What’s the next move for Catalonia and what does it mean for markets?

Catalonia’s president, Carles Puigdemont, pledged to declare independence after his region’s recent referendum. John Stepek looks at how likely that is, and what might it mean for markets.

Could ETFs crash the market? Maybe – but that’s not what you should worry about

Investors in index-tracking ETFs could see heavy losses if markets fall. But the “smart-beta” funds that try and solve this problem bring risks of their own, says John Stepek.

The thing that just might save the active fund management industry

High fees have long been an issue in the active fund management industry. But things may be about to change, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Ned Davis: wary of high valuations

The US stock-market has continued to do well in recent months, despite high valuations, but contrarian investor Ned Davis of Ned Davis Research is wary.

Four top mid-cap stocks to tuck away

Professional investor Georgina Brittain reveals four medium-sized London-listed stocks to buy now.

A new fund that breaks with the norm

Jon Rebak looks at a UK equity fund that offers investors something different.

A classic stockmarket horror story for October: the Panic of 1907

In the latest of his articles on history’s great financial disasters, John Stepek looks at what the Panic of 1907 can tell us about today’s markets.

H&M needs a makeover

The global fashion giant is catching up with rivals online, but it still needs to restyle its core brand. Alice Gråhns reports.

Another dent to landlords’ profits

Government plans to crack down on the buy-to-let sector are about to make this type of investment less attractive than it once was.

Chart of the week: red metal is red hot

Growth in China and the rise of the electric car sees copper prices rebound after several poor years.

A second Trump bump for stocks

Stocks received a fillip when Donald Trump became president. Now it looks like the good times are back.

Where to search for hidden gems

Funds are getting so big they can’t stoop to pick up smaller firms. That’s great for nimbler players such as Nick Greenwood, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

It makes sense to buy duds

Abandoning a fund due to its past history can be a costly mistake. John Stepek explains.

How EU rules caused a diesel stink

The diesel emissions scandal shows how the profit motive seems always to have overriden concerns over unhealthy emissions, says James Lewisohn.

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