UK economy

Shareholder capitalism needs a reboot

The obscene pay packages pocketed by listed company chief executives demonstrate that shareholder capitalism isn’t working quite as it should. But it can be fixed, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

A racket growing faster than bitcoin

The best way to allow entrepreneurs to thrive is to slash onerous regulations, says Matthew Lynn.

A helping hand for small businesses

Too many small businesses are finding it hard to gain access to funding, says David Prosser. Alternative finance may have the answer.

Brexit talks: expect more fudge

The government has reached phase two in the Brexit talks. But don’t expect the language to get any clearer.

A quick and simple way to give everybody a bigger state pension

OECD research reveals that the UK has one of the least generous state pension schemes. But there is a cheap and simple way to change that, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Should we tax housebuilders more heavily than other companies?

The government’s Help to Buy scheme has been the main driver behind many housebuilders’ profits. So should it get a bigger slice of those profits back in tax?

The new Scottish tax regime: gesture politics at its most pathetic

The SNP’s change to income tax has alienated the most productive members of society and put the economy and revenues at long term risk, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Belfast fudge secures Brexit deal

Despite reaching a deal with Brussels last Friday, the Irish border continues to haunt Theresa May. Emily Hohler reports.

Betting on politics: But what about Catalonia?

With the Alabama election race over, political betting expert Matthew Partridge turns his attention back to the restive region.

Brexit: ‘no deal’ would be the worst deal

Economic research consultancy Capital Economics looked at three potential Brexit deals and their effect on the economy.

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