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Energy: the MoneyWeek view

March 2015: Oil bounces back Oil prices bounced by 27% in February. Production is still rising, but will slide, as the number of rigs in the US has plunged. US natural gas is up to around $3 per million Btus. As more industries and households start to use gas, a structural bull market should develop.

See our view on all the major asset classes here.

If you want to make money in oil, you need to understand this concept

Not all resource stocks are created equal, says Bengt Saelensminde. And this crucial concept can help you identify which businesses to invest in and which ones to avoid.

Oil price heads lower again

The oil price has fallen once more after America increased its supply of crude.

The assets to buy now – March 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s March’s take on the major asset classes.

In Mexico, 50 billion barrels of oil are up for grabs

Mexico’s government is shaking up its oil industry. That’s going to provide plenty of opportunities for investors, says James McKeigue.

Oil price bubbles up again – how high will it go?

The oil price is on the rise again. But don’t expect it to go far.

Forget deflation – inflation is still a far bigger risk for the UK

Everybody’s talking about inflation turning negative in Britain. But what people don’t realise, says John Stepek, is that everything points to an unexpected rise in prices.

Looking for a contrarian bet? Try this battered oil play

Oil companies have been battered by the slide in the oil price. But this stock is well placed to ride out the storm, says Matthew Partridge.

Jeremy Grantham: Oil price slump won’t last

Investment guru Jeremy Grantham believes US fracking is a red herring, and oil prices are set to rise.

The assets to buy now – February 2015

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s February’s take on the major asset classes.

Has the price of black gold hit bottom already?

A rising oil price changes everything as far as investors are concerned. John Stepek and Matthew Partridge tip the best shares to profit.

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Latest Brent crude oil price
Click here for a more detailed oil chart
Shale gas 'fracking' promises to transform Britain's energy market. Find out what it is, what it means, and how to invest.

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