UK economy

The true price of paradise

The so-called Paradise Papers have highlighted the use of far-flung remnants of the British Empire as tax havens. The bargain tax rates are looking increasingly costly, says Simon Wilson.

Why Brexit troubles Ireland

The “Irish question” continues to loom over the Brexit negotiations. Matthew Partridge reports.

What’s on the cards for next week’s Budget?

Emily Hohler looks ahead to the chancellor’s Budget speech next week.

Betting on politics: The hangers-on

Betting expert Matthew Partridge looks at which politicians are tipped to stay – and who’s on the way out.

The political wind has changed on tax avoidance

As the hysteria surrounding the Paradise Papers shows, public and political attitudes to tax avoidance are changing, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

We’ll all pay a price for these leaks

Leaks such as the Paradise Papers reveal something very worrying, says Matthew Lynn. And it’s not about those who have been caught up in the scandal.

Noel Edmonds leads anti-fraud fight for small-business owners

Small businesses rally behind television presenter Noel Edmonds against the banks. David Prosser reports.

The Paradise Papers force the wealthy to take cover

A climate is developing in which the wealthy are perceived to not be paying their way, says Cris Sholto Heaton.

The UK housing market is in deep freeze – but will that mean lower prices?

Britain’s housing market is freezing over – nobody wants to buy property at the moment. John Stepek explains why, and where things might go from here.

When it comes to trade with the EU, imports are as vital as exports

When trading with the EU, exports are clearly important. But cheap, reliable imports keep prices low and give consumers a wider choice.

Prepare your finances for more interest-rate rises

Last week’s interest-rate rise was something of a non-event. But be warned, says John Stepek – Mark Carney isn’t finished. The real fireworks are yet to come.

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