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Having the time of your life

SPONSORED CONTENT – The auction scene has never been more dynamic. And now seasoned collectors and beginners alike can view and bid on a wide range of…
10 Feb 2020
Investing in art

Keynes – the economist with an eye for an art bargain

The economist John Maynard Keynes was an avid art collector – and a savvy one, too
7 Feb 2020
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The $68 trillion inheritance

A very valuable torch is being passed to a new generation, says Chris Carter
24 Jan 2020
Alternative investments

The art market endures after a jittery 2019

Wealthy Americans stepped up to help calm the art market's jitters in 2019. Chris Carter reports.
10 Jan 2020
Alternative investments

Today's art markets are a paradise for bargain hunters

Now is an ideal time for collectors to go shopping at the art auctions. 
29 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

The money to be made from classic books

If the idea of surrounding yourself with valuable first editions has a certain romantic appeal, here’s where to start.
28 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

A fantastic decade for whisky

Scotland still holds the record for the most expensive whisky ever sold – but Japan is catching up fast.
26 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Auctions: what you should know before you go

Auctions showcase items ranging from classic cars and comic books to jewellery and toys. Enjoy yourself – but don’t expect to bag a bargain.
22 Nov 2019

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Alternative investments

The appeal of vintage timepieces

Collectable watches can sell for millions of pounds. The crucial factor determining the price is the story behind them. They often belonged to someone…
22 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

How to invest in fine wine

Wine can be an appealing investment – just don’t drink it all, says Chris Carter.
21 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Collectable classic cars, reimagined

Classic cars have been a spectacular investment for the last few decades, but with prices now sky-high, there are signs of a slowdown in the market. Y…
21 Nov 2019

Buy gold coins, get the history for free

Gold has been a popular store of value for millennia. As a result, coin collectors can bag a tiny piece of history for little more than the price of i…
20 Nov 2019
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The value in vintage jewellery

The key to making money from jewellery is to be a dedicated follower of fashion – and to have an eye for a well-cut gemstone.
19 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Investing in art: where to find the best value in the art market today

It’s been a record-breaking ten years for the art market – even Old Masters of questionable provenance are selling for hundreds of millions. But where…
15 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

The world’s most beautiful book set for $8m sale

John James Audubon's stunning The Birds of America is up for auction. Chris Carter reports.
15 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Rare books reveal the pioneering women of finance

A rare-book sale highlights the role of women in financial history. Chris Carter reports
1 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Modernising modern art

Modern art is undergoing a revamp after “seismic shifts” that have stretched the boundaries of the movement to its limits.
18 Oct 2019
Alternative investments

Banksy’s latest prank

An old Banksy painting has been re-daubed and is up for auction. Chris Carter reports
4 Oct 2019
Alternative investments

Can you buy performance art?

You might have thought performance art was a fleeting experience that could not be bought. Turns out that's not true. Chris Carter looks at what you c…
20 Sep 2019
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Alternative investments: three hidden gems beyond stocks and bonds

Alternative investments such as private equity or commodities are one of the oldest forms of investment, says professional investor Alex Barr. Here. h…
16 Sep 2019
Alternative investments

Classic car auction of a Porsche Type 64 ends in farce

Chris Carter looks at what the botched sale of a 1939 Porsche Type 64 tells us about the classic car business.
6 Sep 2019
Alternative investments

P2P lending hits a speed bump

The P2P lending sector is slowing, but it remains appealing in an era of zero interest rates, says David Stevenson.
3 Sep 2019
Alternative investments

Why you should invest in female artists

Art made by women is where the value is, and prices are starting to rise, says Chris Carter.
9 Aug 2019
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Investing in wine: the end of the Burgundy bubble

Tastes – and prices – are starting to change in the wine market as Burgundy goes out of fashion. 
26 Jul 2019
Alternative investments

The demise of Lendy, and why P2P can’t reinvent the basics of finance

If you are offered a temptingly high return on anything, says Merryn Somerset Webb, it is because it is illiquid and risky. That’s something that inve…
24 Jul 2019
Alternative investments

