Merryn Somerset Webb interviews

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews financial gurus including ‘deflationist’ Russell Napier, hedge-fund manager Hugh Hendry, and legendary investor Jim Mellon.

Tim Price: what the bond market and the Berlin Wall have in common

Tim Price interview

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Tim Price about the ‘dysfunctional’ financial environment, and when the world’s culture of debt will finally collapse.

Bruce Stout: forget the developed world, look for bargains in emerging markets

Bruce Stout interview

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to fund manager Bruce Stout about the dangers facing developed markets, and the opportunities for investors in emerging markets.

James Anderson: the secret of Scottish Mortgage Trust's success

James Anderson

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to James Anderson of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust about where to find growth, and where the next crop of great companies might come from.

Bill Bonner: hold on to your cash, the real financial crisis is yet to come

Bill Bonner interview

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Bill Bonner about economic cycles, and the catastrophic credit crisis that will make 2008 look like a walk in the park.

Robert Shiller: why one of the world's smartest economists is worried about the bond market

Robert Shiller interview

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Yale professor and Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller about bonds, and how the power of ‘stories’ drives the global economy and creates financial bubbles.

Pippa Malmgren: ‘biflation’ is coming, and it's going to hurt

Pippa Malmgren interview

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist and former US presidential adviser Pippa Malmgren about how the contest between powerful deflationary and inflationary forces will create real pain for the public.

Paul Hodges: UK house prices could fall 50% in global 'Great Unwinding'

Paul Hodges

Merryn Somerset Webb interviews Paul Hodges about the global economy’s ‘Great Unwinding’, and how Britain’s house prices could halve.

Jim Mellon: The single best stock to buy to profit from the robot revolution

Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon talks about how Silicon Valley is set to turn our lives upside down, and picks the best company to buy to benefit from this wave of disruption.

Russell Napier: full interview

Russell Napier

The full, unedited version of Merryn Somerset Webb’s interview with financial historian Russell Napier.

Russell Napier: deflationary bust coming – hold cash and buy at the bottom

Russell Napier

Financial historian Russell Napier talks to Merryn Somerset Webb about deflation – why it’s coming, what it means for you, and how you can survive it.

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