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Trump's threat to Europe

Even if he loses, he could destroy the euro

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We're on the cusp of a revolution in the energy industry. It's one that could redraw the energy map of the world, give humanity the ability to tap essentially unlimited power sources, and – if you make the right investments – make a fortune for investors.

In short, we're living through a change in the way the world produces and consumes energy. It is a transition that's well under way. And it's being driven by the convergence of several key technological trends that are showing no sign of abating.

While you wouldn't be alone in thinking that solar power was further away than ever, you could be wrong. Solar is on the brink of becoming the world's dominant energy source.

Rejoice: lower oil prices are here for a while longer

Oil producers are meeting in an attempt to bolster prices. But don’t expect them to strike a deal. Here’s why, and what low prices mean for the rest of us.

A monster called exponential growth

Tim Price explains how observing bacteria in a bottle will make you look at the world with a fresh pair eyes.

Coking coal: the year’s top commodity

The price of coking coal has more than doubled to four-year highs around $205 a tonne since the beginning of July. That makes it 2016’s best-performing commodity.

Chart of the week: Azerbaijan crushed by the oil slump

With oil and gas comprising 95% of exports and 40% of GDP, Azerbaijan is one of the countries hardest hit by the oil-price slump. This year, the economy is expected to shrink by around 3%.

The end of the natural gas glut

A multi-year glut, which has depressed natural gas prices, is nearing an end.

Chart of the week: Norway taps its piggy bank

For the first time since Norway set up its sovereign wealth fund in 1996, the state has tapped it to cover some public spending.

Can Russia and Saudi Arabia drive oil prices back up?

Russia and Saudi Arabia hope to curb output to raise prices. Would that work? John Stepek looks at the oil investment cycle – and foresees the end of an era.

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Understanding how the end of oil will affect your life and money is the single most important thing you’ll do in the next decade.

And it will affect you, because it’ll affect everyone. But only a handful of people will be bold enough to see what’s happening and move early to take advantage.

That’s exactly what our research report “The End of Oil” is designed to help you do.

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