Ancient art sparks controversy

Who has the right to own art treasures that were originally pillaged? Chris Carter reports.
12 Jul 2019
Alternative investments

Marceau Rivière and Desmond Morris: two ace art collectors sell up

Some intriguing art is appearing on the market for the first time, says Chris Carter.
28 Jun 2019

After Sotheby's is sold for $3.7bn, investors should bid on these other art market disruptors

Venerable auction house Sotheby's has been snapped up for $3.7bn, says Chris Carter. But there's plenty of action for investors at the other end of th…
18 Jun 2019
Alternative investments

Is Leonardo da Vinci overrated?

Leonardo da Vinci’s reputation has come under scrutiny, says Chris Carter. Is the criticism fair?
14 Jun 2019

The mystery whereabouts of the world’s most expensive painting

The whereabouts of Salvator Mundi, the supposed painting by Leonardo da Vinci has remained a mystery, says Chris Carter. Until now.
12 Jun 2019
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Collectables: Art’s frothy period

Paintings are going for record amounts, but is art in a bubble? Chris Carter reports
31 May 2019
Alternative investments

A boom in Asian art

Wealthy buyers are pushing up prices of Asian antiques and artworks, says Chris Carter.
17 May 2019

Britain’s crisis in care for the elderly

A government mired in Brexit has failed yet again to address an increasingly serious social issue. Yet there is an obvious way forward that has worked…
4 May 2019
Stock markets

Buy in to Japan's new dawn

Overseas investors were net sellers of Japanese stocks last year. But Japan is entering a new era of “beautiful harmony”, and investors should get on …
3 May 2019
Alternative investments

Vintage watches: masterpieces of human genius

Collectors can't get enough vintage watches, says Chris Carter. And some hugely impressive timepieces are up for auction.
3 May 2019
Alternative investments

The fizzy market in fine wine

The wine-investment trade is going mainstream, says Chris Carter.
18 Apr 2019
Alternative investments

Why it pays to look twice at works of art

Works of art that have been attributed to great artists can fool even the experts, says Chris Carter.
5 Apr 2019
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Collectables: Scotch whisky heads east

Collectors in Asia have a thirst for rare Scotch whisky, says Chris Carter.
22 Mar 2019
Alternative investments

A classic book for bean counters

Pacioli’s “Summa de arithmetica”, the original how-to guide for accountants, is going under the hammer. Chris Carter reports.
8 Mar 2019
Alternative investments

The bumper market for collectable comics

Superhero fans have grown up and have money to spend on collectable comics. Chris Carter reports.
22 Feb 2019
Alternative investments

The watercolours that illustrate a vanishing natural world

Watercolours offer a glimpse of the world before film, says Chris Carter.
12 Feb 2019
Alternative investments

Classic cars get second lives

Going electric is breathing new life into old motors, says Chris Carter.
24 Jan 2019
Alternative investments

Where to search out new artistic talent in 2019

The London Art Fair is a great place for new collectors to start out, says Chris Carter.
11 Jan 2019
Alternative investments

Collectables: 2018 was a boom year for auctioneers

With new records in art, whisky and jewellery, Chris Carter reports on the year in collectables.
21 Dec 2018
Alternative finance

Adam Smith’s stocking fillers

Christmas 1776 was a real treat for economist Adam Smith’s lucky friends, says Chris Carter.
7 Dec 2018
Alternative investments

Classic guitars going for a song

Classic guitars sound great, but are they a good investment? Mick Sharp reports.
23 Nov 2018
Alternative investments

Rare Islamic dish fetches £5m

The estimated value of £500,000 was quickly passed at Sotheby’s for this fine example of Islamic art.
9 Nov 2018
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The return of Cool Britannia

An iconic painting by David Hockney is expected to set a new record for a living artist. Chris Carter reports.
26 Oct 2018
Alternative investments

Banksy's "Girl with Balloon": going, going, gone…

Chris Carter went to see Girl with Balloon before Banksy pulled his latest trick on an unsuspecting art crowd. But did the stunt backfire? 
12 Oct 2018