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Is Leo Varadkar Ireland’s Thatcher?

Leo Varadkar has been compared to the Iron Lady. But it is with Brexit that Ireland’s new prime minister will find his toughest test.

Nicolás Maduro: Son of Chavez hunkers down

Venezuela would have much to gain from seeing the back of its president, Nicolás Maduro. Sadly, there’s not much chance of that.

Jho Low: the Whale of Wall Street

Colourful Malaysian financier Jho low has found himself at the centre of a giant money-laundering investigation.

Martin Shkreli: “The most hated man in America”

As he heads to court, Martin Shrekli appears to be revelling in his status as the most unpopular man in America.

Yuriko Koike: Japan’s charismatic new PM-in-waiting

Yuriko Koike became governor of Tokyo last year, and her new party, Tomin First (Tokyo Citizens First), “stormed to victory” in the city’s assembly elections. She is already being tipped as Japan’s next prime minister.

Brash prince wields new broom in Saudi Arabia

King Salman has brushed his nephew aside in naming his son, Mohammed bin Salman, as his heir to the Saudi throne.

The feud shaking Singapore’s first family

The family feud engulfing the family of Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, has exploded into the open.

Ruth Davidson: a “natural leader” for the Tories

Could Ruth Davidson be the natural leader the Conservative party has been looking for?

Trump’s battle with the Sultans of Sugar

José and Alfonso Fanjul, “the Sultans of Sugar”, are leading the US sugar lobby’s charge against Mexico.

How “discreet, shy” John Elkann saved Fiat

Never a fan of the limelight, John Elkann returned to rescue the carmaker his grandfather started.

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