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We're near the tipping point for electric cars

Demand for electric cars is soaring soared. And while the switchover will be expensive, we could be near a tipping point.
6 Feb 2020

The “green” bubble is here. What could burst it?

Renewable energy, electric cars and the demise of fossil fuels – markets have embraced the green revolution with gusto. But there’s bound to be a snap…
4 Feb 2020
Solar energy panels in Spain ©  Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Will solar energy investment funds keep shining?

Investment funds designed to profit from the solar energy have done well, but now look expensive, says Max King.
22 Oct 2019
3D model of the sun  © iStockphotos

Nuclear fusion – what it is, how it works and when it could be powering our lives

Securing unlimited clean, safe and carbon-free energy for the rest of time would be revolutionary for the world economy. Is this now within sight?
12 Oct 2019
Offshore windfarm © Getty Images

How Britain became a world leader in wind power

Wind power is getting cheaper all the time, making Britain’s aim to curb carbon emissions look ever more achievable. Simon Wilson explains how we got …
28 Sep 2019
Wind turbines © Getty Images

Increasing tailwinds behind renewables

SPONSORED CONTENT - Wind and solar are now the cheapest ways to generate electricity in many countries. This should translate into even higher demand …
8 Aug 2019

Renewable energy investment funds are warming up

The green energy sector is growing, but investors shouldn’t rush in to renewable energy investment funds.
16 Nov 2018

Will Brexit make it harder to keep the lights on in Britain?

Matthew Partridge talks to energy consultant Clive Moffatt to find out how EU membership has affected the UK’s energy policy, and how Brexit is likely…
20 Mar 2018

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Alternative finance

Micro-finance: do good and turn a profit

Micro-finance is the ultimate example of ethical investing. Here, David C Stevenson looks at one scheme bringing renewable energy to remote parts of A…
1 Dec 2017

Electric cars are just the start – our entire energy infrastructure is being disrupted

The rise of the electric car has seen big advances in battery technology. But the real game changer is renewable energy, says John Stepek.
19 Oct 2017

How EU rules caused a diesel stink

The diesel emissions scandal shows how the profit motive seems always to have overriden concerns over unhealthy emissions, says James Lewisohn.
6 Oct 2017

Why the sun hasn’t shone for SQN

Jon Rebak takes another look at SQN Asset Finance Income Fund to see how the fund has got on.
2 Jun 2017
Industrial metals

Warning: don’t touch lithium with a ten-foot bargepole

Lithium is the fuel of the clean tech revolution. That’s sent the stocks of lithium producers soaring. But we’ve seen this story before, says Dominic …
22 Feb 2017

Generating power from taming the tide

The rise and fall of the tides is an obvious and reliable source for renewable energy. But is exploiting it economically feasible? Simon Wilson report…
14 Jan 2017

Wind farms: how to pay to make it all OK

There is evidence that wind farms affect the price of nearby houses. But there is a simple solution to that, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Give a portion…
31 Oct 2016

Apple Energy could be the smartphone king's move into solar power

The maker of iPads and iPhones could be moving into the renewable power industry as it registers the company "Apple Energy".
15 Jun 2016

The energy revolution is hitting a tipping point

There is a huge shift going on in the energy markets, with the decline of coal mirrored by the stunning rise of renewable energy. Here's what it means…
13 Jun 2016
Personal finance

Does it pay to go green for your energy?

Sign up for a green energy tariff and you may think your energy comes direct from a renewable source. As Sarah Moore explains, the reality is a bit mo…
6 May 2016

Why the humble battery is the most exciting technology of the future

Renewable energy will one day replace fossil fuels. The technology that will make it happen? The battery. John Stepek examines the future of electrici…
18 Nov 2015

Invest in the future: five game-changing technologies

Over the past 15 years, technology has revolutionised industries across the globe. Matthew Partridge looks at what will shape the next 15.
5 Nov 2015
Stock markets

The VW scandal is bad news for Tesla – but great news for electric cars

The VW diesel emissions scandal could accelerate the switch to electric cars. But it could be VW itself rather than the likes of Tesla that stand to g…
16 Oct 2015

Why you can’t ignore climate change with your portfolio

International action to tackle climate change is going to change the investing landscape. Piper Terrett tips one fund to benefit.
26 Jun 2015
Industrial metals

London’s electric 'love-mobiles' are a transport trend you can’t ignore

A new scheme coming to London is proof that electric cars are entering the mainstream, says John Stepek. Here, he looks at the next stage in the green…
11 Jun 2015
Stocks and shares

Tesla's Powerwall: a leap forward for green energy

Tesla's new battery technology could revolutionise the energy market.
7 May 2015

Tesla’s battery revolution: is this the ‘tipping point’ for solar energy?

