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Trump’s battle with the Sultans of Sugar

José and Alfonso Fanjul, “the Sultans of Sugar”, are leading the US sugar lobby’s charge against Mexico.

How “discreet, shy” John Elkann saved Fiat

Never a fan of the limelight, John Elkann returned to rescue the carmaker his grandfather started.

Anthony Scaramucci: the paper-round boy made good

Anthony Scaramucci © Getty images

While Anthony Scaramucci didn’t get his hoped-for White House job, he still commands respect among hedge-fund managers.

Moon Jae-in: from poverty to the presidency

Moon Jae-in’s has been elected to the presidency of South Korea. But not everybody is happy, not least in America.

Hu Shuli: China’s muckraker-in-chief

Hu Shuli has used her position as a respected financial commentator to push the boundaries of free speech.

Emmanuel Macron: the Mozart of finance plays a new tune

Emmanuel Macron © Alamy

Largely unknown to the public just three years ago, Emmanuel Macron has undergone a rocket-powered ascent through France’s hidebound political system.

Paul Singer: an aggressive master of activist investing

Activist investor Paul Singer isn’t known for pulling his punches. But his attack on Arconic’s CEO, Klaus Kleinfeld, was particularly brutal.

Bashar al-Assad: How “the hope” became “the monster”

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was initially seen as a new hope. But the wishful thinking wasn’t to last long.

Ivanka Trump: America’s real first lady

The US president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is preparing to set up shop in the White House as her father’s eyes and ears.

Dmitry Rybolovlev: the savvy dealmaker trumped by Trump

Donald Trump just can’t resist bragging about the time he sold America’s most expensive house to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

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