General Election

Nicola Sturgeon Launches The SNP's Election Manifesto
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Betting on politics: don't put your money on the SNP

Scottish voters are strongly opposed to another independence referendum, says Matthew Partridge. That opens up a few tasty punts against he SNP.
29 Nov 2019
Nigel Farage © Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images
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Betting on politics: who will get the most seats in the general election?

Matthew Partridge casts his eyes over the odds on which party will get most seats in December's general election.
1 Nov 2019
Nicola Sturgeon © Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament via Getty Images
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Betting on politics: how many seats can each party win in a general election?

Markets are now open on the number of seats that each individual party could win at the next election. Matthew Partridge takes a look at the odds.
23 Sep 2019
Dog outside a polling station © Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

It looks as though we’re heading for another general election

As MPs continue to wrestle with Brexit, Britain could be heading for its third general election in less than five years. John Stepek looks at how it a…
3 Sep 2019
Election party rosettes © iStockphotos
General Election

Betting on politics: the odds on the date of a general election

Punters are betting that a general election in Britain will happen sooner rather than later. Matthew Partridge looks at the odds.
2 Sep 2019

Betting on politics: Labour to win the Newport West by-election

Political betting expert Matthew Partridge sees Newport West sticking with Labour.
12 Mar 2019

Betting on politics: Denmark's general election

Denmark is holding one of the major forthcoming European elections of next year. Matthew Partridge looks at the bookies' favourites.
21 Dec 2018