Global Economy

The charts that matter: the helicopters are unleashed

In a week when all sense of what's normal went out the window, John Stepek looks at what's happened to the charts that matter most to the global econo…
21 Mar 2020
Corporate bonds

The world is drowning in corporate debt

The world’s $74trn “ocean of corporate debt” contains many hidden perils which could infect the wider financial market
20 Mar 2020
Government bonds

The corona crisis will mark the end of the longest-running trend in markets

With politicians and central bankers enthusiastically embracing money printing and a recession almost certainly not too far off, the slide in bond yie…
20 Mar 2020
Investment strategy

Albert Edwards: beware US corporate debt

The mountain of debt run up by US corporations leaves the economy very vulnerable to any disruption, says Societe Generale's Albert Edwards.
16 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: that was a week for the history books

John Stepek looks at how the events of a remarkable week in the markets have affected the charts that matter most to the global economy.
14 Mar 2020
Government bonds

Is this the last hurrah for the government bond bubble?

Traditionally, the government bond market is one of the most boring on the planet. Not any more, says John Stepek. Things have blown up big time. Here…
9 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: fear takes over

As the US cut interest rates and the markets tanked further, John Stepek looks at how the week's events have affected the charts that matter the most …
7 Mar 2020
Corporate bonds

Coronavirus could be the pin to pop the corporate debt bubble

Investors need to beware, says John Stepek. Companies have been loading up on cheap debt, which the coronavirus outbreak could make very difficult to …
6 Mar 2020

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Investment trusts

There’s still money in bonds for careful investors

Investors should tread carefully in the fixed-income market. But this well-managed investment trust fits the bill.
3 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: corona panic breaks out

As the markets finally succumbed to coronavirus fears, John Stepek looks at how it's affected the charts that matter most to the global economy.
29 Feb 2020
Corporate bonds

Where to find value in the bond market

Jeff Keen of Waverton Investment Management selects three of his favourite retail bonds to buy now.
24 Feb 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: it’s starting to look a little unhinged out there

Things aren't normal in the markets right now, says John Stepek. Here, he looks at the charts that matter most to the global economy for clues to what…
22 Feb 2020
Government bonds

Keep an eye on Sweden's interest rates

Could Sweden be poised to return to negative interest rates?
31 Jan 2020
Government bonds

Bond party back on for investors – for now

Fear of the coronavirus has sent investors retreating to their habitual comfort zone: government bonds.
30 Jan 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: coronavirus – or a liquidity air pocket?

With the yield curve showing worrying signs of flatlining again. John Stepek wonders what's to blame and turns to the charts that matter most to the g…
25 Jan 2020

Negative bond yields: could the 2020s mark the end of this freakish financial phenomenon?

If there’s one thing the 2010s will be notable for, it's the incredible things happening in the bond market. John Stepek asks if we've finally seen th…
24 Dec 2019

The charts that matter: as the year draws to a close, optimism reigns

At the end of an eventful year, John Stepek casts his eye over the charts that matter the most to the global economy.
21 Dec 2019
China's economy

China’s maturing corporate bond market

Chinese companies are defaulting on their debt in record numbers. And the trouble could spread to state-owned enterprises.
20 Dec 2019

The bond bubble has yet again failed to burst

2019 looks set to go down as the year in which the bond bubble yet again failed to burst
13 Dec 2019
Personal finance

Mini-bonds could spell big trouble for small investors

Investors have been seduced by the high interest rates on mini-bonds, but they’re not as safe as they seem.
11 Dec 2019

The charts that matter: a fresh hope for the global economy?

John Stepek looks to the charts that matter most to the global economy to see if he can glean some signs of hope.
7 Dec 2019
Global Economy

Corporate debt is at record levels – here’s what the risks are

With interest rates at rock bottom, companies have been loading up on debt. And a lot of it is poor quality debt. John Stepek explains what that means…
3 Dec 2019

Why investors should stop worrying about the yield curve

After "inverting" and sparking talk of impending recession earlier this year, the yield curve on US government debt has returned to a more normal patt…
22 Nov 2019