UK economy

Welcome to Boris’ Brexit Love Island

The latest twists and turns in Parliament might look anarchic, but it’s all running to a carefully scripted storyline.

Is the great bull market in politics about to peak?

Since the turn of the century, people have become increasingly engaged in politics. But recently, says Dominic Frisby, interest seems to have been waning. Here, he considers the reasons why.

Money Minute Wednesday 11 September: Galliford Try and US factory gate prices

In Wednesday’s Money Minute, UK construction group Galliford Try publishes its annual results, and the US issues August’s Producer Price Index data.

Money Minute Tuesday 10 September: UK employment and wage inflation figures

Tuesday’s Money Minute looks at today’s release of UK employment and wage inflation data.

Three important events you missed while Parliament squabbled yesterday

While Parliament played Brexit games, some important events passed under the radar, including big spending plans, a little inflation-linked jiggery pokery, and some backtracking by the Bank of England. John Stepek explains what it all means.

Think the Tories were tough on landlords? Just wait for Labour’s “right-to-buy”

The Labour Party is mulling giving private tenants the right to buy the homes they are renting. Yet another good reason for investors to steer well clear of buy-to-let property.

It looks as though we’re heading for another general election

As MPs continue to wrestle with Brexit, Britain could be heading for its third general election in less than five years. John Stepek looks at how it all affects your money.

Betting on politics: the odds on the date of a general election

Punters are betting that a general election in Britain will happen sooner rather than later. Matthew Partridge looks at the odds.

Boris Johnson's £1bn plan to save the high street

Boris Johnson’s government is splashing the cash on some worthy causes. But will his plan to save the high street work?

The pensions annual allowance debacle spreads beyond the NHS

The annual allowance that has wreaked havoc in the NHS has spread to the armed forces – and is a perfect example of how higher taxes can actually reduce the amount of tax collected.

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