks set to endure

An encouraging economic backdrop suggests Europe’s stockmarket rally will continue.

Iraq’s bubbly $1bn bond sale

When it comes to overpriced government bonds, we thought we had seen it all. But Iraq’s $1bn bond sale is the epitome of a credit bubble.

Chart of the week: ignore the chatter about the Dow Jones index

There was a lot of hoo-ha about the Dow Jones index’s jump above the 22,000 mark. But being weighted by share price rather than market capitalisation means it is not particularly useful index to follow.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the UK’s financial press.

Why people are so bad at investing

Value investor Jeremy Grantham has come up with a model that explains market booms and busts over nearly 100 years: people are just really bad at investing.

The cloud over retail has a silver lining

A sense of gloom hangs over the retail sector – but pick the right stocks at the right price and there are still potential pots of gold out there for long-term buyers, says Phil Oakley.

What should you be buying today: gold or US stocks?

If you had played the ratio between stocks and gold right over time, you would have profited handsomely, says Dominic Frisby. So which should you buy now: gold or stocks?

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