Tesla’s ‘Powerwall’ battery system aims to bring down the cost of energy storage. Matthew Partridge asks if this is the ‘tipping point’ for solar ener…
4 May 2015

How to profit from clean, green energy

Cheap oil has not been the drag on renewable energy that you might think, says Matthew Partridge. Here, he explains why – and picks the best ways to p…
23 Apr 2015

Place your bets on European stocks

Everyone has their eyes on Mario Draghi this week. But as Matthew Partridge points out, there’s more to Europe than the European Central Bank boss.
22 Jan 2015

Cheap oil threatens renewables

The tumbling price of crude oil is rattling investors in renewable energy, who fear new investment projects may not be economically viable. Simon Wils…
19 Dec 2014
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How to profit from Thailand’s solar energy boom

Demand for energy in Thailand is going through the roof. The best option is solar, says Lars Henriksson. Here he picks five of the country’s best sola…
24 Nov 2014

The end of fossil fuels

Renewed political commitment to tackling climate change, cheaper renewables technology, more costly prospecting – can fossil fuels survive this triple…
7 Oct 2014
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How to profit from the future of wind power

With demand for offshore wind power growing fast, there are plenty of opportunities for investors. Matthew Partridge picks one of the best ways to pro…
16 Sep 2014
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The 12 investments our experts would buy into now

How might renewables change the face of energy? And where should investors look for profits? John Stepek talks to our Roundtable of experts.
24 Jul 2014
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Warren Buffett is backing solar power – and so should you

Warren Buffett is backing the solar power sector to the tune of $15bn. John Stepek picks the best ways for you to invest in the industry too.
20 Jun 2014
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Profit from China’s war on pollution

China’s growth has been achieved at the cost of crippling pollution. With Beijing starting to crack down, Matthew Partridge looks at how you can profi…
8 May 2014
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Invest in the 'free energy' revolution

Firms pioneering batteries for renewable energy could profit handsomely from the mass adoption of wind and solar. Dr Matthew Partridge tips the best s…
10 Apr 2014

Juliet Davenport: The profits blowing in the wind

Concerned about the environmental impact of the energy sector, Juliet Davenport set up a multi-million pound business supplying a green alternative. M…
13 Nov 2013
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Making sizzling profits from solar power

The investment trend for cutting out the middle man is throwing up lucrative opportunities in solar power, say John Stepek and Matthew Partridge. Here…
17 Oct 2013

How to make 6.65% a year from solar power

If you’re prepared to take a little risk, you could make good money from crowdfunding government-backed renewable energy projects. Ed Bowsher explains…
30 Sep 2013

The madness of renewable energy subsidies

The subsidies for renewable energy products often defy any sort of sense, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Something that these examples from Shetland clear…
17 Jul 2013
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How to profit as the world struggles to keep the lights on

As the world turns to renewable energy, problems of storage and transmission remain. But that means opportunities for adventurous investors. James McK…
31 May 2012
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Gamble of the week: Profit from solar power

Solar power has been a growth sector for years. And with an increasing number of countries turning to renewable energy, this small tech stock is a buy…
5 Apr 2012
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Clear up in the cleantech boom

James McKeigue on the new energy technologies that could transform the way we power our economies - and generate big profits for smart investors.
25 Nov 2011

Profit from India's wind-power revolution

India is in desperate need of energy. And it aims to make up much of the shortfall with renewables. Here, Tom Bulford looks at one small-cap company t…
8 Sep 2011
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Ten hot energy stocks to buy now

What is the future of energy, and where are the best investments to be found? John Stepek talks to MoneyWeek's panel of experts, who tip the ten best …
29 Jul 2011
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Gamble of the week: a harvester of renewable energy

As countries turn their backs on nuclear power, this harvester of renewable energy could be a great way to play the rise of wind and solar power, says…
22 Jul 2011
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The nuclear industry's woes are great news for solar stocks

Until recently, many people were predicting a renaissance for nuclear power. Japan's Fukushima disaster has put paid to that. The only credible option…
26 Apr 2011

The biggest winners from Osborne's 'green' budget

George Osborne's Budget contained some groundbreaking changes to UK energy policy. James McKeigue examines the impact on the industry, and picks the s…
23 Mar 2011
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Cash in on solar energy's bright future

Solar energy stocks have suffered a sell-off recently as governments have cut subsidies. But investors are wrong to be spooked, says James McKeigue. H…
11 Mar 2011
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Two hot solar-power plays to buy now

The renewable energy industry has been underperforming recently as government subsidies have been cut and investors have worried about oversupply. But…
22 Feb 2011