Alternative investments

Casks of whisky © Cask Trade
Alternative investments

New ways to profit from a love of whisky

Chris Carter looks at the latest online developments for whisky lovers.
29 May 2020
Alternative investments

Wine-lovers sniff opportunity online

The lockdown has seen wine lovers rush online, says Chris Carter.
29 May 2020
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Vintage champagne: an effervescent asset

SPONSORED CONTENT – Amidst the financial stresses and strains of various global financial crises, canny investors have identified vintage champagne as…
22 May 2020
Moon rock © Christie's
Alternative investments

The £2m lump of rock up for auction

This $2m lump of moon rock is astronomical in more than one sense of the word. Chris Carter reports
15 May 2020
Alternative investments

The art world is back in business

Art galleries and auction houses are tentatively looking to reopen their doors as the pandemic starts to subside.
15 May 2020
Alternative investments

Diamonds lose their sparkle for investors

Diamonds are no longer among investors’ best friends, says Chris Carter
17 Apr 2020
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Fine Wine offers investors calm amidst the Covid-19 storm

SPONSORED CONTENT As financial markets continue to take a battering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fine Wine investment portfolios have so…
9 Apr 2020

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Alternative investments

How coronavirus is affecting the art market

The extraordinary boom in art fairs has suddenly fizzled out.
3 Apr 2020
Alternative investments

The messages written in coins

Centuries ago, coins were used to convey messages across borders, says Chris Carter. And as an exhibition in Abu Dhabi shows, they still speak to us c…
2 Apr 2020
Alternative investments

Forget stocks – handbags have outperformed them all

A surprising collectable has been trouncing other asset classes. Chris Carter reports
20 Mar 2020
Alternative investments

Nintendo Playstation: geek dreams are made of this

The only Nintendo PlayStation ever made is up for grabs.
21 Feb 2020

Having the time of your life

SPONSORED CONTENT – The auction scene has never been more dynamic. And now seasoned collectors and beginners alike can view and bid on a wide range of…
10 Feb 2020
Investing in art

Keynes – the economist with an eye for an art bargain

The economist John Maynard Keynes was an avid art collector – and a savvy one, too
7 Feb 2020
Alternative investments

The $68 trillion inheritance

A very valuable torch is being passed to a new generation, says Chris Carter
24 Jan 2020
Alternative investments

The art market endures after a jittery 2019

Wealthy Americans stepped up to help calm the art market's jitters in 2019. Chris Carter reports.
10 Jan 2020
Alternative investments

Today's art markets are a paradise for bargain hunters

Now is an ideal time for collectors to go shopping at the art auctions. 
29 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

The money to be made from classic books

If the idea of surrounding yourself with valuable first editions has a certain romantic appeal, here’s where to start.
28 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

A fantastic decade for whisky

Scotland still holds the record for the most expensive whisky ever sold – but Japan is catching up fast.
26 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Auctions: what you should know before you go

Auctions showcase items ranging from classic cars and comic books to jewellery and toys. Enjoy yourself – but don’t expect to bag a bargain.
22 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

The appeal of vintage timepieces

Collectable watches can sell for millions of pounds. The crucial factor determining the price is the story behind them. They often belonged to someone…
22 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

How to invest in fine wine

Wine can be an appealing investment – just don’t drink it all, says Chris Carter.
21 Nov 2019
Alternative investments

Collectable classic cars, reimagined

Classic cars have been a spectacular investment for the last few decades, but with prices now sky-high, there are signs of a slowdown in the market. Y…
21 Nov 2019