UK economy

The great restaurant crunch

Big high-street names in the casual-dining sector have closed their doors to customers. Seems they gorged themselves too much in the good times and are now having to fast, says [...]

The Brexit gloom is overdone

Despite worries over Brexit, British stocks look to be on a firm footing.

Goldilocks will be bucked from the bull

Conditions have been just right for stock markets for a while. Andrew Van Sickle explains why it won’t last.

The price of doing business with Saudi Arabia

The government is eager to do deals with Saudi Arabia, but others are urging caution.

May weighs Russia sanctions

An attack on an ex-spy has rocked UK-Russia relations, says Matthew Partridge.

Digital earners should prepare to pay more tax

Britain needs all the tax revenue it can get, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That means making the digital economy pay its way.

What to expect from Hammond's spring statement: nothing, hopefully

The trouble with many chancellors is that they insist on making their mark. But often, doing nothing is the best course of action. John Stepek explains why.

Why the Italian election results are unlikely to matter to Brexit

Italy’s recent election proved a successful one for Euro-sceptic parties. Matthew Partridge talks to Italian economist Lorenzo Codogno to find out what – if anything – it means for Brexit.

The City should nurture its bitcoins

Banning cryptocurrencies is too easy, says Matthew Lynn. The Bank of England should set itself the challenge of allowing them to grow safely.

The crisis in higher education

Bloated fat cats at the top, baying mobs closing down meetings at the bottom, and striking dons in between – it seems our universities are in deep trouble. What’s going on? Stuart Watkins explains.

Atlas should shrug off PFI deals

Private-finance initiatives and public-private partnerships were championed by Labour – but don’t be fooled into thinking that made the party business-friendly, says Max King: old prejudices were still at work.

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