A new rival for bitcoin – and for cash

Cryptocurrency Ripple was created by a California-based start-up of the same name as a way for financial institutions to make cross-border payments quickly and securely.

It’s time to short bitcoin

For now, the bitcoin bulls are winning big. But Matthew Partridge thinks it might be time to bet on a pullback.

Chart of the week: Thai baht defies gravity

Tourism is booming, the current account is in surplus, and the yield on local assets is enticing. No wonder the Thai baht has risen by 8% against the US dollar this year.

How to confront the most toxic emotion in investment

It’s easy to beat yourself up about missed investment opportunities that made fortunes for those who bought in early. But it does nobody any good, says Dominic Frisby.

Jamie Dimon: no fan of bitcoin

It’s not the technology that investment bank boss Jamie Dimon has a problem with. It’s the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is not a fraud – it’s dotcom 3.0

Most investors don’t know what to make of bitcoin. But the best brains see the potential and are flocking to this new asset class, argues Charlie Morris.

What the pound’s rally can tell us about contrarian investing

The pound gave us a valuable lesson in contrarianism this week, says John Stepek. Plus, MoneyWeek’s charts that matter, and what they tell us.

Chart of the week: the loonie takes off

The Canadian dollar, nicknamed the loonie, has leapt to a two-year high around $1.21 against its US counterpart as a result of Canada’s robust eocnomy and higher interest rates.

Sterling’s slump should boost growth

One of the upsides of the Brexit vote was supposed to be that the slide in sterling would help rebalance the economy. It hasn’t worked out that way, yet, but it’s too soon to give up.

Sterling could soon bounce back

The pound has slid to its lowest level against the euro since 2009. But forex markets are notorious for overshooting and then snapping back quickly.

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