Sterling could soon bounce back

The pound has slid to its lowest level against the euro since 2009. But forex markets are notorious for overshooting and then snapping back quickly.

Should you buy into ICOs?

Tech entrepreneurs have created a new way of raising money for investments, known as the initial coin offering (ICO). They are currently all the rage. But should you buy in?

What’s unsettling the US dollar?

As the US dollar weakens, it pays to understand why it was so strong in the first place – and what’s changed, says Sean Corrigan of Cantillon Consulting.

We’ll all get burned by bitcoin

You may have steered clear of bitcoin, believing the digital currency to be in a bubble. But as Matthew Lynn explains, that doesn’t mean you won’t get burned.

What the South Sea Bubble can tell us about blockchain

The South Sea Bubble of 1720 arose out of an innovation in finance. Is blockchain heading down the same path, asks John Stepek.

The pound could hit parity with the euro – but if it does, buy it

Anyone visiting the continent this summer will have been in for a rude shock at the cash till, says Dominic Frisby. But the pound won’t stay down forever.

Bitcoin is a bubble – but bubbles change the world

There’s no doubt bitcoin is a bubble. But fear of missing out is trumping the fear of losing money. The top could be a long way off yet, says Dominic Frisby.

What’s next for the most important currency in the world?

The US dollar matters. And it has reached a turning point, says John Stepek. Where it goes next could shape the markets for months to come.

Howard Marks: no fan of cryptocurrencies

The mania in cryptocurrencies is one more proof of the prevalence today of financial naivety.

US dollar’s fifth losing month in a row

US stockmarkets might be performing well, but the same cannot be said for America’s currency. The US dollar index slid 2.9% last month, its fifth losing month in a row.

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