Can you buy performance art?

You might have thought performance art was a fleeting experience that could not be bought. Turns out that's not true. Chris Carter looks at what you can get for your [...]

Will the ECB start buying equities?

Larry Fink, the chief executive of asset manager BlackRock, has called on the ECB to buy European stocks with newly created cash.

Shambles at Sports Direct

A chaotic set of results at Sports Direct last week wiped a fifth off the shares and fuelled speculation that the company will be taken private. Alex Rankine reports

Sterling weakness and a lack of faith in the Bank of England

Since Boris Johnson became prime minister and promised to leave the EU, deal or no deal, the pound has fallen around 3% against the US dollar. But sterling’s weakness is not all about Brexit.

Which stocks will shine in the golden age of television?

Television is undergoing profound change as the battle for popular programmes intensifies. Which producers and streaming platforms will win the content war? Tim Dams assesses the market.

Does position size matter?

Jamie Ross, Fund Manager of Henderson EuroTrust, talks about the Trust’s shorter portfolio list and highlights the need for a genuinely active investment strategy.

The Fed cuts interest rates for the first time since 2008 – but it’s still not enough

The Federal Reserve has cut US interest rates for the first time in over a decade. It’s fair to say that the market didn’t like it. John Stepek explains why.

Three biotech stocks on the cutting edge of medicine

Investors are only now recognising the vast potential of biotech stocks. Here. Professional investor Dr Daniel Koller of BB Biotech AG picks three of his favourites.

The best way to play the biotech boom

Syncona is an unusual investment trust that invests in promising privately held biotech companies. It should be a core holding in any portfolio, says David Stevenson.

BlackRock is wrong: nationalising capitalism is a bad idea

Asset manager BlackRock thinks the ECB should start buying equities. But that would distort pricing signals; be anti-free markets; and would be almost impossible to unwind, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Switch off the TV and short Netflix

Netflix’s rivals are investing heavily in content, making the streaming pioneer’s life harder. Traders should go short.

Chart of the week: nickel bucks the metals trend

The price of nickel has soared by almost a quarter to a 13-month high in just a fortnight.

Expect the new batch of floating law firms to sink

Law firms are listing on the stockmarket. That makes sense for them, but investors should steer clear, says Matthew Lynn.

Asahi swoops on Carlton & United, but at what price?

Asahi, the Japanese beer giant, wants to offset its slowing domestic market with an Aussie brewing group. But is it paying a fair price? 

How stem cells are changing the face of medicine

We have only just started getting to grips with the vast life-saving potential of stem cells, the basic building blocks of the body. Dr Mike Tubbs explores recent breakthroughs and assesses the state of the market.

Asia’s economic squall will pass

Many countries in emerging Asia look set to experience their weakest growth in a decade. But while the short-term outlook may be bumpy, there are many long-term structural trends that favour the region.

Currency Corner: what does Boris Johnson mean for sterling?

Boris Johnson is in at No 10 and he’s made himself feel at home with a round of sackings. Dominic Frisby looks at how the currency markets have reacted, and what lies in store for the pound.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

Star Market, China’s Nasdaq-like tech stock exchange, starts trading

Star Market, Shanghai’s new technology-focused stock exchange, is hoping to nurture local tech firms and bypass New York and Hong Kong.

Ted Baker shares bounce on buyout buzz

Ted Baker’s shares have soared thanks to reports that founder Ray Kelvin is set to support a management buyout.

America's corporate earnings bubble hisses air

America’s long bull market in stocks has rested on booming corporate earnings. But forecasts are gloomy.

Are British stocks set for a Boris bounce?

UK stocks have been out of favour since the EU referendum. That opens up an opportunity for value investors, and we could even see a “Boris bounce”.

How to invest in Europe’s e-commerce boom

Online sales are growing fast. That means strong demand for warehouses and opportunity for investors.

Why I’m still bullish on oil for the long run

The oil price has been trending down for months, now. Technically, it’s in a bear market. But whatever the short-term trend, everybody should have some in their portfolio, says Dominic Frisby. Here, he picks the best way to invest.

Seven investment trusts to make your investments go global

The outlook for equities remains encouraging. An investment trust with an international remit will help you profit.

Three income investments with downside protection

Richard Parfect, fund manager at Seneca Investment Managers, picks three of his favourite income investments.

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